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  1. Surgery scheduled for Dec 18,, scope for some torn meniscus. Bad news, stage 4 arthritis - hope to get 5 years before replacements. That said, at least my rehab this time will be through mid Feb.. Just in time to get in shape for spring. We had a little Ryder Cup style round with my team - Faculty Coaches v Team on Sat. I got out there early to try the diff weight and shaft. I put in the 15gram up front, but the difference was apparent right away. I know I am not playing as much, but the ball flight flattened out and the ball ended up left more than straight. It was cold, and rang
  2. They look like regular pant/joggers.. A big no from me... Expensive too...
  3. The seller sold a chip for 7 bucks about a year ago... I wonder where the buyer stuck it?
  4. Yeah, still, 50 off is a good deal on this finder.
  5. Tiger's just not playing competitive golf enough. He needs to be out there much more often. He will remain in catch up mode until he does,, and I can only assume it's his back that keeps him from doing this.
  6. I picked up a dozen and have experienced the same durability issues others have. Bummer, especially at $39..
  7. So,, no more free featured groups online? Bummer..
  8. I am the only one in my circle,, and my bro's like to use me as a OL poster boy whenever someone new plays with us. Meh,, works for me and to each their own.. #ihaventlosta5ironshotin2years
  9. I had a pair of SL's but the tongue is synthetic and squeaked against the leather interior when I walked. It was very annoying. Ecco's on sale is the way to go for sure, but I don't mind paying full retail for a quality shoe that is comfortable, spiked or spike-less.
  10. Agree. I wear the Dry Joys and would really like something a little wider without having to go with a wide sizing. My hope is they begin to relax even the new premiers a little.
  11. Golf shoes are not cheap, unless you want a textile fabric. Anything leather, a premium leather, will be north of 175. These scream Ecco and I would not be surprised if Ecco made these under FJ brand. No way they will be less than 200. Plenty of makers at the 225 price point for spike-less shoes...
  12. Found this on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/FootJoy-Mens-Stratos-Golf-Shoe/dp/B08B4NFN19
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