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  1. The Kirkland V2.0 is definitely a decent ball for 35.00 for 2 dozen and a urethane cover. Been playing them for a little while here in Florida with no drop in performance.
  2. gpleonard

    Kirkland KS1

    Anyone tried the Kirkland KS1 putter? Thoughts? Looks pretty good from reviews I have seen.
  3. I like the G45 3 and 4 hybrid. I have found them to be straighter and plenty long enough. Just my opinion.
  4. Try the Tour B RX. I like it a lot more than the E12 Contact. Played my most consistent rounds with the Tour B RX. E12 is all right if I am just out banging it around, but when I am with my Tuesday - Saturday group $. The Tour B RX is my ball of choice.
  5. Am in the market for new wedges, but now I am going to hold off till fall. These look great. Very impressed.
  6. I definitely agree on Mizuno Irons. I was playing Apex DCB's and switched to JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro's. I realize not the same Mizuno's. But much better results.
  7. 11 Handicap and play the Callaway Epic Max 3 wood. Great club.
  8. Tour B RX is a really solid ball. Great distance and control. Behaves really well around the green. Been playing the Tour B RX for the last few weeks and have consistently shot some ( For me) low scores. All mid 70's to low 80's. A couple 73's at my home course. Really happy with the Tour B RX.
  9. I will finish the testing , but I will stick with the Callaway Chromesoft and the Vice Pro Soft.
  10. Yes I recieved them, testing as time allows. The ball is not bad, a little harder than I like. Flies OK. Find it is a little shorter for me. Have you tried them yet?
  11. I hope this comes to retail. Actually a very nice looking putter. I have tried the AXIS 1 Rose putters, they look good but not crazy about the plastic wings.
  12. My go to ball is still the Callaway ChromeSoft. But when just playing a simple round the Vice Pro Soft is just fine.
  13. I have been playing the Vice Pro Soft. I really like this ball. Does everything that I can possibly ask of it. And I have lowered my HC.
  14. Been playing Vice Pro Soft for a few weeks. Bought them at my local Wal Mart in New Smyrna Beach. Like the ball enough that I ordered 5 dozen balls on the Vice website.
  15. Callaway 2020 Chromesoft Truvis. Just works for me.
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