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  1. Address pics of PW, 7 Iron, and 3 Iron. This is just my guess, not fact, but I think they have a touch more offset than designed as the previous owner may have bent them stronger than 1950 lofts. If you weaken them you'd have a bit less offset if that's important.
  2. I bought these in hopes to use them, but I'm going through a move and generally don't have time. I haven't hit them, but they sure look sweet! A vintage set of irons refinished with S300 shafts, new grips, and black heads. 3-GW. The GW is not gripped. I was told standard l/l/l when I purchased. Seems like a 37" 7 iron, for example. I can't verify loft and lie but they look pretty normal, which I'm sure will mean a ton to you! $300 asking price. Includes shipping within lower 48 states. Feel free to contact me if you live elsewhere, and we can find a fair price on shipping.
  3. It's a funny question by the OP. Who's crazier: - Golfer A spends $100 on a vintage bag, irons, and persimmons. Hits them at the range and course, accepts the challenge and outcomes, has a good time. - Golfer B spends $3,000 on a fitted set of of OEM clubs. Hits them on the range and course. Bag looks shiny and has a good time... Until he needs to spend $300 on a new driver shaft to lower spin by 200 revs, or replace the wedges after a year, or looks at his scores and realizes he's still a 15 hcp.... The point is golf is to have fun unless you're in the minority that makes it your career. Stay focused on that and play the gear you like. As they say, "sanity isn't statistical." BTW, I do have a few modern clubs (6) and rotate them in depending on situation, so I'm not a complete modern club hater. But, they aren't as fun IMO and lack feel and craftsmanship.
  4. I can't answer any of your questions, but congrats on the find! I think they look great, and 2 woods are really nice driving clubs for many people. It looks like the bore is .277 if I'm reading that right? You might have to make that larger or find some old shafts. Basically any wood shaft made today is going to be .335. You will have to update us when you get one shafted up.
  5. I plan to leave them as-is. I like them completely black. I have a modern driver that is all Matte Black, so these will look good in the "modern" bag. It only has 3 modern clubs, lol... It was a fun find. The seller didn't do the rebuild himself though, so he didn't have all the information on what was done. They're in great shape.
  6. Found these by the dumpster, and decided to save them. If anyone wants to pay shipping, they're yours. I'll drop them at Goodwill if no one is interested. Irons are 5,6,8,9,PW (missing 7 iron). Bag's in good shape. Not sure if I'll keep that, but if someone else wants it just let me know.
  7. Bought a set of 56-57 dynas refinished in black w/S300s. Interesting eBay find. I'm not sure who did the black, hopefully it holds up okay. 3-PW plus a Triple Duty wedge!
  8. I have a scar on my right hand with a nice story. I took my now wife to a driving range to hit some balls. We weren't even dating at the time and not on great terms necessarily. I was supposed to leave the next day to go with a friend to work for a few months between college semesters. The place we were working was a few hours away. Anyway, I had a set of Nike Blades with X100s and was hitting the 4 iron. On one swing, the thing snaps underneath the grip on the downswing and the club goes out into the range. I start laughing as I've never seen anything like that before. I then realize my knuckle on my right hand is torn open and bleeding quite heavily. It was deep enough you can pretty easily see the bone. What happened is the head of the club went into the ground and the shaft pointed upwards long enough that my hand still in motion hit the end of it. I got the thing stitched up, and still have a mishaped knuckle and scar. My tendon was partially cut but luckily not all the way through, that's why it still looks misshapen to this day. You can imagine, I wasn't able to go do my construction job after that, so stuck around town where my wife was. We hung out all summer and ended up getting married the next year. I kept the shaft, of course. It's partly responsible for the start of my family, lol.
  9. It's your free time, enjoy it any way you'd like. I went so far as playing in a tournament last year with vintage stuff and no one bothered me much. I made sure it was so within the rules of the tourney ahead of time.
  10. I finally broke down and got one. The driver looks amazing in person! I love the smaller head size and the shaping is perfect IMO. Like the matte black as well. Hope it performs well. I got the 11 degree head, 56 lie, 2 open.
  11. Seeing as I'm one of the younger persimmon enthusiasts around here, I vote you send them to me! More seriously, eBay is a good option. If you aren't worried about recouping money and/or have some less valuable ones, drop them at a thrift/Goodwill spot.
  12. Closing this out. No interest and will be moving them to eBay
  13. I'm 6'3" and play my irons 2-3 degrees flat, so those charts aren't perfect! Old pings sell well though, so you'll do well either way.
  14. I don't consciously square the clubface. I will manipulate it a bit open or closed for certain shots.
  15. PM me an offer and I'll consider it. I don't really have a use for the shafts, so would prefer moving both if possible.
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