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  1. Looking to move some items. Paypal goods and services, prices include USPS Priority Mail. If you have any questions feel free to message me, but no I'm not going to split the wedge shafts into individuals. #1. Taylormade Vault Raw Hi-Toe ATV 64* Wedge. Shafted with a Black KBS Tour V 125 Wedge Shaft. This thing is in great shape, I just hit my original PM Grind 64 much more consistently. These were only available through the vault, this is not a raw face, the entire club is raw, ATV sole grind. $125 #2. Taylormade 2016 M2 10.5* Driver Head. This thing is in okay shap
  2. Was not difficult to get at all. Went to my local golf shop, they're a Golf Digest top 100 Fitter. They were able to order a 9* Speed LS Triple Diamond and I had it within a week. If you're having trouble getting one try contacting a different Callaway dealer, should be simple to get.
  3. And in most states you can find this all without having to pay their absurd fitting fee, and paying $72 bucks per club upcharge for a shaft that is offered free by the OEM.
  4. Neither does the guy in this post so not sure why he's all for paying more to advertise for TT to get the same shaft.
  5. Tiger Woods plays non tour issued dynamic golds, but yes make sure to spend that $$$ on tighter tolerances lol
  6. Yeah...not sure how eBay is going to view that.
  7. As mentioned, .370 reamer works great, makes it so you don't have to force them. The golf works ferrule install tool with the depth indicator is another great addition to your home workshop. If you put a ferrule on and need to back it off and have access to a shaft puller, don't use heat but put the shaft in and use the puller to push the ferrule off, should come away relatively undamaged if you do it right.
  8. Over 10,000 posts and this is your contribution to the forums, man this place has changed.
  9. Looking to move on from some past experiments to make way for some new items. All Prices include USPS Priority Shipping in the lower 48. If you don't want to have it shipped USPS reach out and I'm sure we can work something out. If someone can teach me how to rotate the photos that would be cool too. #1. Nike VR Pro-Combo Forged Iron Heads. 5-PW. These heads are raw and will rust. 6 Iron was never used I had an extra done as a shaft testing club, never tested any shafts. 5iron shows the most play. Conforming grooves. $375 #2. KBS C-Taper 130X 4-PW Pulls.
  10. I spend $150 an hour and went from someone who was shooting around 80 consistently and had never shot lower than 78 in a state tournament to someone who shot 72, 73,73, 74, 76 in state tournaments last season after 1 winter of working with a pro. Didn't change my swing, just made my movements more repeatable and helped me understand my swing so I can realize what I'm doing mid-round instead of searching when I'm getting a little wayward. You can throw thousands of dollars at equipment and power spec lofts etc but you'll get long term results out of getting with a good pro.
  11. Yes, I would maybe have him use an alignment stick next time or something with a little more give, and bring it up to him at your next lesson and mention what it cost to get repaired and if he's a decent guy maybe he'll discount your lesson that much.
  12. I have the Harbor Freight 1X30 Belt Sander and I've only used it to prep shafts and turn some ferrules but it's pretty good for what it is. For $50 bucks I don't think you can go wrong even if it doesn't do a great job with the wedge grinding (never tried) because it doesn't spin fast enough it does a great job with shaft prep and ferrule prep so I'd recommend it just for that alone.
  13. Try and compare it to another 5I shaft of a built set if you can find one and see if the graphics are off from SF or if it's something else. Based on where the graphics are it can't be that it's not inserted far enough or only 1/4" or so would actually be in the club head and that would fail after a few balls.
  14. From what Jonathan Wall posted I guess it's built different on the toe side of the head/face because he was finding that was more of a spot of impact with the increased swing speeds he's been producing. Would be interesting to see what exactly is different between this and the regular version.
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