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  1. A couple pxg items on the block today. Pardon the background mess as I just moved. PM me for questions. Prices are to the west side. Add $10 to east. 1. PXG Paratrooper bag. I received this as a warranty replacement from PXG early last month. It has only seen 5 rounds on a cart so it is in like new condition. Comes with matching rain hood, double and single straps. $old 2. PXG Gen2 0311XF 3 iron with Diamana Thump 100X. Overall in great shape. Sole probably shows the most wear. Measures at 39 5/8”. $old
  2. Simple post, no frills. Callaway Epic Speed 9° with Atmos Tour Spec Red 6X. Head is super clean overall with barely any use. Shaft has been tipped 1.5” as it is 17” from the tip of the shaft to the “a” in Fujikura. I don’t think it feels firm at all (which is why I don’t like it haha). 45” in length measured with the club soled and has a standard NDMC align with two wraps of masking tape and one double side wrap. Shaft graphics are excellent with just a little bit of wear elsewhere. Adapter is the green dot tour strong. $375 shipped to the lower 48.
  3. Simple sale here. PM me for questions. 1. BNWT Greyson Sweetens Cove Polo size medium. The color is pink. Bought this when I was there in June but it has just hung in my closet since then. $old 2. Titleist 716 T-MB 3 iron with Diamana D+ 90X. 39.75” and D3+ swingweight. Pretty solid condition with the sole showing the most wear. $90
  4. Got some heads on the block. Trade interests include Sim2 driver head or Cally epic speed triple diamond heads. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. 1. Titleist TSi3 10° head. In excellent shape overall with a handful of rounds of use. I have been the only owner since new. $350 2. Titleist TSi3 16.5° head. Good shape overall with a dummy mark on the topline. I got it that way and it didn’t bother me really as I filled it with sharpie. $140 3. Ping G425 LST 3 wood head. Has two rounds on it since new. Very clean overall. $230
  5. One set of irons on the block. PM me for questions. Price includes shipping west of Mississippi. Add $7 if you are on the east side. Srixon Z765 4 iron and Z745 5-p. Overall the set is in really good shape. If I remember correctly the lofts are 1° weak. 7-p are .5° flat and 4-6 are standard lie. Length is based off 38.25” 5 iron but the gap between P and 9 is only 1/4”. DGTI X100 shafts with BB&F ferrules add a nice touch. Grips are standard MCC+4 that feel to have a couple wraps of tape. This is a sweet set that is ready to go an owner who is going to use them. $425
  6. Straight forward sale here. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM me for questions. Possible trade interest is a PLD Tyne 4, G425 crossover/hybrid or other dope Ping gear. 1. Mitsubishi MMT 125TX 4-p. These are one time pulls that had 3 rounds on them. They played 1/2” over in Z745s. 5 iron shaft measures 37.5”. Very clean overall. $old 2. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 w/ LAGP TPZ 135. Measures just over 34.25”. Super clean with just moderate wear on the heel and toe sides of sole. 40g weights installed as it was a factory 33” and the stock shaft will be included. Comes with stock headcover. $615 3. MD4/MD5 raw set. MD4 is a 52S and MD5 is a 58T. 52 has px 6.5 playing 35 7/8” and 58 has px 6.0 playing 35 3/8”. Solid shape overall with the 58 being newer. Lie is 1° flat. $125 for the set. 4. GAPR Lo 3 head only. This thing is pretty d*** fresh. Only has 2 rounds on it. Comes with new adapter and stock headcover. $140 5. Srixon F85 3 wood head. Good shape overall with no extensive wear. I added some lead tape on the sole of the toe and to help neutralize ball flight a bit. FYI this has a bottom of bore to ground of 1/2” so you’ll need a 42.5” shaft in order to play 43”. Don’t have the headcover but will include one for protection. $90
  7. Simple listing here. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM me for questions. 1. TSi3 10° with Tensei Pro Orange 60TX. The head is like new. Took the plastic off and hit about 20 balls indoor with a pro v. Shat is tipped 1.25” and plays at 45.25”. Shaft graphics are installed to be down in the 1 position. The shaft was pured by cool clubs so I left the sticker on but I didn’t play it in that position. Grip is a new tour velvet 58R with two wraps logo down. D3+ swingweight. Comes with leather sunfish headcover. Bomber of a driver and won’t be sad if it doesn’t go, but just loving my G410 right now. $560 2. G710 4 iron with Tour AD DI 95X. Plays at 39 3/8” with nearly a D4 swingweight. Hotmelted the head 4g neutral. 18° of loft and 61° lie. Shaft has a couple small nicks near the ferrule and there is one superficial scratch on the rings. Grip is a NDMC with 3 wraps. This thing is a rocket launcher but I just prefer my 0311X. $OLD
  8. Yes it’s still there. Will get a picture up when I can.
  9. One item on the block. PM me for questions. Cobra King LTD Black Driver head. In decent shape overall. Has some cart path rash on the underside of the heel and near hosel. Still looks pretty good at address. Don’t have the space port tool unfortunately but do have the wrench. Sold to the lower 48
  10. Simple sale here. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. 1. SIM2 10.5° head. 2.5g of hotmelt on face toe side. Pretty clean overall. $old 2. SIM2 3 wood head. One sandy mark on face. Small nick top line toe side and two minor marks on outside toe. $old
  11. Thought this was gonna be a long time gamer (classic wrx line) but realized I prefer flat bumpers. Have a lot invested in this bad boy and it needs to go to a good home. Kingston KP1 GSS 350g. 69° lie and 2.5° loft at 35”. New white LAGP TPZ 135 shaft installed with a new Superstroke Pistol GT Tour. The head has the cookies and cream finish from the golf garage and looks fantastic with the white shaft and grip. This putter is super super clean and the only “imperfection” is very faint on the flange. I honestly don’t know what it is but I think it’s a “seam” from the finish; merely a guess on my part. Comes with pictured swag putter cover which is like new. This set up retails at $1070 and I’m looking to get $775. Will split head and shaft if someone would like. Trades would be Newport 2, Toulon San Diego, Betti BB8
  12. Got the same head with a tensei pro Orange 80TX and it’s money. GLWS!
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