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  1. Sim2 Ti vs tsi3 , Unfortunately I don’t have shaft the shaft comparison but the TSI three held its own though I think the tailor-made is slightly more forgiving tsi3 w ventus red 9x is a point and shoot slight draw combo
  2. Interesting on the 3 metal , I know you like to have the three metal match the driver does is create a quandary for you? test tsi3 in the fairway at all?
  3. Put this driver in the bag again , I think I like the 44.5” length with the 85g shaft
  4. Scott in believe still has the red in the driver
  5. Anyone else XD tx vs VB or ventus
  6. Jordan - looks like all ventus now even the orange is gone from the 3w rory - driver , woods still look like the pro whites Sergio - driver and 3w other converts
  7. Phil reported with a ventus 6tx
  8. Ventus TX?? Now lower torque?
  9. used to be tour issue Had a set of R9 tp Txxxxx B stamps Tour issue with zero offset = B
  10. IMOP toe shot is as bad in GI shovels as it is Blades - or if I’m not warmed up hitting thin. None of which is fixable via club tech guilty as charged
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