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  1. Yes it’s still there. Will get a picture up when I can.
  2. One item on the block. PM me for questions. Cobra King LTD Black Driver head. In decent shape overall. Has some cart path rash on the underside of the heel and near hosel. Still looks pretty good at address. Don’t have the space port tool unfortunately but do have the wrench. Sold to the lower 48
  3. Simple sale here. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. 1. SIM2 10.5° head. 2.5g of hotmelt on face toe side. Pretty clean overall. $old 2. SIM2 3 wood head. One sandy mark on face. Small nick top line toe side and two minor marks on outside toe. $old
  4. Thought this was gonna be a long time gamer (classic wrx line) but realized I prefer flat bumpers. Have a lot invested in this bad boy and it needs to go to a good home. Kingston KP1 GSS 350g. 69° lie and 2.5° loft at 35”. New white LAGP TPZ 135 shaft installed with a new Superstroke Pistol GT Tour. The head has the cookies and cream finish from the golf garage and looks fantastic with the white shaft and grip. This putter is super super clean and the only “imperfection” is very faint on the flange. I honestly don’t know what it is but I think it’s a “seam” from the finish; merely a
  5. Got the same head with a tensei pro Orange 80TX and it’s money. GLWS!
  6. I know kind of an odd request but looking for Gen2 0311T 4 and 9 irons. Prefer head only or with c taper 130X.
  7. Couple things for sale. PM me for questions. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Possible trade interests: PXG 2/3 driving or Mizuno HMB 2/3 iron 1. Spider Tour Black double bend. Has a KBC ct tour matte black installed (no label). 35” with Taylormade Superstroke GT 1.0. Putter is very clean overall and comes with white spider headcover. I can also include the factory chrome stepped shaft. $old 2. Callaway Mavrik sub zero 4 wood head. Has 3 grams of hotmelt neutral forward. Pretty solid shape overall with a tiny scratch just behind the chev on the crown.
  8. Interested in 2 or 3 iron. Prefer head only but will consider full club with 90g+ x flex.
  9. Looking to move some items. Prices are shipped to the lower 48. PM me for questions. 1. KBS black $ taper 120 stiff shafts 5-p. I believe these to be 1/4” short as 5 iron shaft measures 36.75”. Standard NDMC grips in ok shape. Shafts are in good shape overall with just minor wear. $old 2. Cobra king pro forged cb/mb raw heads. 3-6 are cb and 7-p are mb. These are the 2nd gen with the tungsten ports. These were stripped with white vinegar and then I hand polished with steel wool. Heads are in good shape overall with some moderate nicks in some spots. 3 iron head does have a
  10. Just a set of PXG heads on the block. Standard loft and lie and come with new ferrules so no need to wait. Look like S55 with less offset in my opinion. No major marks or wear. Just pretty typical stuff for forged heads. $525
  11. Got some items up for sale this evening. Only trade interests are pxg 3 wood X stiff Gen 2 or later, pxg wedges 52/58 or an MD5 raw 52 in x flex. 1. Srixon Z785 4-p. Px 6.5 with bb&f ferrules. I believe these are 1/4” over with standard mcc +4. Solid shape overall with absolutely no browning. Should be standard loft and lie. Pretty standard wear for forged irons. $old 2. Scotty Cameron Futura 5W custom. Got this from another wrxer. In good condition with some minor wear on face and a little more on sole. Looks clean at address. No shaft band but Scotty pistolero plu
  12. Does anyone know if the graphic measurements on Tensei AV raw are the same as the original Tensei series? I know it’s 26.5” from tip to silver ring on the original series.
  13. Few items on the block. Trade preference is for a standard Mavrik 10.5° head only. Prices include shipping to lower 48. 1. M6 10.5° head. Great shape overall with hardly any wear. 4g hotmelt neutral middle for a total head weight of 197g. $old 2. PXG Gen2 0811XF 10.5° head. Pretty clean overall with some minor imperfections that aren’t obtrusive at all. Comes with brand new OEM adapter, PXG performance headcover, wrench and ball marker. 199g total head weight. $old 3. Pair of Milled Grind 52/58 heads. 52 is standard bounce and 58 is high bounce. Most notable i
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