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  1. Do you do the sam looking for a putter or just to see data points
  2. How’s the 8* head ? Did you ever have a sim 8*?
  3. Had an 8* sim , thinking of trying a 8* sim2 thoughts on the 8* heads currently M6 8* tour issue head
  4. Really sort of a total change m6 - Accra tour Z 475 m5 sim2 - ad di 9x , might actually be too long to fit the gap / need / requirement in 3w spot , if I where using a lower launching shaft m5 16.3* would be in there
  5. anyone still using a PXi or steel in theirs?
  6. Time not to play blades Tiger
  7. Who would play blades better ??? insert sarcasm
  8. Accepted manufacturing ave is ~ 70* / 71* anyone gaming sub 70* with a newport style head flowneck mallets from what I’ve seen have flatter lie angles like A 68ish Q : am I defeating the design of a newport sytle head with a flat lie angle ? thx
  9. Anyone know how to catch an on demand, app , or other wise streamable post live viewing of said match tried TNT on demand , no Bueno thx
  10. Sorry if I was mis leading , only one m6 8* and a sim2m 9* the feel , the flatter lie , and ball flight of the m6 just keeps going back in the bag and I WANT to bag the sim2 but the performance while good just isn’t there. I do give the sim2 max a bit of an edge on forgiveness
  11. The grip looks like baby vomit , but it sure has lots of cord and is tacky , used shaft blues 335g , while she’s slightly heavy , hey if it’s straight and got some pop , what’s not to love about her. question of how the sim 2 max works with the tz extreme fairway to match ??
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