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  1. This DRADDY SPORT JIMMY POLO – B.Draddy (bdraddy.com)
  2. He's been a top 50 player for the last few years, I am sure he's had some offers. But yeah now that he is 10th in the world we might see an AP on his wrist next week. He could be a watch guy, but I haven't found any proof besides this one garbage picture
  3. Definitely could be. I'm surprised that he isn't a watch guy. He ticks all the boxes. Fisherman, loves boats, car collection, obviously cares about the aesthetics of his gear
  4. Interesting to see Cameron Smith not wearing a watch yesterday when holding the Sentry ToC trophy. I looked up his winning photos from the Sony in 2020 and he isn't wearing a watch either. Very rare these days. Someone get this man a Deepsea. Anyways, I was able to find this photo, can anyone identify the watch?
  5. The skull is way cooler than a sight line haha
  6. This is where I have seen it Camry Golf Greens – #1 Indoor Putting Green Material – Your Indoor Putting Green Guru
  7. Dude no way, I am so jealous. They aren't even on their website yet?
  8. Sounds like your attack angle is shallow. Less bounce needed
  9. I've been waiting for these. Anyone know where I can buy some?
  10. Yeah the sharpie was definitely a quick, just for fun fix. Thanks for the ideas!
  11. Can anyone recommend a good headcover for this? A regular mallet one is too big
  12. Decided to tape it off and go with the sharpie. Now I have an alignment block
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