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  1. I turned professional when I was 18, a couple decades ago. I'm a big tinkerer, buy and test almost everything. The number has to be in the hundreds. All I can tell you from my experience is that it's a huge time waste but extremely fun.
  2. Phil has as good a chance as anyone to win a major. Trouble is, winning a major is really hard. DJ and Justin Thomas have combined for 3 total and they are essentially the fixed number 1 and 2 in the world.
  3. I don’t swing it quite as fast as you, but I use the new P770. I’ve been well into the plus range for a long time and these irons certainly don’t hold me back.
  4. Exactly. I play my G410 LST at 7.5 degrees at 46.5 and it’s moon balls. Apex on a good strike is about 150 feet according to Mevo + (ballspeed 165-168). On a side note, people who naturally play better when their swing gets longer and slower on the backswing should give longer a go. If you are quick and short, chances are you’ll hate the longer shaft. It’s why I suspect Ricky does better with a shorter driver (or at least used to).
  5. There is ZERO chance PING replaces i210 with an iron that isn’t exactly like i210.
  6. I always have to buy a variety of head weights with my PING woods to get SW right. I’m not surprised the fairway wood is in the C range by the way. It’s frustrating.
  7. Most grips if you get them damp and then vigorously dry them off with a towel get tackier. I use pure grips and those things get really tacky after doing that.
  8. Zinger has probably been asked a million times why he didn’t win more tournaments and majors by people who don’t have a clue how hard it is to win at the highest level. That can stick with a person.
  9. I wish the internet wasn’t such a critical place. I’m shocked more athletes don’t just quit and get away from the spotlight. Thank goodness they don’t, because that would suck. Watching what Bryson has done the last year has been truly remarkable and I don’t think any of us will ever forget it.
  10. Currently 44.5", but am experimenting with a 47" build.
  11. Playing the new hi toe raw with LB grind and it’s fantastic. Couldn’t ask for anything more from a 60.
  12. Bob Rotella teaches the idea that at that level, it's not physical skills but rather mental hurtles that allow or prevent those low scores. Some really good players have an amount under par that makes them nervous. Others aren't afraid to go as low as possible. There are no players on tour that back away from shooting a ton under par. Some guys are clearly better at it than others though. Jim Furyk comes to mind with a 58 and 59.
  13. Just play the G20. A hybrid is a club you want to hit a precise distance so new tech isn’t more important than sticking with something you know works. I have a very expensive set of clubs, but a G25 hybrid is still in there because I haven’t hit anything that works better for me.
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