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  1. [quote name='howiedoing' timestamp='1420507745' post='10692217'] Stiff shafts on the wedges? Can't quite tell. [/quote] yes stiff nippon pro 125 shafts on the wedges. sorry forgot to mention that.
  2. up for sale are a bunch of items I have lying around the house. All items include shipping CONUS. Canada please add $15 per item. I ship with Fedex ground and can provide all tracking info. 1. RBZ Tour 5 wood Head Only(18.5*) No Cover included with this one sorry Price: $50 Or Best Offer 2. RBZ Tour 4 hybrid Head Only(21.5*), Comes with Rocket Tour Cover Price: $40 Or Best Offer SOLD!!! 3. Ping G25 4 wood Head Only(16.5*), Comes with original Head Cover Price: $60 Or Best Offer SOLD!!! 4. Ping Scottsdale TR B60 Price $80 Or Best Offer used for 2 rounds 33 inches, orange dot co
  3. they would go in ping s55 played some of my best with heavier graphite iron shafts. would love to try that again
  4. [quote name='imakaveli' timestamp='1376619513' post='7685286'] [quote name='Fore(ged)' timestamp='1376618760' post='7685198'] Is the Donald turning one of the finishing holes into an island green or not? [/quote] He wanted to do that on the 15th, but I think they made him change idea [/quote] I play there all the time...15 is a pain in the butt little par 3 too... not sure how an island green would have even worked over there with the way the set up is
  5. [quote name='Jimmie48' timestamp='1376503032' post='7676146'] It looks to be a tapered grip [/quote] yeah definitely looks tapered to me
  6. how did you get it with black top? also what is the arc on it as i am very interested
  7. sergio donated his driver to sawgrass when he won the players. it was a 43.5" diamana whiteboard 103X. he has played sub 44" for years now.
  8. jg6925

    Masters Pics

    I will be going to the Tuesday practice round and will have my camera with a 64gb memory card, so I plan on taking a ton of pics. Does anyone have any specific shots that they would like me to try to get. Let me know. Jeff
  9. my favorite masters moment will be when I walk down Magnolia Lane next Tuesday for the first time!
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