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  1. I've got 2 of them. Palm Beach. Flying very, very much under the radar!
  2. Mine would be Driver. $1075.00 : Edit : Putter would be second. $800.00
  3. There was a good number made of the Rogue Sub 20°. Watch the bay. Proclubs pops up with them.
  4. Hey WRX! I know it's an oldie, but I can not find much on the net searching. Anybody share reviews on Fujikura Fuel 85 Hybrid Shaft? I love the Speeder 904HB, I hoard them and have them installed in 6 different Hybrids. However, it isn't working as well in the Super Hybrid as projected. Was thinking this may be an alternative option! THANK YOU, WRX! Be safe!
  5. Fujikura Tourspec Speeder 904HB X in 6 different Hybrids. The last Brand New one I acquired had a sticker label of 04.20.2004. 16 1/2 years old!
  6. My friend recently did the same with a Miura. Give it a shot.
  7. I gamed the Neon Yellow Low Launch 2.5 X for years in a 3 Wood. And the same shaft for about 2 years in a Driver. My younger brother eventually received the 3 Wood. Believe he still uses it to this day. A Nike T40 Tour 15°. Again, ahead of it's time!
  8. Great shaft! Very much ahead of it's time.
  9. @Fujikura Golf The Ventus HB Black is a close comparison to the Tourspec Speeder 904 HB ?
  10. Hey, WRX!.... Need some educating, please. What are my options, from Grip Master, in terms of a Pistol Leather Putter Grip? 50 or so Grams in weight, ideally. I am not understanding how the process works by reviewing on their website. Thank You, WRX.
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