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  1. To be honest, I may have chosen the wrong image from Google. It doesn't look like his usual Fastback, I think it may have been center-shafted. And on second thoughts, I hope he brings the 009 back actually - that was a great weapon in his hands.
  2. Until he brings this badboy back he won't ever putt as well as he did ? Also, SHAVED LEGS are not a good look.
  3. M4TT

    Jack's Rolex

    Being a Seiko fan I am holding on to hopes that he wore one too haha :D
  4. M4TT

    Jack's Rolex

    Looks like a moonphase watch, must be a Rolex but the closest I can find is
  5. Jeeeeez it was mouth watering all the way through and then BOOM the driver noise just made me explode.
  6. Westwood still drunk from his after party last week it seems.
  7. Sully got DQ... wonder what he did?
  8. Can't see Tiger doing much here. Rory or Rahm will take this. Slow start for Tiger leading up to his defense of the Masters and then on route to 3 other wins.
  9. here's what I see i dont care if it works, i am not using it
  10. Goodness me. Callaway. This just isn't it. Nope.
  11. Odds on him dropping out of top 50 this year...? Hmmmmm, I'd bet on that.
  12. M4TT

    Jack's Rolex

    Has anybody even thought Jack bought his own watch at auction? maybe he didn't really want to sell it and the winning bidder was somebody from Jack's circle.....
  13. Maybe it's just because you did it yourself so you expect it to be slightly out? maybe it's perfect. I know how you feel I feel the same when I do mine, just see how it putts if you did it right then you won't miss
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