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  1. Pw smaller than Texas ???? feel of the mizzy’s vastly superior than the titleist’s I’ve had , but can’t ever get over why they make the the scoring irons clunkers the 681 as if they bring those to market
  2. Imop kk xd tx , if the d+ limited + the tensi pro w tx , mated and had a baby shaft u would get = KK XD TX
  3. Been battling these against one another Org D+ limited 70tx Kuro Kage XD 70tx ventus blk 6x blk longest of the long , but the lighter weight messes with my tempo the org D+ Limited , always the back up shockingly the KK XD 70tx paired with a m5 tour issue 8* has the launch and spin characteristics (d+ limited is close with a bit more lively handle )
  4. Can I play the Cj to improve my Stats??
  5. Long time Adidas 360 boost user. ( have uber flat feet) looking for some other suggestions
  6. I’d like to fight Mike Tyson Right now , bare knuckles
  7. He’s searching …… hope he finds that game , would be great for the sport. No one is more marketable , just needs a major or two.
  8. Picked up 2 tour issue heads M6 8.0 driver and M5 15(16.2) 3w , SIM & SIM2 lines, are fantastic , gotten some great results , however, I am a little bothered by the appearance of the heads looking closed; maybe that’s a “me issue” or a product of eye dominance. So , COR’s being the same , I am giving in to the “Vanity of Heads “ enter in this trial Yes I can spin them open with the sleeve , but after getting the M5/6 heads , IMOP those just sit better to my eye Shaft choices Diamana D+ Limited (old versions ) 70tx and 90tx AD TP 7tx and AD DI 9x (Possibly Ventus line) love the 9x red in the 3w , the 6x I feel fights well above its weight and performs like a 70g in 60 garb, but for my swing the extra weight actually helps with control most importantly and I might actually swing faster (ESP in a 3w , tested 80g vs 90g in 3w’s) Ill post results after some testing.
  9. Glued = m2 tour issue DF (or jday) 3w I went from sim2 - 171cc ( also had a sim 180cc) back to m5 (161cc)
  10. Rat glue or “the tour sauce “ had an M2 tour issue 3w (jday ver.) with 12 g in it , sounded like a 14.2* Louisville slugger thanks for sharing your experiment
  11. Recruiting violations cause heart issues
  12. Love my Ventus stuff , the red 9x in the 3w is the baddest of the bunch been spending some time witb D+ LTD esp in the driver. Just something about that’s intoxicating, can’t complain about performance
  13. No PR , ryder cup locker room theft down 100% this year
  14. Thx , I just saw that , I thought it was bc he said some negative stuff about the PGA , if that was true about 2012 esp about not being reachable during the cup , well can’t blame anyone but himself
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