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  1. I really liked the ball for my game but it is way overpriced. It's not going to check hard at all. It depends on loft to settle in.
  2. I demoed the driver and 4 wood and liked them very much. Tried them with the Helium shaft so the 4 was very easy to elevate. A really nice club. I found the driver to be low spin, long and very accurate. It had a very solid feel and muted sound. I will be ordering one soon.
  3. Probably the Black then but you could order the test pack and compare for yourself.
  4. For total distance the Titelist Tour Soft is as long as anything for my swing. I get the best distance from those and the Snell MTB Black. I played with some Chrome Softs last weekend and was getting comparable distance
  5. Here are some quick pictures of the 4. Sorry for the quality, it was so bright out I couldn't see the screen.
  6. I will post a picture of the 4 shortly. It's a gem, by the way. With the Helium shaft it's very easy to elevate and long. It feels very solid, reminds me of the Callaway Steelheads I always loved. I tweaked the driver to the low loft (from 10.5). I had to do the same thing with my XR16 Sub-Zero. The Hogan is very controllable, very accurate and was giving me consistently good distance.
  7. Played one round with the 10.5 driver and the 4. Both are very solid feeling. I need to get the driver on a Trackman, it seems to be a very low spin head even coupled with the high launch, high spin Helium shaft. Very controllable and works both ways. I left the settings in the standard mode but will try it with the loft set lower this afternoon.
  8. I requested the driver and 4 for my demo. Let's see if they have it
  9. Me too. I jumped on these earlier today. I'm wondering if I can go by and pick them up.
  10. I think that is their low launch, low spin shaft. What shaft and driver do you normally play for a comparison.
  11. The MTB Black is very similar to the original MTB, softer and maybe slightly longer off the driver. I like them equally well.
  12. Just get the Velocity's then. It's what he really likes
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