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  1. Simple sale. Add $5 if you’re east of the mighty Mississippi. PM me for questions DGTI X100 3-p soft stepped. Grips are lamkin utx logo down with what feels like a couple wraps underneath. Silkscreens are in great shape. These played 1/4” over in a set of pings i500/blueprint combo. 5 iron shaft is 36.75” uninstalled. $old
  2. Some items on the block this evening. PM me for questions. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. 1. iblade/blueprint combo heads. 4 & 5 iblade and 5-p blueprint for a total of 8 heads. Nice condition overall with the 8 iron obviously being the worse….had to hit one out of the desert playing in a club event. Hosels are cleaned and ready for shafts. $old 2. i500 3 iron with rogue black 95TX. Took it to Ping HQ to be bent 1° weak. Measures 39 7/8” soled. Some light wear on sole and face, but still in good shape. Has about 2g hotmelt neutral for sound and feel. $old 3. i500 4 iron with Thump 100X. Took to Ping HQ to have loft power spec’d. Measures 39.5” soled. Little cleaner than than 3 iron above. Also has about 2g hotmelt neutral for sound and feel. $old
  3. What a deal! If I hadn’t just bought some irons I’d be all over these.
  4. Simple sale here. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. P750 heads 3-P. Should be standard lie and loft per previous owner. Faces and soles are in pretty good shape but a majority of the hosels have bend marks; previous owner did not know what they were doing apparently. Happy to take more pics if needed. Looking for $old
  5. Few things on the block. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. PM me for questions. 1. G425 LST 9° head. Backweight is 11g and had 5 ish grams of hotmelt added forward neutral. Really clean overall with a touch of wear on the sole. Comes with fur headcover. $old 2. G425 LST 3 wood head. Pretty clean overall. Tiny mark on the topline thats barely noticeable and can’t be seen at address. About 3 grams hotmelt neutral middle. Comes with stock headcover. $210 3. G425 max 7 wood head. Moderate use but the crown is very clean. Has about 5 grams hotmelt as far forward as possible in a neutral location. $old
  6. Looking to move some items not being used. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. PM me for questions. 1. Callaway combo heads. P is apex mb raw, 9-5 are apex pro raw and 4 is a X-forged UT 24 bent to 23. The 5-p are original raws and not stripped. Standard loft and lie on those. Solid condition overall with a nice patina. $old 2. Titleist 818H2 19° head only. Comes with stock headcover. Overall pretty light wear to face and sole. Crown is clean. Sold
  7. Four Taylormade items on the block. Prices are shipped west of the mississippi. Add $5 if you’re east. PM me for questions. Interested in trades for a G425 LST or glide forged pro 52, 58 or 59 1. BNIP Sim2 9° with oem adapter. Warranty replacement from Taylormade. Includes new in plastic headcover as well. $old 2. Sim Ti 3 wood head. Solid shape with one minor chip on the topline. Comes with stock headcover. $old Will combo with above for $old 3. 2019 P790 UDI head. This is in great shape with not much use. $100 4. Spider X Navy slant neck. Factory 35” with stock grip and headcover. Really clean overall. Only the headcover shows a bit of wear. $old
  8. Looking to move these to fund some other nonsense. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM me for questions. 1. Toulon San Diego 2019. 34 5/8" with true temper stepped putter shaft and Lamkin Deep Etched Cord grip. Really clean overall with the sole showing a bit of use. The head weight is 366g if I remember correctly. Comes with head cover as well. $250 Trades: G425 Max 3 wood head 2. Odyssey Prototype 2. Also 34 5/8" with Nippon ns pro putter shaft (149g raw weight) and Kingston pure putter grip. The heavy putter shaft provides a nice balanced feel with the 340g head. Pretty solid shape overall with a few nicks here and there, but definitely still nice to look at address. Generic head cover included. $old
  9. I’m so tempted to blend these with my 2019 apex pro raw
  10. I think they’re actually tipped an inch as the Taylormade adapter adds .5”
  11. Thrice heads for sale. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM me for questions. 1. 917F2 16.5° head. Solid solid shape with just some minor face and sole wear. Comes with factory headcover. $95 2. G410 5 wood 17.5° head. Pretty dang clean. Comes with factory headcover. $125. I have a brand new oem adapter I could throw for $15 more. 3. G410 3 hybrid 19° head. Clean crown with moderate sole and face wear. Comes with factory headcover. $100
  12. Sold these then got them back and now wanting to sell again. PM me for questions. Ping Blueprint heads 4-p. Lofts were digitally lofted at Ping per previous owner. Lies are black dot now. Heads are in great shape overall with no major wear or imperfections. The finish on them is notorious for not wearing all that great. Hosels are cleaned and ready for install. Pictures are in ascending order. $old
  13. Great time to move. I moved to Scottsdale in the middle of July a couple years back .
  14. Hoping for a quick sale. Solid driver but just prefer my G410. Trade interests include Scotty X5/5.5 or Spider X Navy slant neck. PXG Gen4 0811X 9° with Hzrdus Smoke RDX Black 60 6.5. 45 3/8” in length. PXG lamkin grip with two wraps. Comes with stock headcover. Overal club is in really solid shape with minimal use. $290 shipped to the lower 48.
  15. A couple pxg items on the block today. Pardon the background mess as I just moved. PM me for questions. Prices are to the west side. Add $10 to east. 1. PXG Paratrooper bag. I received this as a warranty replacement from PXG early last month. It has only seen 5 rounds on a cart so it is in like new condition. Comes with matching rain hood, double and single straps. $old 2. PXG Gen2 0311XF 3 iron with Diamana Thump 100X. Overall in great shape. Sole probably shows the most wear. Measures at 39 5/8”. $old
  16. Simple post, no frills. Callaway Epic Speed 9° with Atmos Tour Spec Red 6X. Head is super clean overall with barely any use. Shaft has been tipped 1.5” as it is 17” from the tip of the shaft to the “a” in Fujikura. I don’t think it feels firm at all (which is why I don’t like it haha). 45” in length measured with the club soled and has a standard NDMC align with two wraps of masking tape and one double side wrap. Shaft graphics are excellent with just a little bit of wear elsewhere. Adapter is the green dot tour strong. $375 shipped to the lower 48.
  17. Simple sale here. PM me for questions. 1. BNWT Greyson Sweetens Cove Polo size medium. The color is pink. Bought this when I was there in June but it has just hung in my closet since then. $old 2. Titleist 716 T-MB 3 iron with Diamana D+ 90X. 39.75” and D3+ swingweight. Pretty solid condition with the sole showing the most wear. $90
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