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  1. Tiger would have 25-30 majors , the equipment evolution brought more guys closer to him.
  2. Anyone do the Hive / Complete custom experience ?
  3. Always felt like the the 009’s where a little larger than the retail brethren , or similarly shaped retail newport heads. This years newport retail closest thing to something similar appreciate any feedback
  4. What’s his screen name on here +3hundo plus 200 mph bs Lame AF equipment holds him back
  5. Dcham, strategy? Bomb and gouge?
  6. I wish my swing was “limited “ like his
  7. My back up driver is a sftp 2.0 LCG v3 ( was a tour issue head low spin ) , she gets a spin now and again oldest thing in the bag , tmb 716 2 iron, for wrx thats like womanized lumber
  8. You mean the Sovereign country known as Augusta National
  9. Oldest tenured club(s) in my bag , bettinardi blank bb8 tri and a 716 tmb 2 iron Ad di 105x hotmelted neither going anywhere soon the line looks impressive, like many here , the U I find clunky
  10. Is it me , or do the greens look like they where just punched ?
  11. Thanks for posting that for him yes it’s easy to find , but what is the essence of wrx , we are all equipment junkies and rabbis lovers of the game of golf. ive been a member for a while and watched this place “devolve” Easy to search and find that but there are members on her who have ties to the tour , equipment reps , so yes throwing out what’s Henley playing is a basic question and maybe a touch more front end effort “hey Titleist says he’s playing 714’s can some one confirm”. What’s wonderful about wrx I’ve found, is the non published inf
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