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  1. i do find it interesting that lefties are being faked
  2. So did you buy it ? Feedback ? Never bought it, still skeptical
  3. Thats gonna be a no from me dawg! It is real though, just kinda killed it with that work done.
  4. I’m here to brag about my new bag.....$100 off damaged box, mint inside love the Warehouse deals!
  5. My intentions was not to promote hate. But I understand what you are saying. I really like the looks of his products, and he has certainly built up a loyal following. He has a seemingly blue collar theme to his products for the most part, which kinda makes it more appealing, to me. Yet they are basically unattainable at this point, unless you buy it overpriced on a secondary sale, and it doesn't seem to be a shortage for people looking to move pieces. Everytime I have inquired, on FB, I had multiple PM's pitching me.
  6. I don't think he is doing it, I think the flippers are. Its along the lines of Scotty's model of marketing and sales, a smaller scale. He is definitely catching a spark. We will see if he has lasting power.
  7. The markup is egregious from what I see, Everything is seemingly available for resale, surprise surprise. Dont get me wrong you have Scotty flippers too, but this seems to be people more so looking for the flip, artificially driving up the demand. I have always had a sporting chance with Scotty, though it has gotten worse lately. I dont mind paying a price, I deem proper for something. But I am not one to pay the markup a lot of people seem to be reselling for.
  8. Can anyone share with me the breakdown of Lamb Crafted releases? I have been collecting Scotty for a while, mostly through Cameron Club, and I know the ins and outs of the releases. I am lost on Lamb. Times and date anticipations? Typical prices? I have searched, and posted on FB, haven't gotten much answered.
  9. Laying any bag down in New England (for me), is certain water logged, muddy doom eventually. I get its what its meant for though as well.....but unless I am playing a par 3, carrying a limited amount of clubs....this will be a display piece.
  10. Its nice he offered up the Sunday bag, but its not the most practical and more of a novelty. I like it, good deal, but not over thrilled.
  11. I would like to think I'm totally baffled, but I never believe the 1000"s reviews on products from Amazon these days, in the matter of hours. But for this net that definitely has some curb appeal, and over 200 reviews.....not a single person on here has seen it? I'm shocked. shocked! lol
  12. Doubtful, Its typically a softshell, and folded for any non framed out bags.
  13. TaylorMade Community username- Scungi Current driver model / specs- TM M2 2016 9.5 Stiff Current handicap 12 LH LH
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