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  1. Agree that they should not be bent. If you are in love with these and there are no other options for you then I would simply re-adjust your yardages. Distance will increase as you get stronger and better. If you simply do not want to hit "more club" then this may not be the set for you despite how much you like them. Your post says you are in love the "new look" - have you hit them? Do you really know what the yardage gaps are? The reason that that you will get a lot of "do not bend" responses here is that bending 3* is simply too much and could potentially have too dramatic e
  2. I just was fitted for and ordered the 921 Hot Metal Pros (5-PW and 921 Forged Gap). The 5 iron is 22* and I want to add a 4 iron/19* from the Mizuno family and wondering what your thoughts are. Would primarily use as a driving iron and long par 5's where I do not want to use a hybrid. Forgiveness is biggest need in this club. Am I better off with a 921 Standard Hot Met 4 iron? MP-20 HMB? MMC Fli Hi? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. > @dmac4g said: > They were always my favorite of the Ping wedges. Really hope that someday Ping revisits the Eye 2 + sole for a modern wedge. This is my favorite wedge of all time...completely agree with the above. Most people rave about the non-plus model for bunker play but I think the 2+ is the best bunker/trouble club and a much more versatile sole than anything else for me. Great on full shots...offset only negative for me.
  4. > @animalgolfs said: > > @"woodlandsgolfer " said: > > Its been so long since I played the old Eye 2, so I don't have recent experience with that. However, I have had the ES grind in Glide and Glide 2.0. I ordered the Eye 2 grind in 54 and 58, and have gone back to 2.0 ES grind. To me they dug way too much. It was great for about the first week or so, but I hit shots that I've never hit before. It felt like when I opened it up, the head would catch in the grass with the huge toe on it. They were also much shorter distance wise. I am not looking for distance in a wedge,
  5. Looking for feedback. I am considering adding the Eye 2 grind for the highest lofted club in bag. I am very used to the old Eye 2+ grind but was wondering what actual experience is with full shots and use greenside for delicate chips and flop shots. Is it easily opened? What am I giving up relative to standard sole/bounce 3.0 option. Thanks for your thoughts.
  6. > @Mych said: > Cobra Fly-Z for $50-75. This ^^^^^^ As you can see, there are a lot of great value available on drivers but this is as good as anything IMO and you can get it with a nice shaft for $75. I've tried A LOT of drivers and this always finds its way back into the bag.
  7. Vokey K is one to look at. Ping Glide offers a WS (wide sole) option that is very playable. Cobra has a WS option. Cleveland. Lots to choose from.
  8. Has anyone ordered clubs from Bridgestone recently? I ordered a set of JGR HF2's and today is a month without shipping...Discount Dan's is working on it but seems they are way behind. I expected a couple weeks but over a month is ridiculous and was just seeing if anyone else had a similar or different experience.
  9. Dumping hybrids finally for a Crossover...its not perfect but the snap hook disease is gone with the hybrids.
  10. Agree with poster about LST being fade biased. I went to get fit and assumed I was looking for the shaft for the Max but all metrics better with LST. I would keep in mind that my experience - and that of others here - is that the Max is a relatively low spinning head - my spin numbers with the LST and Max were negligible.
  11. With the notable exception of hitting the HM Pros when they are available, I have been fitted and narrowed this down to these two sets...all things lined up and very close in regard to these two...between s and x in Modus 120 stiff and next was Lz 6.0. What I am looking for is thoughts on bounce - I am not pulling the trigger until I can hit both outside which I have not yet been able to do. I am concerned that the Mizuno has significantly less bounce throughout the set than the Pings (interestingly, the HM Pros have less than the 919 Forged). I did not feel the difference on the mats but
  12. I think guys have hit on it well here. The SS grind is very versatile and will work well out the sand - and can be opened up pretty easily. My favorite wedge for full shots. I carry a 54* SS and a 58* SS and they cover all the shots. I also have a 58* ES that some people love but I have not found it to be as versatile...it does do a better job in fluffy sand.
  13. Your game is very similar to mine...I am a 9 who has no issues or concerns with distance..I have other issues. I have been playing the JPX 800's for 7 years and now getting fitted for new clubs. In the $400 range, you could look at the Srixon 545 or 745's...there also a lot of Ping i200 irons going for under $400 on Ebay as well. If you work it hard, you may be able to find Mizuno 900 Forged for a little over $400. Can't go wrong with any of those three.
  14. There's a lot to address here but I will offer a couple of thoughts. If you historically have played and liked Cleveland, the RTX line is great and certainly fits your criteria. The RTX 3's can be found very reasonably...the 54* mid has 11* of bounce...the 60* mid has 9*. Both are versatile - effective from sand and can be opened up. Other thoughts are that most standard wedges can be played open...Vokey S grind...Ping SS grind. Outside of that, I am sure you will get a lot of suggestions...other manufacturers and grinds but I would not overthink it...some standard grinds work great.
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