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  1. There are many former Miura Executives. You will have to be more specific. The 1957 Series was introduced Circa 2009/10. You are correct that the 001 was forged under the same roof. That, and the Miura name, are the only things they share in common. Mr. Miura himself ground the '57 Series with exception to the Y Grind Wedge, which was a joint collaboration between Yoshi and Mr. Miura. Brevity leads to misunderstandings.
  2. The 001 was not part of the 1957 Series. The Baby Blades and CB-57s were the only Irons. The Y, C, and K Grind (First Gen. K) were the only Wedges. .... And to complete the '57 Series, there was the 350, 005, 006, 007, and 008 Putters.
  3. Too close to CS for me. Very cool putter. Reminds me of Scotty JAT.
  4. Is it a Center Shaft? Or is it short of a Center Shaft? I can't tell. Any chance for address picture? Thank you.
  5. Hand Grinds and all! Who ground your Wedges? Looks like Chip Usher, but the lack of engraving, I can't confirm. Regardless, great stuff! Our Bags play very similarly.
  6. Love it! Need a 16/17°. Reminds me of the Tour Only Adams RPM 4555. Only available in 17° and 19°. Fun head. I had it for a number of years. Truly was a Fairway/Hybrid "Frankenstein" type Head. What's the deal @callawaygolf?
  7. I remember this. And wanted one. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! By far the best Nike Putter made. And I'm not an Anser or Plumber's Neck guy!
  8. One can only hope! Anxiously patiently waiting! @callawaygolf @JohnnyCallaway
  9. What was once old, is new again... The Rescue Fairway!
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