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  1. I used to get depressed when I had those moments where I believed I was good. I had a few course records under my belt but knew I’d never even get a shot at playing professional golf because I didn’t have the health, support or the money. It was a tough pill to swallow for me at the time. Now I’m older and wiser and know that even if everything lined up perfectly, probably the best I could have done is a couple good finishes on the MacKenzie tour. I don’t have the intangibles to do any better than that. For the record, I’m “that guy” you play with who you’ve never seen before, get pa
  2. That nipper groove on the high lofted 3.0’s is surprisingly nice.
  3. I ordered my P770’s a couple weeks ago and I’m supposed to get them later this week according to TM. I ordered with Modus 130X which was luckily in stock. Seems like most of the other shafts are back ordered.
  4. I find ballspeed to be very accurate with the mevo, but occasionally swing speed can read too high, particularly with driver.
  5. Hi everyone, I've got a 7-PW set of PING iBlades with Dynamic Gold S300. PW is 35.75, 9 is 36.25, 8 is 37.75 and 7 iron is 37", all D2 swingweight and black dot standard lie angle. Grips are CP2 Pro midsize, with a little bit of life left in them. These are perfect short and mid irons to combo up with something more forgiving in the long irons. All are in awesome shape, just with light wear to the hydro pearl finish. $SOLD. If anyone is interested, I have an essentially new Cobra Forged Tec One 6 iron, also 37", with a Tour issue S400 shaft that I could throw in with t
  6. Looks good to me. I’ve had two in there before, currently have no weight in my LST (46.25”).
  7. I play my PING hybrids about 5-8 years behind release dates (still using G25), so I look forward to playing the G425 in 2026-2029.
  8. He’s going to recover, feel good for a while, and play great golf while he feels good. This is Tiger Woods we are talking about. He’s going to come back swinging and playing like Tiger. If he’s pain free at Augusta, he has a chance. Tiger doesn’t need near the “reps” he says he does in interviews. If his body allows it, at this point in his life, he needs little preparation to hit every shot with total command. His statements about reps, in my opinion, are only a means to relieve pressure.
  9. He’s got years of good golf ahead of him, but he would be seriously good in the booth.
  10. Now that their ball is picking up steam, I’ll bet they change the name, in true Taylormade fashion.
  11. Callaway super hybrid fits the bill of mini fairway shape and you’d probably pick up some yards over the Super S. I also really liked the Super S but it certainly wasn’t the fastest off the face for me.
  12. 4-7 feet behind the ball, at least 8 feet of ball flight.
  13. I think I’m going to write “P7PTM” on my irons.
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