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  1. Reed never lost anything over his gaff and IMOP way worse. But diff political climate diff of 7 years 2014 vs 2021
  2. Current team = non disclosures and financially incentivized to stfu
  3. looks like a familiar playbook for her https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9124105/Rachel-Uchitel-defends-relationship-married-lawyer-DailyMail-com-photos.html
  4. Good love on that guy to ship his Porsche as for Mrs utchel, par for the course
  5. Should Bryson be destroying the field ???
  6. Thanks 40* you think ?? Compared to like a spider , 32*
  7. Is it me or callaway now , with triple diamond , double, etc like TMAG (sftp 2.0 V2 LCG which i still have one ) circa 2010ish with all the one off variants.
  8. Reed is good on tour and even better in the team events , some of his actions just don’t help him shake his bad guy “label” Signed Sgt sand shovel
  9. Stolen out of Scott’s locker ???
  10. We are always trying to quantify vs qualify numbers seem short but I think there was high wind last year but could try to compare (viable is atmospheric and agronomy conditions) and pga data available unsure of the validity End of the week compare
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