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  1. One is completely smooth and one has steps in it throughout the length of the shaft. I've just ordered a black KBS straight stepless black shaft for my putter.
  2. Same Rory who said "I don't like the Ryder Cup, its just an exhibition..." then he turned Pro and LOVES it now. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2010/sep/21/rory-mcilroy-ryder-cup-exhibition
  3. When you win $10M for one tournament alone, have a baby and live in a mansion in Florida I imagine it somewhat changes your focus on golf he isn't hungry anymore, basically.
  4. Just put a Matrix redtie X stiff in my Scotty, looks amazing, feels great
  5. Headline read "I'll outwork anybody..." day later, withdraws https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/56065609
  6. I dont know, but watch me pick up a lifetime exemption to one of the best events in the world and you can bet your house i'd take my foot off the gas and spend more time with my family
  7. In all my years I've never seen a caddy clean another players ball. Interesting
  8. Hang on why did tiger pass his ball to Lowrys caddy to clean it??? I had to rewind twice wtf
  9. To be honest, I may have chosen the wrong image from Google. It doesn't look like his usual Fastback, I think it may have been center-shafted. And on second thoughts, I hope he brings the 009 back actually - that was a great weapon in his hands.
  10. Until he brings this badboy back he won't ever putt as well as he did ? Also, SHAVED LEGS are not a good look.
  11. M4TT

    Jack's Rolex

    Being a Seiko fan I am holding on to hopes that he wore one too haha :D
  12. M4TT

    Jack's Rolex

    Looks like a moonphase watch, must be a Rolex but the closest I can find is
  13. Jeeeeez it was mouth watering all the way through and then BOOM the driver noise just made me explode.
  14. Westwood still drunk from his after party last week it seems.
  15. Sully got DQ... wonder what he did?
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