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  1. 9* Accra TZP 265 M5 Prototype 45” Small nick on crown G400 cover Trade for Sim w high end x shaft. Can add $$ for right setup. shipped US Won’t split up.
  2. PXG Gen2 0811X 10.5* Diamana X 60gr X flex (paid $700 for this) 45.5” New Iomic PXG cover Wont split up
  3. 2017 Tour Issue M2 8.5 KBS TD 60gr Cat 4 (X-stiff) 45.25” Iomic w 2 wraps Hot melt in neutral Used a few rounds Like new No M2 cover (tour issue) but will they’re something in
  4. Used for 1/2 season weekend golf Nunchuk Xi NVentix shaft. No flex Tour Velvets Standard 38.5” 5i $1,250 Looking for high end irons
  5. Bettinardi QB8 Soft Carbon 34-34.5” Lamkin Grip No COA Like new $525 US only
  6. Nation Custom 3D printed Flow neck 33.75” 340gr. SS Traxion Claw 1.0 NC cover PM trades for high end putters
  7. Circle T Fastback Welded Spud Neck 15gr CT weights CT band OTR Scotty grip 34” CT Cover Small scratch on toe $1,400 US Trade for Gen 2 4-P or High end putter
  8. American Wizard 34” USA Betti cover COA $1k US Trades PXG Gen 2, high end irons or putter. Can add cash
  9. Cameron Golo 5R Proto 10g CT weights CT paint cover 34” SS grip $1,100 US PM trades for high end Betti
  10. Only worn a couple of times. Everything included. $525 shipped US
  11. Cameron Circle T Golo 5R Proto 10gr CT weights CT shafts band SS Flatso 2.0 CT Paint cover PM trades for Betti or Scotty’s $1,300 US
  12. Cameron 009 SSS 1.5 Welded neck Tour black Deep milled 350gr head Top line 34” COA CT shaft band peeling Non CT Cameron grip No cover $3k shipped US PM Trades for Tour Betti flows or JDM irons + $$$
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