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  1. The only brand I have not had a negative experience with (fit, fabric, wear) has been Peter Millar.
  2. Tony's cool. Omar who? Yelling guy makes me hungry. Had one of my lowest rounds last year with "Guy that plays music" (it was jazz, so duh,), and other than this thread, I very well enjoy the WRX.
  3. An 11 with an older Callaway something with a stock regular shaft. I had been struggling with my "nice and newer" 3 wood for months and tried a buddy's while on the course. He accepted a trade right then and there. Loved it since, and like above it's mine until it cracks..
  4. Ya! Down with all online platforms that allow people to have a profile and communicate with other likeminded people!
  5. Hit the RF forged and found it less intimidating to hit than it looked. Felt really great.. Went in to test the new RadSpeed OL and left thinking I may enjoy the RF's... (where the heck did I put my common sense?)
  6. I really dig SC. He makes it seem so doable. I still struggle, but that's the journey. I also like Chris Ryan. Not really similar to Shawn, but similar in that he makes it seem doable.
  7. Hard for me to knock your logic. Sounds good. I have an older Ping Anser 2 and when I roll it well I feel like I owe it to myself to get something new. I've had a SeeMore, a Kingston, a TM Kia Ma, a TM Rossa, and a TM Spider. None of these worked for me long term. I am at a loss. I am back to my old ping and putting well, but I'm only 2 rounds in with it again. maybe it comes down to preferred weight? It's considerably lighter than the current trend. I dunno.. I am also willing to take one more stab at a change - a Sik Flo or a new Scotty 11. or 11.5
  8. Played Thursday and today. Even with me trying to swing 50-70% I had great success. Today I played with a friend of mine who traditionally outdrives me or I am somewhat getting the same distance as he does, similar age but a much better player as a whole than I am. He sports a new SIM 2 and I outdrove him 95% of the time today, and I'd guess by 10-20 yards. My nutted ( and testing me knee to do more) drives were maybe 30 yards further. Not exactly anecdotal, nothing measured, but it wasn't like he was not trying.. That's it really. I am hooked on this driver and if I ever get away from S
  9. I am going out on what I think is a sturdy limb and say, sorry this is not allowed. I would have tested this out with my playing partners today, but every bunker I was in was the only green side bunker.
  10. Awesome! I hate bunkers so I'll be testing this tomorrow, buddies will flip...
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