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  1. It's just excess epoxy that cured, some epoxy's are black so you'd think that it's a piece of graphite or something but it's just dried epoxy.
  2. And yet when TM came out with the "hi-toe" in lower lofts people complained they didn't have the full face grooves.
  3. As mentioned, the black wedges stripped to raw won't rust up the same way as a raw does because of how the black finish is applied during the manufacturing process. They also know that the user that has to have raw wedges will ultimately pay the extra money for them so it's a business decision. Same reason they don't release the slate blue finish until year 2, they know they can get people who want to have them to buy the chrome or black the 1st year, and then the 2nd year will buy the slate wedges whether they played enough to wear the grooves down or not. They're in the business of making m
  4. Pretty sure they're coming out with a Sub Zero model in April as a limited release.
  5. I believe he had significant input in the design of the P7MB so makes sense he'd stick with that.
  6. That's a really good question. I'm not sure but from what I gather the raw length is 38.5" long so it should play roughly 1" longer installed if you don't butt cut, where as a "standard" length 4 iron would be a 38.5" long assembled club. So if you wanted to play it +2" that might be an issue but to play it +.5" or +1" shouldn't be a problem. For example on my VFP 3 iron, the point from how deep the shaft gets inserted in the club head to the end of grip is 38" and the clubs playing length is 39.25" long.
  7. I have my VFP 3 iron set up same as Koepka Fuji Pro 95 Tour Spec X. I previously had a Aldila RIP Tour 115 in it and might have even liked that a little better but wanted to go a little lighter. They have the RIP Tour 115 in X and S on ebay and the RIP Tour 90 in S for the 4 iron shaft, would highly recommend picking one of those up they're less than $50 shipped to your door.
  8. I wouldn't bend it more than 1* and if you make the shaft 3 iron length you'll be fine. I actually dumped my VFP 4 iron for a T-MB because it went too close to the same distance as my VFP 3 iron. There's only 2* difference in loft and if you put a good low launch low spin shaft in there you'll be fine.
  9. Anyone have an update on if the new adapter is reverse compatible to give a flatter lie angle in a 785?
  10. Not saying any slack but he's got 2 top 10 finishes since that win, it's not exactly like he's been playing great and while the original commenter you replied to didn't make sense about this week specifically, overall it's true.
  11. I wonder if this one is 47" long and he's going to hit it all over the planet or if he'll go shorter since pebble isn't that long.
  12. Twist the grips like you're wringing out a towel, I've seen Patrick Boyd from National Custom/BB&F mention it a few times and it helps make the cord come out.
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