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  1. Went to war against my right hip and leg today. Nothing really special to report otherwise. Still plenty to do in general.
  2. Worked on three main things today, working each one in 20 minute blocks for about 3 hours, resting about 10 minutes in between. 1.) A bit more thoracic extension in the backswing 2.) Keeping my back to the target longer while the legs work (this one I had to separate, I couldn't focus on both at the same time) 3.) Getting the arms in front earlier while shallowing in transition 4***) Towards the end I began working on getting more extension towards impact, but was too tired to feel it and the video was showing no good progress, so I stopped. Getting some full swings in towards the end of each block was entertainingly bad. My GCQuad hasn't taken a direct hit yet, but has gotten some rebounds. Can see each part marginally improve, but also regress once I move onto the next.
  3. The right knee, hip, shoulder etc is my absolute kryptonite. It’s been worse, just one of those things I’ve had to manage. Monte has me getting the left hip trying to lead, but I fail to regain right knee rebend in transition right now so I have to work on both separately; going down then around. Eventually I’ll have to get the chest around better as well. Backswing I’m trying to regain some arm width again, but it’s a good point to monitor the club a bit more.
  4. Titleist honestly. I dropped ProVs a while back. Their irons have never really inspired me and I feel like driver and other clubs haven't really kept up in fittings.
  5. Was in San Francisco this past week. Did get a round in at a muddy and wet Presidio. +6 on the front, and +1 on the back for a +7 round. Not bad, given that my putter completely abandoned me (probably like five 3 putts and multiple misses within 5 feet), unfamiliar course and bad conditions, and first round taking a new move out. A few notes from the course: 1.) My sole swing thought was just making a good backswing. The two thoughts in sequence was "turn body, set wrists" with the goal of getting "tall and wide". 2.) My irons were absolute lasers, probably can attest that to the work on the sim. Every birdie was a tap in, and hit 14 GIRs. 3.) I didn't necessarily hit the ball "hard", did my best not to let anything take over. Added an extra club or two and was generally a hair long over the pin. 4.) Wedge game was good. 5.) Putter sucked so bad. Back to it this upcoming week!
  6. Going backwards seemed to have the right effect. Will continue on prioritizing maintaining a good backswing first, incorporating stuff second.
  7. I've got the Blueprints. I will say they're easier to hit than something like the TM 730s, but I couldn't go wrong with more forgiveness either.
  8. Dear Diary, I've lost what made my backswing and transition good. Time to go back before going forward. Just got too focused on what I was trying to do with the hands in transition, and my backswing and transition started to wander to try to overemphasize the feel. Time to take a step back. Most likely will work in a strict rotation of backswing work, hands work, and sequencing work.
  9. I've swapped from a 3W to a 4/5W (basically set a 5 wood a degree stronger). Better launch and more consistent distance for me.
  10. All fair points. My release wasn't correct even before this process began, I'm hopeful that it'll come over time. I'm still trying to work out the right sequence and positions that get me there. It's a grind for sure.
  11. Thanks appreciate it! I think "practice diaries" will be the next name of the thread when winter is over
  12. I hold off the club for too long as a natural instinct after adding flexion to my left wrist. Berger does increase, I don't as I come down, but I get the clubhead moving out too fast and too steep. Right now leading to too much slide to the left to shallow it late. You can see that I don't regain enough flexion in the right side as I come down in transition. My goal right now is just to throw a bit of wrist flexion away and behind me in transition. Right now I'm drilling and isolating movements that I'm poor at, and slowly incorporating those into my swing and letting my body learn new positions and new sequences. On the swings I go full bore at the ball (last swing in the videos usually), all I'm trying to see is if my body is properly learning. If you watch and think my full speed swings are unatheletic, then I'd definitely love more details for feedback and improvement.
  13. Not an exaggeration anymore, that’s currently how much my body wants to get the left shoulder down. Mostly the rest of my sequencing and actions aren’t matching up with it. Getting the left shoulder down was a fix a LONG time ago to change my swing from right shoulder down first. Right now I could probably stand to get the pelvis moving down and left earlier and better and my left shoulder probably won’t react as aggressively. I realized similar things to you like not finishing my turn, or turning at all. Combining throw A plus some Broomforce tabletop drills to get the arms moving a little further before pausing seems to help me sequence my turn. The ulnar deviation shouldn’t last forever if I understand it correctly. Wrists should be going into extension before impact. This is another really major thing Im working on, I’ve held off the club a bit too long for a few years now and it’s getting in the way of making a proper release.
  14. Also in terms of videos recorded per swing / drill etc. I don't have a proper mic to catch everything (if you guys see the tiny little thing on the ground that qualifies as a mic) so SwingCatalyst doesn't pick up every swing if the impact doesn't make a lot of sound. In a 1 hour practice session I probably have 35 or so videos and have probably hit less than 75 balls, most of them slow drills that were never caught on cam. I've made changes before, but have always lost patience recording on my phone at the range. This has been an absolute game changer and I have zero reason to not do it.
  15. Literally grinding it out of the dirt right now. Made some realizations that my arms and body still doesn't know wtf to do with the club after transition, so slowly moving the chain forward in practice. The right shoulder is still causing me issues by going to low and my hips and legs are still a bit clueless as well, but will be learning hopefully soon. The last swing went a solid 190 with a 7 iron, 6760 rpm of spin. Was probably about as easy as a 190 swing as ever felt (and I can probably count on one hand how many times I've ever hit a 7 iron 190), albeit I'm still a bit clueless on how to generate power and maintain balance.
  16. Morikawa is a good study of someone who is quite slow until the latter half of the backswing where he speeds up considerably to the top. Cameron Champ looks like his hands and arms are peaking in terms of speed at the top as well, my eyes aren't that good though at discerning. I think the general answer is that the backswing needs to move as fast as you can, but still maintain proper sequence in the downswing. I'm guessing backswings that don't accelerate at least a little bit to the top most likely run into some sequencing issues coming down as you try to generate speed by changing directions.
  17. Took a week off, mostly to recharge a bit and also the sunroom is getting cold these days. Bigger reason was that my backswing and downswing sequencing were way out of whack. In order to feel an ulnar deviation or throw, I was letting the backswing go longer so I could "feel a throwing action". All bad things, and combined with my downswing sequencing was getting me way to far inside. Probably my largest blocker to improvement is that I overdo everything, and usually overdo it incorrectly, like going longer in the backswing to feel a throw. So resetting somewhat this week. Going back to making sure my backswing is actually a good backswing, work on sequencing (I don't feel that I'm doing great rotating and extending right now), and transition hand work. Sandwiched a practice swing in there where I felt like I was doing the rotation right, but still not getting into extension early enough. Can't do it on a practice, can't do it when there's a ball in front of me for sure :D. One thing at a time!
  18. I've been more aggressive this year on pulling driver, it's the worst club in my bag and mostly just getting more confident with it. In the past I wouldn't hesitate to pull 3-5w, 3 hybrid, or long iron to give myself a better chance to find a fairway and make sure that I'm in a position to get up and down in 3 strokes inside 200 yards.
  19. Being really consistent with driver, and also being great with long irons. I think I remember Monte saying (at some point) that long irons is one of the largest gaps in strokes gained as you get closer to scratch. I would assume, and it's echoed by a few in this thread, that those who don't have huge length off the tee can still get up and down inside 200 yards with almost any club.
  20. Going to hopefully play tomorrow, been raining for like 40 hours here in Chicago. I always reset at the end of my practice session after grinding swing changes before heading out to the course. Keeping expectations low, and do my best to play smart. Tonight I chose 8 iron and a target of 140 yards to hit 10-15 balls at, keeping no real swing thoughts in mind. This is about 15-20 yards shorter than a max 8 for me and I will play a very stable left arm to 9 o'clock shot with minimal hip motion in transition. This is the exact strategy I will take to the course tomorrow for every approach shot and most tee shots. It gives me the highest opportunity to get it on the green and put my putter in play.
  21. I managed to bop my GCQuad on a rebound for the first time. Talk about adding gray hairs to my head. My in to out has gone from about 2 degrees to about 10, so it's time for me to start matching up my release pattern. The fling it drill from Broomforce has been handy here to delay my application of speed until I get the handle going left enough. If I apply speed too early while the club's much further behind me, I get in trouble. Enjoy the Quad bop and a full swing (like 1 out of 100) that looks like I'm applying things correctly.
  22. Normally two options for launch monitors. Doppler radar or camera based. You generally need more space for Doppler to be accurate (Trackman, Flightscope, Garmin). Dopplers sit behind you and need space. The top end Dopplers like Trackman are highly touted for their accuracy. Camera based (Foresight, Skytrak) are also quite good, and require much less space to perform, especially behind the golfer. They sit adjacent to the ball. The top end camera based GCQuad from Foresight is also quite accurate and trusted by tour pros.
  23. You should have just enough for radar flight, but would probably recommend a camera based sim either way.
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