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  1. 1. Atlanta Athletic Club, Johns Creek, GA 30097 or Edwin Watts Golf, Atlanta, GA 30305 2. Atlanta, GA 5. 4.8 4. Taylormade M3, Tour AD-TP 6X 5. I self fit this driver and have played it with some success, although I've been searching since playing a 910D3 for many years. 6. I'm open to whatever works best - just looking for performance. 7. Absolutely, it would be a pleasure to share.
  2. Couple of driving irons / long iron replacements up for sale. Some great sticks that retain strong cult followings! Prices are shipped, paypal'd CONUS. 1. Taylormade 20* RSI TP UDI (Unlabeled C-Taper Stiff shaft) $120 OBO 2. Adams 18* DHy (Ozik White Tie X) $OLD
  3. I really like the Yes Tracy II as a cheaper option here with limited offset that puts a really nice roll on the ball.
  4. No headcover, but will include one I have laying around for protection during shipping.
  5. Selling an immaculate, newly built tour issue TM fairway wood. I unwrapped this, had it built and it took me 5 balls to know that it's not going to displace my ancient 906F2 (didn't spin enough for me, so the search continues). Same head Brooks Koepka used for 3 of his major wins. 17* loft, 0.6 FA, 235 CT (tour issue specs in the 5th picture belowLength as shown in pic (~42.5"), D4ish SWUsed my last remaining Fujikura Rombax P95 Stiff - for many, the best fairway wood shaft everNot certain about tipping, but pretty sure it is 1"Brand new Golf Pride Z CordPrice is $230 shipped, paypal'd CONUS.
  6. This is a great thought. Yes, it does - it seems to calculate CHS based on measured hand speed. I should probably double check club length inputs. 8i lofts are traditional, so 39*. My initial diagnosis is overswing + disconnected arms --> club stuck --> early extension to clear room --> slow down hands to flip and meet ball. Feel like shorter clubs impact this less meaning I get more of my natural speed.
  7. appreciate the responses from all. Philomathesq, your data point on typical comparison between iron and driver SS is very helpful. Any feedback on what swing characteristics typically this type of situation would be much appreciated!
  8. I recently bought a Blast Motion sensor to help improve my putting and full swing tempo. On the range, I put it on my 8i (go to range club, which I carry ~155) and it measured club head speeds of 87-90 mph. A short while later, I put it on my driver and was surprised to find speeds in the range of 100-102 (I usually carry driver ~265). Based on data I've found, it seems like my driver clubhead speed is low relative to by irons, and I was wondering if there was a simple explanation of what I'm doing to cause that. Some helpful tidbits of info: I'm playing fitted clubsI have a fast tempo in the
  9. Still play the J33 CBs and they're all I want or need.
  10. Couple of putters I'm trying to get outta here. Shipment in continental US included, please include $5 for west of the Mississippi. No trades, please. 1) Edel Custom flow neck blade in amazing shape. $130 OBO - Gold interchangable weights - like new Iomic grip - Flow neck w/o sightline - took me a good while to find one of these - silver Edel magnetic closure cover - Looks like 34.5" 2) Tad Moore TM-15 flow neck $80 OBO - Some shop wear - see heel bumper for example; still include original length sticker on grip - 1998 First Production run - Beautiful champagne-colored
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