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  1. Working this offseason on gaining speed. This tool would definitely be incorporated into my training regimen!
  2. I got the 4’ x 14’ mat. Still loving it. Been really dialing in my stroke mechanics, body alignment and pace control. Hoping I can make it translate to the course!!
  3. Wife treated me to this putting mat for Christmas. Received it today and really like it. Desperately need to work on my putting as I average at or just over 2 putts per hole, would love to get my putts down to ~low 30’s. Wanted a good practice setup and this has really met my expectations. Thought some other folks might benefit from my experience.
  4. I have a teeter and use mine on occasion as needed. Helps with stiffness/soreness in my lower back. Less so mid to upper back, but there’s still some benefit there as well. I used to go to chiropractor 3-4 times a year but since owning it I barely go at all, maybe once in the last 3-4 years. As others have mentioned, there are some risks. If you have glaucoma or high blood pressure, might want to talk to your doc first.
  5. This sounds like a cool program! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be checking it out!
  6. Please let us know which program(s) you end up choosing. Interested to hear how you’ll be training!
  7. This has been on my radar for some time. I’ve heard of folks developing injuries doing this, have you experienced any concerns? Thanks!!
  8. Garush, this sounds intriguing. Thanks! I’ll check it out!
  9. Phizzy and warrior, I am super impressed with your dedication but to be honest, this is beyond what my goals are for me personally! Thanks for sharing in such detail though as others reading this might be more in line with your level of training!
  10. For those of us who can’t golf year round, what are your plans for the off-season? I’d like to gain some strength, flexibility and swing speed in the off-season and wondering if anyone has any apps, routines or YouTube programs they could share? Thanks in advance!!
  11. I’ve played a F6 for years and wanted an upgrade. Checked out the xtreme and hated it. For the exact reasons you mentioned, feel and sound were awful in my opinion. Ended up going with a Mavrik Max which I absolutely love.
  12. I typically would tee with 3/4 of a ball above the driver face. I am now teeing the ball maybe 1/3 of a ball over the club face. Not much of a change I know but it looks like a lot. I haven’t been on a launch monitor in a while, but I doubt my delivery has changed much. The ball does not balloon on a good shot, so I would suggest that I am still hitting it lower on the face with an upward AOA. But this is all based on ball flight and not actual data.
  13. One thing I've noticed with this head, again for my swing, is that I am getting the best results hitting middle to low on the face. I've been teeing the ball quite low for driver and get much better results. To compensate for this, I've raised the loft, and I get a really driven, piercing type flight. I can honestly say the only thing I don't love about the driver is the sound. The feel is fine, but I'm not a fan of the sound, but thankfully it's not obnoxiously loud!
  14. My wedges are a CF16 50* and 55*. I use the 55* for all shots around the green, barring an occasional bump and run with a 9 iron or 7 iron. I've worked really hard at varying the delivery of the clubface to accomplish the shot I am trying to hit. One hop and stop, high floaty shot, really low skipper and all sand shots are hit with this club. I've listened to so many pros comment about the value of being able to use one club in many different ways, and given my improvement this year by focusing on the 55*, I'd have to agree that it has helped my versatility and creativity around greens.
  15. Two weeks ago I replaced my Cobra F6 driver with the Mavrik Max. I had the opportunity in 2019 to be fit with TXG and at the time the F6 was performing as well as any other offerings. However, I really wanted to get something newer and I had seen the best average ball speeds on the Callaway Epic Flash during my fitting, but it just wasn't enough to warrant the upgrade. So I pulled the trigger on a demo from CPO with the 50g Evenflow R flex. After playing quite a few rounds in the last two weeks, I can say that my misses are similar in shape, but that on average, I have picked
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