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  1. Get the Speed. It’s super solid and a beautiful head shape
  2. This is a super solid shaft. Very stable with a nice controlled kick. Great feel
  3. These are super solid - only played one round with them Nice and compact head and soft forged feel. Not keeping them in the bag, just opted for a set of MP20 MBs. The were very consistent distances and felt great. For me they did not spin enough compared to what I am used to. I love spin off my irons vs all the craze to get everything such low spin. Willing to sell if interested. Also, by the way, the wedges are amazing as well.
  4. 4 7 and PW. Second pic is 7i (left) compared to 7i MP 20 MMC
  5. Yessir. Only offered in modus so I’m swapping shafts tomorrow
  6. 4-P in the CB and three of the new wedges.
  7. My Evo 7 shafts just arrived. Cool finish. Will report back after I use them
  8. My set arrived today. What a beauty. Very compact head.
  9. https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/speeder-evolution-vii
  10. Thanks Fujikura guys. Your shafts are the best. I find your shaft profiles easy to follow and the spec sheets that show tip and butt flexes is always spot on. Keep up the great work. Will always play your shafts
  11. I ordered these CBs and the wedges. Expect them in two weeks. Will report back
  12. Does anyone know anything about this shaft. Lots of Japan websites have it listed already but haven’t heard anything here in the US. Thanks
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