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  1. Sounds like a wise decision. Shred! Ps lemme get that Toulon PM me (assuming you’re a fellow leftie). Everything is going.
  2. Best day was a few weeks ago, when I decided that I never wanted to play golf again. I had grown so frustrated and disillusioned with my game that something had to give. So I bought some new guitars, and am in the process of selling all my golf gear. Could not be happier with my decision.
  3. At this rate you'll be able to pick up Gen4 stuff for £100. I am currently considering binning the bulk of my PXG stuff. Not because their stuff isn't fantastic, but because PXG UK's customer service is comically bad, to the extent where they have lied to their customers and retailers. Awful company to deal with.
  4. Sir Phil winning the Sir Phil Mickelslam will be quite a big story. GO PHIL!
  5. Back to back wins for King Phil. GO PHIL!!!
  6. If this Romo chap is serious about playing golf professionally, it might be a good idea for him to become good at playing golf. In other news, Phil is on Phire! Go Phil!!!
  7. I really hope Kenny G wins. Such great hair.
  8. There’s something about quite a few Spanish golfers that I just cannot warm to. Surely it’s no coincidence that Seve, Garcia & Rahm play(ed) golf with massive chips on their shoulders. I think they underservedly get a free pass from a lot of people, when their behaviour at times is nothing short of embarrassing and petulant. Commentators excuse their obnoxiousness and call it “passion”.
  9. Rickie Fowl-up is gonna throw this away...
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