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  1. Up for grabs is a mint set of Callaway Apex Pro 21 5-PW Heads. All Standard on the Specs direct from Callaway. I used these for maybe 5 or 6 rounds and no range time. Very soft forging they do have some minor dings and bag chatter as one would expect. They might need a little bit of prep for shafts. Any Questions please ask. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM with any questions or offers. Looking for $700 OBRO. Face Pictures of Irons are from top to bottom 5-PW.
  2. hey guys so just pulled a Callaway Apex Pro 19 head for some testing purposes, my questions is for the life of me the weight will not come out? Should I just be leaving this in and go ahead with the new shaft or not? Thanks, will be pulling some more heads in the future so any advice is warranted
  3. Is the tech any different in irons since 2014? In the market for building a set this winter. Just looking into heads and can get a couple older models on the cheap vs the newer ones. My question is in these 7 years has tech really made irons any better? Looking into players distance if that makes a difference at all? Thanks
  4. Anyone have any intel on what the color scheme Callaway is going to go with? Looking into a new bag but want to wait if the new colors are something I may like better, thanks i know weird question
  5. Currently have the Elevates in my gamers, wondering how different the modus might play and or feel, thanks
  6. Hey guys, please PM me with offers or questions. I will ship next day of cleared payment. Taylormade P7MC 4-PW Irons with KBS 120 S shafts. These are basically new, one 18 hole round and a 9 right out of the wrappers and box. A couple irons I do not think I even hit. Standard L/L/L. Not much else to say. Looking for $1100 OBRO. Taylormade P770 4,5 Irons shafted with True Temper 105 s300 Shafts. Purchased these at same time as irons from another place with expectation to use in place of the MC. Basically new again. Standard L/L/L. Looking for $300 OBRO for the Pair. I do not plan to separate these 2. Mizuno fitting iron and 2 shafts. Shafts are the KBS C-Taper in X and Stiff. Head is the forged JPX 850. Bought of the bay in an attempt to try out different shafts over the winter but that changed. I do not have the tool. Looking for $100 OBRO.
  7. Any callaway guys know if this hat is available on retail? Not necessarily the logos just the main logo and design....thanks
  8. Want to hear some thoughts on comparing the 2? I've always gravitated toward the KBS Tour 120 Stiff as my go to shaft, However found a deal with the 5.5, just wanna see what I might expect or if I am way off. Heard they are very similar in profile. Thanks guys
  9. Hey Guys looking to move a few items today. Please PM with questions or offers. I will ship next day of receiving payment. 2021 Titleist T200 4-W Irons. Shafted with AMT Black S300. All standard L/L/L. Picked these up from my local shop about 2 weeks ago. They have seen about 5 rounds of golf. They are mint. SOLD. Titleist Hats. Brand new without Tags. 2 Navy and 1 Grey. Navy are both S/M. Grey is M/L. $25 each or make a deal for all. Accra TZ5 65 M5 Driver Shaft w/ Taylormade Tip. Measures 44".Bought from a member here a little over a month ago, just not for me. Unaware of any tipping. Looking for $200. Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 75 X Flex Fairway shaft with Taylormade Tip. Measures just over 42". Looking for $150.
  10. Walked into my local golf shop and on a whim, decided to take a couple swings with the T200s and damn, one of the best feeling irons in a long time, even catching a few above the sweet spot, they still carried to yardage and felt good.....ended up walking out with the set......first 9 holes out after, even par first time since back surgery..... another 18 yesterday and I don't want to even look on bst for the first time in awhile
  11. Hey Guys, Have some items to move on from today. As always please PM with any questions or Offers. I will Ship within 24 hours of Payment. Taylormade SIM Max 9.0 Driver. Comes with Original Headcover and Wrench. Has a small blemish near where the head meets adaptor that I pictured. Shaft is Gone, $250 for the head. Taylormade P770 4-PW Irons. Shafted with Modus Tour120 X shafts. Stock L/L/L from Taylormade. They have about 5 rounds on them and zero range time. Hard to find a cleaner used set. Looking for $975 OBRO. Odyssey White Hot OG #7 34" Putter. Used for one round and a couple of practice sessions. Just not a fan of this one. SOLD. Set of 13 MCC Plus 4 Teams Blue and Red. Brand new. Picked these up to throw on my clubs but didn't really love the colors when the came in. Bought Directly from the other Golf works. SOLD.
  12. What do you guys recommend for Build up tape under a grip? Plan on building up a putter grip a bit and wanted opinions on what everyone uses under the double sided tape? Thanks
  13. Hey Guys, Looking to move on from some gear that hasn't quite made the cut. Will respond via PM as quickly as possible to answer questions and offers. I am Open to negotiations. I Ship Within 24 hours with UPS or USPS. Thanks for looking. Callaway CB Forged 5-AW Irons. Project X IO stock 6.0 Shafts, AW has the 5.5 Shaft. Picked these up from CPO and wanted to love them, just not beating my gamers. It would be hard to tell they've been hit. Couple of the backs show some chatter and the one face has a little scratches on it. Looking for $900 to your door. Callaway Mack Daddy 4 S grind 52* Wedge. Regular+ KBS tour shaft. Used for one round, so maybe 4-5 swings on it if that. Looking for $90. Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Small Batch 70g 6.0 Shaft. Measures 43.5" to my amateur measuring standards. Had this in my 3 wood. Taylormade Tip. Looking for $200. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 TX Driver Shaft. With Taylormade Tip. Measured to 44" with my measuring skills. Was in my Driver. Looking for $200. Callaway Golf balls. 9 Chrome soft X LS, 9 Chrome Soft X and 9 Chrome Soft X Triple Track. Not sure what to price so $100 for the lot or make me offers. 2 Callaway Tour Authentic Gloves. Size is Reg ML. SOLD.
  14. With the new wristlock grip should I add any length to the putter or keep to my standard length? Thanks
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