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  1. Reasonable speed, center face contact, acceptable AoA, and good paths. That’s all that is really needed imo. Most amateurs lack one, if not two of those. And focus on the wrong one when it comes to actual improvement.
  2. This is the first winter in a long time that I’m committing to working in the off-season. Will probably get a virtual with Monte to understand the data my Quad is giving me.
  3. Option 1 is correct. Maybe not as low as you indicated in your original post, but right where the sweet spot sits should be good starting point. A forward ball position with your normal swing should put the ball at the right point in your swing arc. Tour average with driver is 1-2 degrees down at impact. Rose is up 3-4, but he's not doing anything special nor does he have a special swing to do so. Ball position and minor shoulder tilt is enough to create that differential. If you're in the process of addressing this issue, Driver will be the last club to fall in line.
  4. This will happen with any methodology a few bad ones always sneak in. It's where folks have the hardest time improving. It takes months for changes to become ingrained. We all hit bad shots during a round, even in the + cap range. It's more about when the right shoulder works out in the sequence of the downswing. Holding your back to the target (the Justin Rose) gives you some extra time in split seconds to allow the hands to sequence properly and then the right shoulder still goes out. This is also the danger of taking your hands and arms out of it. As an example, if your right shoulder works out fast already, you'll definitely have issues with your arms falling behind if you remove them form the equation.
  5. The visual and perception to “hit up” on a ball teed up high messes with golf swings.
  6. Doesn't matter so long as your laid off position isn't too extreme. You should still have some vertical hinge to work with, even if it's not a lot. NTC/Broom will work so long as you're matching up the pieces.
  7. There's a lot going on in NTC agreed. During practice, take one concept and practice it. Take another and practice it. Go to the course and just play. Maybe keep ONE thought in mind. Rinse and repeat. When your right shoulder works out and your hands and club also work outward / towards the ball, this is where you get the OTT. I would prefer that the right shoulder continues working out, but the hands need to work the club down and towards 8 (dump the vertical) and then dump the horizontal from NTC. The movements pretty much happen at the same time. Shoulder working out is fine, club and hands need to be working behind you initially in transition. What's worked for me specifically as a drill and feel (may not work for you or others), at the top of my backswing and into transition I leave my hands as high as I can and dump the vertical hinge to 8 o'clock, but I don't stop dumping it. Monte mentioned this once as a feel for him, I feel like I'm going to whack my back heel. Then basically let my hands and body rotate and release the crap out of the horizontal hinge.
  8. I usually take the winters off. When I return, it's always good to check and see what really stuck from any swing changes and where I need to pick up from. My first couple rounds back are actually usually REALLY good since I'm not focused on anything else but scoring. If I get an itch, I'll do some drills. Monte's Broomforce now doesn't even require me to pick up a club lol. If I end up going to a heated range I'll spend most of my time dialing in short game feels, punch shots, etc. I just accept that if whatever I was working on prior didn't ingrain itself as a new swing habit, then I just pick it up again when I return. But overall I try to stay away, and even off of wrx. This year I built a sim room, so I am actually going to be active this winter and see how that affects my game in the spring.
  9. If you're truly over the top, you want to change the direction that the hands and club are going in transition first (imo). This will save you a lot of heartache later, as many of us can probably attest, we learned to be body driven and ended up being steep with the hands anyway. Monte's No-turn-cast (NTC) is probably a good starting point for you. Folks will probably argue this point, but if I were to re-learn my swing over again 10 years ago, I'd get the hands and arms working properly in transition and let my body adjust to it. I was one of the unfortunate souls who was told to swing to right field and got my body in a lot of bad positions (left shoulder lifting in transition, right shoulder dropping too much, more leg and hip movement than Elvis and Michael Jackson). I ended up in a spot where basically both my body and hands were doing the opposite of what they were supposed to do.
  10. Agree. The heart of my comment was just do something to check lol
  11. Tough to know without seeing your swing on vid, could be a number of things. Basically are you actually doing what you feel you are? What are your usual misses with the clubs are you are hitting well? And what do you feel you gain from removing hands and arms engagement from the swing? Also just noticed your location, I'm just north in Elk Grove :).
  12. I think Rory gets called out a lot since he, on video, is very easy to perceive that he squats down. Every tour caliber swing will extend in the backswing and regain flexion in the transition/downswing while the pelvis moves downward and then extend upward again through impact. Trying to emulate Rory’s squat (at least visually) will get everyone in trouble, but going up, down, up is doable.
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