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  1. Prices include shipping via USPS priority with tracking to CONUS only. Payment via PayPal. **SOLD G410+ 9* head w/ HC and 10/12/16g weights. $225 SOLD** **SOLD G410 5/17.5* head w/ HC and 4/7g weights. $150 SOLD** Attas Coool 7S driver shaft , G410 tip. $125 **SOLD Fujikura Motore X F3 6X driver shaft, G410 tip. $125 SOLD** Fujikura Motore X F1 7X fairway shaft, G410 tip. $100 **SOLD Paderson Ballistic KG70-D40 driver shaft, G410 tip. $125 SOLD** Paderson Ballistic KG70-F40 fairway shaft, G410 tip. $100 TM M1 440 9.5* head w/ HC. $100
  2. Two putters and some ADDED items up for sale today. A small home renovation is turning out to be not so small so not looking for trades at this time please. Prices are shipped within the CONUS via USPS priority, tracking provided. See photos for details and condition. Any questions, just ask. Thanks for looking! 1- $350 Lajosi DD201 Satin Finish 350/was advertised as 34" when I purchased it on here but it measures more like 33.75” (see photo) Accra fxp 200 putter shaft Midsized gripmaster grip (very tacky) Lajosi cover; Velcro closure 2 - $250
  3. Few items for your consideration. Hoping to sell quick and can drop off at post office tomorrow. Shipping in Conus included provided it’s not absurd (I’m in FL). Not looking for any trades at this time. Thanks for looking. 1. TM SIM Max 12* driver head with HC. Great condition. Bought here as an experiment and sticking with my gamer. $0LD 2. Paderson Kinetix Ballistic KGTP75-D40 (X Flex) driver shaft with TM tip. Plays 45” in the SIM. Was pured in the Standard setting. MCC+4 $150 Will also throw in a matching Paderson leather head over. 3. Ben Hoga
  4. I purchased the hybrid from the same seller. Paid but received a refund without a follow up message to explain. I figured it had just sold before I paid but listing still shows it’s available. Guess I got lucky.
  5. Hi all. Have a few items I’m trying to sell. Payment is via PayPal and I pay shipping to you within the CONUS. Prices are OBO. Thanks for looking. Cobra F9 9* Driver Head. Factory HC, tool, and 14g, 10g and 2g weights included. $175 SOLD Cobra SZ Extreme 9* Driver Head. Factory HC, tool, and 14g and 6g weights included. $250 SOLD P790 UDI factory bent to 18*. KBS $-Taper S shaft. Stock grip and a GAPR HC included. $150 SOLD The next 2 shafts were part of a shorter driver experiment with the cobra heads above. I’ll add either of them to a purchase of one of the he
  6. Prices include shipping via USPS priority with tracking to CONUS only. Payment via PayPal. GD AD IZ 6X with Cobra LH Adapter: $165 **SOLD**Srixon Z H85 3h with Fuji Pro 2.0 8S purred: $125 $115 $100Odyssey O Works 1W with Stability shaft and Rosemark 1.52 grip. Includes factory swirl grip, HC, and extra weights: $250 $235 $200Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors: $150 $140 $125 Not looking for trades unless you’ve got a TS2 8.5 or TS3 9.5 Driver you’re looking to move.
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