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  1. Except Tiger was a worse golfer in 2002 and 2003 than in 2005-2008. So the logic doesn’t stand that Tiger would have maintained his 1997-2001 greatness seeing as he couldn’t even do it in 2002-2003 under Butch.
  2. You have no idea what you’re talking about. What you just wrote is complete nonsense and has no basis in fact. Hank essentially weakened Tiger’s grip, got the shaft a bit more laid off, and quickened Tiger’s tempo. He didn’t touch Tiger’s short game. Tiger had a 7 win streak, a couple 6 win streaks, 6 majors, 30+ wins under Haney. A healthy Tiger under Foley was worse in every way, and Foley changed every aspect of Tiger. Tiger has dropped everything Foley taught him except minimizing his shift off the ball on the backswing. Tiger is back to essentially his Hank Haney swing. That’s
  3. Hank wrecked Tiger’s swing? Legitimate question, are you insane? The only better golf in history played than 2005-2009 was arguably Tiger 1999-2001.
  4. I’m very short and light, so I have great difficulty controlling drivers over 44.25”. Most of the year I used a 43.75” at D3. If I was 5’10 or taller and 180+ pounds, I’d be trying a 47” driver. Maximizing distance is such a huge advantage.
  5. To be clear, Bryson should (that's right, SHOULD) win the Masters. He's crazy long and straight, and is currently one of the best putters there is. I see him winning by 4+ shots. The harder and faster they make the greens to make the course even tougher, Bryson's advantage continues to increase. He hits approach shots a mile in the air and he's exceptional on fast, sloping greens. The only way for Augusta National to protect the course against Bryson DeChambeau is by limiting driver size significantly, maybe even limiting tee height, getting rid of armlock. In other words, nothing
  6. Bubba needs to change things up. The crown of his G425 should have a shirtless picture of himself on it.
  7. For sale is a great condition G400 Max. It has 9 degrees of loft, D3 swingweight, 43.75" playing length with a Aldila NV 55 extra stiff shaft (the new MLT NXT Gen version). The shaft is tipped 1.5". I love this driver, but just can't launch it low enough. There is some normal scratching on the sole of the driver, but otherwise is in great condition. $SOLD USD shipped USA and Canada.
  8. If Rory gained 30 pounds, he'd double his weight.
  9. Didn't Schwartzel buy some new Miura's on eBay and then immediately drill holes in them?
  10. You just need to change the definition in the rules for anchoring a bit to include armlock. The grip is fixed against the forearm and doesn't move. To me, that's anchoring. Have you tried arm locking? When you anchor that putter against your forearm, it's impossible to break either wrist. You don't think that's potentially an advantage in putting? It turns lag putting into math (you just calculate how far to take the putter back and don't have to worry about the wrists adding any speed), which is why Bryson's lag putting has improved tremendously. Anchoring also takes out many var
  11. Here's my take-he'll win 3 quickly, which will result in a quick rules change for the USGA that takes away the armlock and possibly something to do with shaft length. If the USGA doesn't take away armlock, I give Bryson 5. He's simply too good to win less than that if rules don't change. Bryson's putting is equally as impressive as his driving. Take away the armlock and he's not winning majors.
  12. I have no problem with any announcers. It’s a tough job and they do a good job. That being said, NBC should throw all the money they can at Phil to take over the booth. Zinger is no Johnny Miller, which isn’t an insult to Zinger, Johnny is a legend (whether you like him or not, it’s true).
  13. Here's a chance to experiment with premium one length long irons! I custom ordered these a month and a half ago, have barely been used, as you can see in the pictures. Standard length, one degree flat, 5 iron is standard loft but 6 iron is 1 degree weak. Shafts are KBS $Taper Lite in extra stiff. Swingweight is D2. I have brand new Cobra connect grips and arcos sensors. I can install the grips if you'd like, or leave them loose in the box. These irons currently sell for $157 USD each. Love these, but am ordering a new 5 and 6 with my usual Dynamic Gold instead. $150 USD Shipped fo
  14. Assuming Luke actually said this... This is a weird way of saying a) Bryson can hit it straighter than I can when swinging fast b) Bryson is a better all-around player than me c) Bryson is better out of the rough than me d) All of the above I don’t care that guys like Finau and List think they can hit it further than Bryson. Those guys can’t keep their drives on the planet when they swing all out. They can’t keep their tour cards when they swing all out. Bryson can go over 190 mph ballspeed and win tournaments. It sounds like Luke’s ego can’t stand that Br
  15. Man, you guys notice the crowd more than the players do.
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