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  1. I finally broke down and got one. The driver looks amazing in person! I love the smaller head size and the shaping is perfect IMO. Like the matte black as well. Hope it performs well. I got the 11 degree head, 56 lie, 2 open.
  2. Seeing as I'm one of the younger persimmon enthusiasts around here, I vote you send them to me! More seriously, eBay is a good option. If you aren't worried about recouping money and/or have some less valuable ones, drop them at a thrift/Goodwill spot.
  3. Closing this out. No interest and will be moving them to eBay
  4. I'm 6'3" and play my irons 2-3 degrees flat, so those charts aren't perfect! Old pings sell well though, so you'll do well either way.
  5. I don't consciously square the clubface. I will manipulate it a bit open or closed for certain shots.
  6. PM me an offer and I'll consider it. I don't really have a use for the shafts, so would prefer moving both if possible.
  7. Probably 4 years ago I got a huge lot of woods from Teevons. Most are in poor shape. They can be fixed up or used for parts. Most are not worth much as far as I can tell. I've fixed up a handful for personal use and gave away others. I don't know how many are left, I'm guessing 100-150. They're just sitting in my storage unit and my life is busy. I'll probably never do much with them. If anyone wants them, they're yours for free if you can pick them up (expensive to ship). I'm in Southern Wisconsin. I would hate to just toss them, but am considering it. I am not selling these, so hop
  8. Hi All, STORY: Like an idiot I bought these and rarely used them. In total, I have about 10 range sessions and maybe 10 rounds of golf on them. They mostly sit in my closet. They are in nice shape with some minor wear. The PW has a noticeable mark in center of face and the 6 iron one near the toe. See pics for condition. SPECS: 4-PW, 3* flat, .5 inch short, standard loft, C-Taper S+ (I removed the labels) Grips are Tacki Jumbo Wraps. Not a typical grip, you may want to re-grip them. PRICE: $600. Now $550. Shipping included in lower 48. If you live somewhere e
  9. What constitutes a jumbo head? I have this department store looking MacGregor laminate with a very deep face - 1 7/8 inches. Sits a bit open, metal insert, blonde finish. I love it but kinda messed it up with some past experimenting. It's under construction right now. Need to go look for a flathead to take out the shaft pin in the back the neck. Nothing I own fits. I'm thinking of putting a graphite shaft in it just for kicks. I have an old MacGregor wedge shaft in my modernish putter, so seems to make sense to throw a modern graphite into the vintage driver. I can gua
  10. I hit off mats fairly often with vintage clubs and it works fine imo. I prefer real grass, but it's often not an option. It might need with the lies/lofts, but I'll correct them once a year anyway.
  11. Hey there, I would love to play next year. I'm in Southern WI. I've met a couple Chicago guys on here and 2 others from Wisconsin. We can try to get something together in 2021.
  12. A lot of people prefer a softer ball with persimmons, but you can use whatever you fancy. They hold up fine to any ball.
  13. I used to be the same way and never bought golf balls. But, the last couple years I've exclusively played the Vice Pro Plus. I'd say I use 1-2 balls/round. I like having the consistency of using just a single ball, but it's not some amazing game-changer. Scuffs don't bother me too much, I'll play a ball until it's quite worn or I've lost it. Per year? I don't play a ton right now, so maybe a couple dozen balls/year.
  14. Well, I played a partly vintage bag yesterday. Driver, 3W, and 1 iron vintage, then my Callaway irons and wedges I've had for a while but rarely use. In fact, all my other 18 hole rounds this year were with all vintage equipment. My buddy works at Callaway, so I got a deal on the Apex MBs. Anyway, step up on the par 3 3rd. It's playing 151, so I grab a 9 iron. Would be an 8 with my Dynapowers. Looks great in the air, fading right at the pin. Lands about 3 feet long and left and spins right into the hole! My second ever - had a hole-in-one in a high school tournament (2007). Obviousl
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