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  1. From the horse's mouth! ... Thanks, Greg! @pga43 Driver Fairway 15° Fairway 18° Putter Bag I've been following Abe for a number of years now. Love seeing what's in his bag. Thrilled to see he rounded out his Miuras with Callaways. About time he followed my blazing path! Hahaha! Not crazy about his ∆∆∆ Driver preference, but I'll get over it. Cheers to a great Season, Abe!
  2. I believe it is Driver, Putter, Bag, and Ball. I could be wrong though.
  3. Are you referring to the KM 700? Or something else?
  4. Cool site. Didn't know about it. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Stinger!!! .... Always coming through!!! I had a feeling they would NOT be MCW. Seems KM Product truly doe NOT go through MCW. Kinda bummed. Ah well.
  6. I have an Epic Flash Star 12.0° and Epic Speed 12.0°. Both shafted with Velocore Red 8x at 44 1/2". No tipping.
  7. Any update on over the hosel ? My flow necks are craving some love!
  8. That, exactly, is what I am trying to figure out. Typically, KM Product, doesn't go through MCW. Very curious myself.
  9. I know all too much about Miura Giken. We do business quite often as a matter of fact. I read the above posts. That's why I'm asking you, where did you see $175-$200 MG Wedges? So I guess to take a stab in the dark.... Your $175-$200 MG Wedges, if they are being sold by AUTHORIZED DEALERS, they, in all likelihood are a Generation or more, of age. The $175-$200 MG Wedges, if they AREN'T BEING SOLD by Authorized Dealers, and claim to be a current line of product, they, in all likelihood are fake.
  10. What about the $180-$200 MG Wedges you quoted?
  11. Where are you quoting the MG price of $180-$200? Miura Tour Wedge, Stateside, with Steel Shaft and Stock Grip should be about $275.
  12. For some odd reason, I've had the desire to build a bag from this time period too! I've got my gamers and backups. I've got my retro bag (H.S.) and backups. I kinda want to make up my first 'big boy' bag. Biggest Big Bertha 9° Driver, Big Bertha 3+ Fairway, and Big Bertha 4 Fairway. Had X-12s, would probably upgrade to X-12 Pros, 4-P and Gap. Hogan Sand and Lob. Odyssey Dual Force Putter. Those were the days!
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