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  1. I seem to have best results lately with an Old Black Tie Shaft in the driver, just wondering what is new that would be the most similar, thanks
  2. I Know it is different for everyone but in general tweaking loft 2 degrees weaker, how much decrease in yardage?
  3. Hey guys, Looking into a new set of Irons, really like the feel of the elevate tour shafts. My question is should I soft Step the X or stay standard X, I know they seem to play a little softer to flex. Current gamers have KBS tours 120 Stiffs, if that helps. thanks
  4. Currently in the KBS Tour 120s in My 19 Apexs, thinking of ordering the new set with the $-tapers, What can I expect in this tweak?
  5. Currently have the Accra FX 300H M5 flex in my hybrid and absolutely killing it. My question is should I try the Same version of this shaft in my fairway? Weight wise I play 75 in Driver and 95 hybrid, Should I Go to 85 in the fairway or stay with 75? Thanks
  6. Looking for one in very good shape, doesn't have to be this years model
  7. I know weighting is different, but how different do they play, testing on course tomorrow just want a little heads up before going out? Thanks
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but will bending irons for loft affect the lie at all?
  9. Yeah I worry about dispersion with the Blue, I think i've settled on the black to try
  10. Brand New Taylormade Spider S 34" Putter. Bought directly through TM, played one 18 hole round with it, just not for me. Stock everything L neck style. Has the pistol GT 1.0 grip. Headcover included. Will ship via fedex ground or USPS, your choice. $250 OBO.
  11. Currently have an old Matrix Black tie 7m3 x flex in the driver, thinking of trying the ventus, My question is black or blue? Thinking of going to stiff flex as well, saw the black 7s would be somewhat close weight wise, just looking for opinion or another shaft on the market? thanks
  12. What true temper elevate or other true temper shaft is most comparable to kbs tour 120s? Thanks
  13. What are your guys thoughts on forgiveness in regards to a Apex 4 Iron or Utility iron 4 iron? Looking into thoughts, as I only use my 4 iron about once every 3-4 rds but want to be able to hit it well when i have to go to it? thanks
  14. Would be interested in the UT if willing to seperate
  15. Hey guys, have a set of Apex 19s irons with the Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. I am used to the KBS tour 120 Stiffs, I just seem to load and hit better. My question is based on the famous shaft chart, Soft stepping the PX would bring me closer to the 120's. Any advice? I don't want to hear just keep playing the 120s, that's the obvious answer, just want to see what ya'll think of trying to get the pxs to work? Thanks
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