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  1. I will finish the testing , but I will stick with the Callaway Chromesoft and the Vice Pro Soft.
  2. Yes I recieved them, testing as time allows. The ball is not bad, a little harder than I like. Flies OK. Find it is a little shorter for me. Have you tried them yet?
  3. I hope this comes to retail. Actually a very nice looking putter. I have tried the AXIS 1 Rose putters, they look good but not crazy about the plastic wings.
  4. My go to ball is still the Callaway ChromeSoft. But when just playing a simple round the Vice Pro Soft is just fine.
  5. I have been playing the Vice Pro Soft. I really like this ball. Does everything that I can possibly ask of it. And I have lowered my HC.
  6. Been playing Vice Pro Soft for a few weeks. Bought them at my local Wal Mart in New Smyrna Beach. Like the ball enough that I ordered 5 dozen balls on the Vice website.
  7. Callaway 2020 Chromesoft Truvis. Just works for me.
  8. Callaway Mavrik 5-PW. Regular Flex KBS shafts. Long and straight. Super easy to hit.
  9. I have a 10s Black and really like it. First thing I do is take the crappy grip off and put a Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip on. Now it feels like a putter to me. I have made lots of putts on all kinds of greens here in Central Florida.
  10. I would not let this idiot re grip handle bars on a bicycle. His instruction is down right dangerous in so many ways. I am an amateur who regrips myself and I have the necessary tools. And I do it safely. I have grown really attached to 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.
  11. gpleonard


    Square headed drivers from Callaway and Nike. PXG irons. Cleveland VAS Irons.
  12. Traxion Tour 2.0 is my favorite grip.
  13. Callaway Chrome Soft 2019 Stars and Stripes. Great ball.
  14. Played XR Pros for a couple years and really liked them. As I have gotten older I want a little more forgiveness and now play the Mavrik Irons. I tested Mavrik Pros and Mavriks. Best fit was the Mavriks for me.
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