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  1. Learned my lesson about the grip rule. Up for grabs is a very lightly used Fourteen RM12 50/08 wedge. It was used for approximately 3 rounds and in great shape. Fourteen makes a killer wedge that is affordable, I won't give up my 54/58 combo! Shafted with a NS Pro 950GH wedge shaft with stock grip. Everything is factory on this bad boy. Shows some wear as these are a soft forging. SOLD Next is a sale I'm gonna regret. Ping G25 8.5* shafted with an Oban Kiyoshi Black 7 05 (X Flex). Shaft is tipped 1.5 inches and was a brand new install in the Ping adapter. Don't be scared 112+ swing speed will bomb this bad boy. The tipping lowered the high ball flight a touch and killed some spin. It is not overly stiff, but it's not your stock X flex offering. This combo still launches high and has lower than normal spin. Shaft is graphics down in the - position (lower loft). Plays right at 45 inches long. Head is in very good shape except for the 3 scratches on the bottom of the head. Comes with Matching headcover. Want to move quickly at shipped and Paypalled in the US HEAD SOLD Shaft SOLD. Lastly is a set of KBS C Tapers in S+ 4-PW 355 taper tip. The 5 iron has the standard slight bend towards the tip which should not effect playability. It fits fine in a 355 hosel. 5 iron length is in the picture. Came from a set of i20's that played standard length I believe. SOLD. Leaving you room to buy a 5 iron shaft and have a great set for cheap.
  2. Just looking to see what I did wrong cause I don't want to repost with the same mistake. I closed my previous add from two weeks ago yesterday around 4-5 PM EST and listed this one around 7 PM EST tonight. 1 and 2 Two sets of grips 3 Driver 4 option of shaft 5 C Taper 4-PW 6 Wedge 7 Matrix Shaft Even splitting the driver I stayed under 10 items?
  3. Well its the end of the season clearance. Long Story short, my daily driver 42 mpg Jetta died a couple weeks back. My Jeep gets 14 mpg so you do the math. Need to raise funds for a new ride. First up is a set of 8 Golf Pride VDR grips. These were blown on and used for one round before I switched back to Z Cords. In great shape with no wear. $32 shipped and Paypalled in the US. Next is a set of 9 Golf Pride 3g Tour Wraps in white. Once again same story as above. Blown on and used for one round. One grip is brand new with the wrapper still on it. $28 shipped and Paypalled in the US. $50 shipped for both sets. This one is going to very stupid on my part. A Ping G25 8.5* shafted with a tipped 1 1/2 inches Oban Kiyoshi Black 7 in 05 flex (X). Shaft was purchased brand new and installed on this tip. Don't be afraid by the tipping, these are very smooth and the tipping tightened up the tip section for me. Paired with the G25 it hit high, high, high, bombs with lower spin. The shaft is killer with this head. Just have too many drivers laying around. Comes with matching head cover. Head has two scratches on the sole and clean everywhere else. First day with it I was swinging it in the back yard and saw a spark, was very upset at that point. Plays 45 inches long and shaft is logo down in the - position. $240 shipped and Paypalled. $120 for the head and cover $140 for the shaft and tip (SLDR Tour tip can be swapped if need be) Next is a set of 4-PW KBS Tour C Taper S+'s. These came out of a set of i20's I had. The 5 iron shaft has a slight bend towards the tip from what I'm guessing was a loft and lie adjustment. These are notorious for this. Fits into a 355 head with very little slop. $70 shipped and Paypalled in the US. Next is a Fourteen RM12 50/08 wedge. Bought this on a whim to match my current setup and I like my CMB Gap better. This is played 2 rounds and shafted with an NS Pro 950GH from Fourteen. Everything is standard from them. I can adjust if need be. Steal this at $85 shipped and Paypalled. Lastly is a Tour Issued Matrix 6M3 with a Tour Only All metal SLDR tip on it. Measures 44 inches long and has a Golf Pride VDR on it which could be replaced. This came from a TM rep. Tour Only serial number. SOLD. NOT LOOKING FOR ANY TRADES RIGHT NOW, JUST $$$$$$$$$$ Unless you have a Sigelei 100w or IPV3 Mod Box. Or a dual 18650 Mechanical Box. Maybe some Sony VTC5's. Thanks for looking.
  4. Cleaning out the extras. Need gas money as my car is in the shop and the Jeep doesn't do well on the 80 mile round trip commute. First up is a Ping G25 20* hybrid with an Aldila ATX Blue 105 TX shaft. Plays right under 40 inches long. In decent overall shape for a hybrid. Has some nicks on the back side towards the toe, but its a bomber of a hybrid. Comes with matching cover. Has a Golf Pride Black Multi Compound on it. SOLD Lastly is a Mizuno H4 3 iron. Shafted with a KBS Tour C Taper Lite in X flex. Plays right around 39 inches long. Very little use. SOLD If I'm off on price please send me a reasonable offer.
  5. Well this is my 4th SLDR and I swore I was going to try all the settings to find the right one and lost interest. Tour Issued SLDR 9.5* 460 with Toe Screw and + sign for the COR testing. Head is in great shape. No headcover or wrench with it. SOLD shipped and Paypalled for the head in the US Kiyoshi Matte black 65 gram X flex shaft tipped 1 inch. Plays right around 45 1/4 in an SLDR. SOLD shipped and Paypalled in the US Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 7.2 Stiff flex tipped 1 inch and has a Tour Issued all Metal SLDR tip on it. Plays right around 44 1/2 - 44 3/4 inch long. Has a Pure Red grip on it. $130 shipped and Paypalled in the US Not really looking for any trades at this time, but will consider a 757 X flex, 7.2 Tour Spec X flex. Must play 45 inches.
  6. Been a rough couple weeks. Alternator went in my car, dishwasher ain't working, daycare wants money, promotion ain't gonna happen, need some cash to offset some purchases. Only trade I'm looking for is an SLDR 430 9* head. First up is a G25 8.5* head. Hotmelted to 204 grams. Comes with head cover but no wrench. Topline and face are clean, some scratches on the sole from a nice little rock on the practice range. $160 shipped and Paypalled and I'm going to regret it. Next is an SLDR 15* head. Has one slight scratch/nick on the topline directly in the middle of the face. Other than that in good shape. No headcover or wrench with this one, but will pack very securely. Sold Next is a Callaway X2 Hot Pro in 15* shafted with the stock ATX green in X flex. Everything is stock on this bad boy. For some reason it has the same slight high mark in the middle of the face. Guess I need a deep face 3 wood, lol. Its a bomber, just like my current 3 wood better. $100 shipped and Paypalled. X100's 3-PW with Taylormade grips on them. Grips are in good shape, pulled from a slightly used set of 2014 MC's. 5 iron measures slightly under 37 inches long. Should be standard length for the MC's. $50 shipped and Paypalled. Lastly 2 YSQ 6s shafts. Play right around 43 inches in a fairway wood, I pulled them before measuring the finished length. $30 shipped for the pair.
  7. So now my 3 year old is practicing counting by the amount of boxes daddy receives daily. And my wife is making it a point for my daughter to tell me how many boxes show up daily. Onto my latest acquisition. Bought this the other day off here, shipped from California to NJ in 2 days. Unboxed it around 10 PM last night. Took it out today, got the the range late as usual. Hit 4 balls with this and 4 balls with my gamer and they were comparable. Hole #1 hit a monster draw perfectly. Hole #2, OB left. Switched to my gamer and now that is going left. So obviously it is not the club. Titleist 913D3 in 9.5* shafted with an Oban Kiyoshi Black 7 in 05 flex (x flex). Comes gripped with a white Iomic grip in very good shape. Only issue is the headcover has a rip in it which turned into a hole. Does not effect playability. Plays 45 inches long. Comes with the headcover but no wrench. I used a TM wrench and had no issues. SOLD Not really looking for any trades right now.
  8. First off, you're going to have an issue with the Ping and reshafting. The hosel is .350, however to top 1/8 inch or so is around .365 or so. Utilizing the shim will take up most of the space, but the top portion will still have some play in it causing it not to be perfectly centered. Now onto your swing and the shaft profile and such. I would tip it at least 1 inch, probably more. But if you go more you may get in trouble. Once you cut it, you can't go back. For me it takes a couple Jack and Cokes to get the balls to tip a shaft that much. I just tipped a Kiyoshi Black 1.5 inches from a brand new shaft. Tip the shaft 1 inch and leave it at 45 1/2 inches long. Test it gripping it down farther then you normally would. This will give you a feel at 45 inches to see if you have to go more. When you shaft it, try to keep the shaft as centered as possible as it is going to move off center. What I would do to insure it gets centered is grab some dry wall tape, cut it to around 1/8 inch and put that on the top of the shaft by the ferrule to take up some space. This will get you centered.
  9. C taper S+ or X soft stepped. The PXi's are going to be too soft. C Taper is a profile very close to the Satin PX's but with more choices in weight and flex.
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