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  1. If you have a SpeedOut set of bits, you can probably start a new hole in there. Somebody may have epoxied the weight in there, so before you drill it out, heat with a propane torch or a heat gun. Good luck!
  2. I don't know all of the particulars, but let's say broadcasting rights cost $10 million. Team A brings in $50 million in revenue, Team B bring in $15 million, due to large disparities in ratings. If you give 50% of revenue to Team A, there's still profit of $15 million. If you give 50% of revenue to Team B, you're posting a $2.5 million loss.
  3. I've been carrying two drivers most of this year. A long driver, in the 47.5"-48" range, and a thriver type at 43.5"-44". Good drives tend to be about 10-15 yards further with the long driver and I'm not significantly more crooked. I've always preferred shallower faced drivers, but for a long driver, I think deeper is better. Good luck -- it's a fun experiment.
  4. Here's an older Adams in 12.5 -- this was a lighter head, and it's 55 gram ladies shaft: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adams-SpeedLine-9088-UL-Ladies-Driver/303711584024?hash=item46b69eff18:g:ZXcAAOSwf~tfdhum
  5. 3. It's hard to win more, and he's already 27, so I think more than 5 or 6 is out of the question. Mickelson has 5, Els 4, Singh has 3. His short game right now isn't as good as Mickelson's was. But he seems hell bent on making improvements, so if he has a year like Harrington did, and wins 3 in short order, 6 might be in play.
  6. Amawalk, NY 14 HDCP Currently with an old Mizuno Pro Would love a 10.5C at 35" Will gladly join threads and reviews with photos, and chime in on Cleveland's site
  7. Sub70 Pro Fairway 16.5 degree, Fujikura Ventus Red Stiff. I like the head shape and square face -- the low spin will help as I use something less than driver on 8 of the par 4s & 5s at my home course, and have been only carrying one fairway.
  8. Pure, Star, and Mint grips are all made in the USA. Mint isn't well known, but they make a nice wrap grip. True Temper's steel is made in Mississippi, I believe. Matrix makes their shafts here as well. Maybe there are some forged irons made here by small companies -- probably wedges. And there are still putters milled in the US -- especially those "garage" brands who churn out a few heads a week.
  9. I've tried it -- it's not the worst idea I've ever had. Have a 9015D 10.5 at about 47.5" Aldila Longwood shaft, and I've used assorted thrivers in the 43-44" range. Just picked up a Cobra Max straight neck 11.5 at 43.5". If I get a chance to get out this week, we'll see how it goes. I'm oddly not significantly wilder with the longer driver so far -- and it gives me 10-15 yards more. My good drives at 44-45" are in the 230-240 range and the long driver gets me out to 250 -- it's enough to give me a mid iron on three longer par 4s and gives me a chance on the one shorter par 5 where I play.
  10. The KZG RBT fairways were pretty deep, titanium, and they made a 13 degree. But you might also snag one of their drivers -- the PFT was 300cc and the RBT came in 325, 360, and 400, I think. They had 12 and 14 egree models. They pop up on EBay often enough -- might be able to snag one for $50 shipped or thereabouts. But another vote for the original Rapture, which was a lot of fun to hit.
  11. The Yamaha D201 is pretty shallow
  12. Westchester County NY public courses remain open as of today, though we had snow and rain all day, so I doubt there was much play. Some of the daily fee courses around have closed (or never opened) but some are open for now. Golf courses don't seem to fit in the "essential services" definition, but do seem to fit the social distance recreation. And since the golf courses pretty much fund the rest of the county parks, I'm sure they're loathe to close down the only income generators they have.
  13. The late Bernie Baymiller was active on various forums and worked with a lot of senior golfers, getting them into longer drivers. He felt he got about 10 yards per inch of additional shaft length, and he was in the 100 mph swing speed range at the time, so you can extrapolate to get an estimate for yourself. I'm only a little faster than that, and 10 yards an inch is a little more than I get, but YMMV. The different swing speed trainers talk about 5-10% increases in speed as a reasonable expectation. Good luck!
  14. Right now, I'm carrying two drivers -- a 47" Adams 9015D and a 44" SMT AF460c. Fairway is a Tour Edge E8 at 16.5 degrees. Hybrid is a Knuth High Heat at 19 degrees.
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