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  1. Went from C-Taper 130 to PX LS 7.0 and have been extremely happy, plus don't have to worry about bending tips.
  2. Good luck with the college thing, try to do it as cheaply as possible, get a degree in something that actually makes money, don't fall for the do what you love BS if there's no money in it.
  3. T Serial is how TM used to identify the tour heads. Legit Tour issue rescue. Enjoy it!
  4. Just remember, this started with you coming in here and posting that " 1" extension will snap under the handle with proper speed, I have experience of this, has happened to me 2 times" when it's not the speed but rather faulty club making that is the issue. Use part of an old shaft to make an extension. A lot less likely to break than those cheap plastic ones most people use that don't match the inner diameter of the shaft you're trying to extend well causing a weak point.
  5. Might need to move then, or at least be willing to leave the county to find a competent club builder. I live in Connecticut and have extended drivers over 1" before and hit them in the dead of winter and based on the shafts you play vs the shafts I play I'm guessing I put a little more strain on them than you do.
  6. Yeah, but they did it wrong. I'd take it back and get my money back. They should have left the existing shaft in there, cut at the hosel, drilled out 2.5" so the bottom was plugged, or they should have put another shaft/plug in the bottom to finish it off. Good luck with the sale but that may be one of the few reasons you're not getting many bites on it.
  7. So you took a less than 150 made driver, shaved the face on it so it's now non conforming, and improperly installed a shaft in it?
  8. All prices include USPS Priority shipping + paypal. If you prefer another shipping provider let me know and I'll use them for $5 more. eBay is officialgolfguru I have over 800 positive feedback and no neutral/negative. #1. Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond Head. Overall in good shape, one small little nick by the toe on the top line but overall clean. There appears to be a small little crack/chip on the sliding track on the back, tried to picture best I could. Includes factory cover. $200 #2. TBC Tiffany Industrial Mallet Cover. Used 1 round, just doesn't really match anything I have. $120 #3. TBC Slow Players Towel. Never used. Was hoping it was a thinner towel but it's pretty thick. $50 #4. TBC Tiffany Slow Players Hat. Was hoping this was the mesh backed one, it's a solid back Flexfit 110 hat. Much prefer the snap back for my little pin head. $50 #5. Titleist 716 T-MB #5 Iron with Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shaft, GP Velvet Grip. Plays 38" Shows light use, great shape. $85 #6. Taylormade RSI UDI #4 23* Iron with Aldila SLT 115 Tour Stiff Graphite Shaft. BB&F X SSC "Rain" ferrule. Shaft is STOUT. Plays 39" (+.5") Has a crossline cord on it. Really mint shape. $125 #7. Callaway PM Grind 64*. This head was stripped raw, face blasted, it's in great shape. $70 #8. Vokey SM6 Raw M-Grind 58* Wedge. Has "Pay that man his money" poorly stamped into it. Leading edge ground to sit lower to the turf. Grooves are OK $40 #9. Vokey SM6 Raw K-Grind 58* Wedge. No stampings or anything, in nice shape, can still see the little like lazer grooves. $60 #10. Vokey SM6 Raw F-Grind 52* Wedge. No stampings, has some lead tape on the top muscle. Grooves in good shape. $50.
  9. I haven't done it but might do a T-MB or something if it works out for you. I think the issue is that unless it's chrome plating over carbon steel any area that isn't carbon isn't going to rust if it's stainless, or tungsten or some other material used.
  10. Cool opportunity, always appreciate the sponsors doing this. 1. East Haven, Connecticut 2. Current Handicap 4.9 3. What is your current putter? Futura 5.5, Spider Si, Cameron Studio Design, Odyssey Arm lock, used way too many this year 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? Very briefly, had a friend who had the mallet style and rolled a few on a practice green 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? It's got a shape that I like, I've also been having a lot of trouble with my putting this year. Inconsistent speeds, inconsistent start lines off the face, this has been my most troubling season with my putting, I wouldn't ever say I was a great putter, but used to be decent, this season for some reason it just seems I've lost some confidence and it seems like the technology behind the LAB putters could be something that helps my stroke, and my fragile confidence. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes not a problem, even have some indoor places to use it when it gets cold in CT.
  11. What specifically makes you want to look at getting fit there, is there a specific brand/model you're looking for?
  12. Haven't tried it but seems to work as you would think. It's funny I have an older spider slant neck and it only sits nice if it's got a bit of forward press to it. TM QC is top notch lol.
  13. They're long drive heads, made for long drive. Not to get overly simple but probably not much like any of the retail heads. My buddy that does long drive had a few Epic Flash LD heads and they were all metal with no sliding weight in the back. I believe the Epic Speeds are the same, no carbon crown all metal construction.
  14. How many clubs you think fit in 1 container? I worked for a guy back in college who would import push carts, and you can fit a lot of them but I didn't deal much with clubs just trying to gauge idea of per unit price increase.
  15. The tour XD's (both 540's and 580's) had the same Weight Port/Sole of the original R500 series, where as the retail XD's had some funky looking cut out/curves to the sole.
  16. I look forward to the days these are as available as the left dash. GLWS.
  17. Okay well the Supreme Court of the United States says it's a workplace. Also Casey Martin suffered more fatigue playing golf while riding in a cart, than an average PGA tour player feels from walking. That's from the lawsuit, even the PGA tour admits that. Also the cart he rode in never had a roof. How many more ways do you want to be wrong on this one? Let me know and I'll keep em coming. But also great to know you think we should discriminate against people with disabilities. What's the old saying, "better to be silent and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt."
  18. The PGA Tour is a work place, so no one with any disabilities or medical conditions can work in your mind? Seek help, seriously. Nothing you can say could ever possibly add value to society.
  19. Seems like they go longer on the CB shafts and 1/2" shorter on less counterbalanced ones.
  20. Had an R11S that Taylormade said was counterfeit because they didn't have the SSN in their system. Compared it to at least 10 other heads and couldn't tell or see any difference, weights and everything worked as intended, and the thing hit missiles. Also saw some Ali-Baba AP2's and those looked decent and felt okay but swing weights weren't good and the shafts didn't feel like real PX 6.0's.
  21. I forget which generation but I think by 716 AP2 they were more forgiving than the original AP1. The current Titleist 620 CB with the tungsten in the longer irons will be more forgiving than the 990's. If you want even more forgiveness get T100.
  22. 7 Digit or 5 digit serial? 7 Digit was retail, 5 digit custom. I don't think you'll have much luck, best bet is to bring 1 to a local fitter and have them get the specs off it and compare to what was stock at the time.
  23. Ah yes, your state government is PXG nickeling you, think next time you vote.
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