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  1. T.P. Mills (x2) Miura (x4) Toulon (x2) That's what's in my rotation.
  2. Any BB-16s out there? My all time Bettinardi Fav!
  3. 46, 52, 58, and 64°.... Needed to add the 64° as my stock yardage with 58° grew to about 116-118 yards. The 64° flies just under a 100 yards; 95-98.
  4. Awesome stuff, my friend! What are the 2 T.P. Mills pieces in your collection?
  5. I got this one on the course today, finally. Long ship time. It is pretty frickin awesome. Feel is tremendous. Sound is perfect. Balance, again, pretty perfect. I don't believe I mentioned, and if I did, I apologize for repeating myself, but it is a Carbon Head with Pro Platinum Finish, all stock from TPM. I would say the only drawback is the Pro Platinum Finish. Not 100% sold on it. Not sure what it is, but it just doesn't look right to call it a Pro Platinum. IMO.
  6. I really try not to pay attention to that number. I got old quick and deal with quite a bit of arthritis, on top of some bad discs in my lower back and neck. My primary focuses are rhythm, tempo and sequence. I would put an educated guess on about 112-113 mph. Somewhere thereabouts. I don't think I quite touch 115 anymore, but I definitely get it past 110.
  7. Saturday morning testing has resulted in the Velocore Red 6x getting the nod. Numbers were very consistent, even on poor strikes. Launch 10.5-11.0 Spin 2800-2850 Ball Speed 163.5-164.5 Carry Distance 295-305 Total Distance 305-315 Improvement across the board, some greater than others. Launch UP. Spin DOWN. Ball Speed UP. Carry and Total Distance both UP. First round on the course begining in 3 1/2 hours. We shall see how it performs. Head still the Epic Speed 9.0° with 10g weight in the rear, and ball still To
  8. Which model TGM Putter Grip is everybody using? I'm in the process of regripping all my Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons, and Wedges with The Kidd, Black, Standard Size. About 20% of the way complete. My Putters all have Super Stroke Counter Core (no weight) Pistol GT 1.0 Grips. I've been contemplating as of late changing the Putter Grips over to TGM too, but I'm confused by what is and isn't available.
  9. Driver.... (18°) 2 Hybrid.... (23°) 4 Hybrid.... Fairways, NO MORE!
  10. I am assuming both are equity clubs?
  11. .... Ok so Dunes Club vs Surf Club .... What is the better setting and value?
  12. How many....? - inside the perimeter, 6 Putters - in transit via Fed Ex, 1 Putter - pending transit via UPS Japan, 1 Putter .... Guess it depends on the given day!
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