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  1. Hi. everyone, I went a golf galaxy in my my town and I had really bad experience today. So, I just wanted to share what I had today. I asked a "PGA professional" whether he can set up TSi3 with IZ 6 shaft for me for testing. He set it up for me withe TRACKMAN. I hit few balls and a monitor showed distance and where balls landed and it did not show launch angle and back spin. I asked him whether I could checked them and he said I have to pay fitting fee to check them. so, i went away from the store. My question is whether it is new normal practice at golf store after the pandemic. As long as I remember I could check new golf equipments at any golf store with no cost in good old day. I am just so sad and I will probably not going to go to any golf store for surfing and testing new items. I am just so sad.
  2. I might be minority in this subject. I currently have 983K 9.5 with YS6 and 905S 8.5 with grafalloy blue. 905S is for hot summer and 983k is for winter. I am totally disappointed 909 lines compare to 983 and 905 lines. I demoed d3 9.5 with titleist voodoo and diamana blue. Launch angles are higher than 905 and spin rates also higher than 905. There is a possibility of inaccurate LM. Anyway, it is shame for Titleist to put such a cheap and inferior stock shaft for new driver.
  3. Yes. It is weak. Finally I tried D3 today, even though my SS is very low, around 85, I felt it weak and overall club weight is light. I guess I am going to keep old 983K with YS6.
  4. HDCP Dont know (Around 12) SS 95-100 carry 225-230 for Driver 3W 205 19 hybrid 185 3i 175 4i 165 5i 158 6i 145 7i 138 8i 128 9i 115 PW 100 SW 60 low 78 Three times
  5. :D :) Yea. Ssanyong makes car based on an old Mercedes platform.
  6. It should be less than 2 and half hour. I remember that Rocco mediate once played by himself and finished the round in 2 hour 15 min if my memory is correct.
  7. Over:Cameron by far. Tour stuff might be good. Retail stuff is rip off ;) Under: Bridgestone Solid product and reasonable price :)
  8. youjoon


    Spec?Hi. All, Can anybody tell me the spec. of Ping Anser2 35inch? Head weight? Lie? Shaft? I am planning placing an order of SLIGHTER Portland putter which I believe copy of anser2. However I do not know spec. of anser2. Thank you in advance.
  9. HelpHi, all I just picked 588 gunmetal up today. I have been playing with 588 chrome, and I liked it. I need help from the expert in this forum. I swung couple of times with new gunmetal, and noticed that gunmetal 588 seems like a little heavier than 588 chrome. I don't know swing weights of those and shafts on them. They look like same DG wedge flex shaft. Can anyone tell me swing weight and shaft difference between them. Also, can anyone comapare between TM RAC TP and 588 gunmetal? Thanks
  10. A ball rolls 70M after hitting the ground? Just curious.
  11. Can anyone tell diffrence or similirity of two?
  12. Hi This is my 1st post. ;) I am playing TM r7 quad with stock stiff shaft. My swing speed is only 95mph. I know I can't swing fast enough to play with stiff shaft, but I like to play little stiff and heavy shaft. I heard a buzz about speeder 757. Here is my question. Will stiff 757 work for my swing? Waiting for inputs from guru. :crazy: In my bag Driver TM r7 quad 8.5 stock stiff 3 wood TM V-Steel 15 YS7.1 stiff 3-PW Titleist 690CB DG S300 Gap Titleist vokey raw 50 vent to 51.5 Sand Clevland 588 chrome 56 putter Ping anser2
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