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  1. Totally! Unless Fuji changes their color scheme this year..
  2. Keen would be my choice if I had to have a safety toe. But I don't; I wear crepe sole pull on's and I am on concrete all day.
  3. Sir Nick is cool. I also like that he has bills like me. Big dogs gotta eat! Stop clicking ads with expectations..
  4. I am so hungry I read your title as Scotty Cameron Creamy Enchiladas!
  5. Shhh,,, you'll plant the seed for an E Sport Pro Golf League and then we'll have to deal with a whole new set of attitudes...
  6. An embroiderer is an embroiderer. I highly doubt that there is a "special tour caliber" embroiderer. Same for screen printing. Look up a local shop or franchise. Now, if you are writing an article on tour specific wear and need a lead on an exact person or company, I have no clue. Side note. Many manufacturers offer embroidery directly to those who have an account - HS,, College, and I assume pro, but I would guess it's in house and not a separate company.
  7. 0, nada, HOI's for me. Like previously said, I want one before I can't play anymore. I don't stress over it, but if it does happen, I want a line in the local paper and a beer...
  8. Looks business for sure. I'm in the carbon > steel camp. You can design much more with it. That said, I do ride a steel bike, but mainly for nostalgic reasons and there always has to be "that guy" in the riding group...
  9. Don't do it! Treat your spouse, or lover, or friend to a special day out. It'll do more for your putting than any Scotty would...
  10. Agreed, I am shocked he has not won more. That said, I have no clue who he will bag next.
  11. Great feedback to the questions along with the reviews. Keep it up all! I don't know if this style of putter is for me but I am intrigued.
  12. This is the problem with youth today,,, too many great books lying around..
  13. Mr. Grumpy

    PNC 2021

    He's a generation earlier,
  14. Mr. Grumpy

    PNC 2021

    What wonderful thing to watch. All the family feels..
  15. One can only hope OL look as good as these
  16. Dude,, seriously? I'm sure @Krt22 is not painting you as someone that thinks your condone rape, but your are proving yourself ignorant to issues involving sexual assault.
  17. So you want others to post the images but you will not for fear of punishment or being banned?
  18. Right on! I did not see this episode, the vid showed up in my feed, but I assume that it did.. This show often uses some great music in their scenes...
  19. That would be crappy design and deceptive practices at worst. Any sale item should have a cart reflective of the sale no matter how you navigated the site.
  20. Where is the other roller? One of your tricycle wheels will be sitting on the floor!
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