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  1. Callaway 2016 Apex Hybrid. That's a Hybrid. Close thread.
  2. I had each, the 17°, 19°, and 21°, in my hands tonight. Unable to hit, as demos weren't in yet, but they each sit gorgeously. I may be the most sensitive person any of you know to a closed club face. These do not have a drop of closed to them. Not even square. They are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open! Can't wait to get the 17° shafted up with a Ventus Red 9x. Hopefully I can get 4 Wood distance out if it!
  3. ••• Does anybody have an address picture of the 17° they could share? •••
  4. Driver. Callaway. Hybrid. Callaway. (Rotational Club). Driving Iron. Fourteen. Putter. T.P. Mills. Ball. Bridgestone. Glove. Callaway. Shoe. Air Jordan.
  5. Hey WRX! Need some assistance finding a Christmas Gift to be. Need a KING Orange and Black Staff Bag. Pictured here. Leads and Product are greatly appreciated. Many thanks, WRX!
  6. Thinking and connecting dots makes me believe it is .370 head, but this is something I've wanted to gain clarity on as well. Phil put the Ventus Red 9x in his Apex UW. Fujikura came out, cleared the air, and said, it was specifically the Ventus Red 9x Wood Shaft. There is no Ventus Red Hybrid Shaft, nor is there anything on the horizon, or in the pipeline. The Shaft is tipped a significant amount to get the .335 to fit properly in the .370. @Fujikura Golf @callawaygolf .... Am I correct? THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  7. Done. #ProtectTheBrand #ProtectYourInvestment
  8. I think it's a one or the other kinda thing. Either the Super Hybrid is your cup of tea. OR. The Apex UW is your cup of tea. Won't see many, if any, players who like and perform well with both sticks.
  9. Ah, my bad, I did read that and still made the mistake. So, 19° only.... Bump the head weight, go heavier shaft, and butt cut short?
  10. Get the 21°. And have the length of club adjusted 1/2" or 3/4" long.
  11. @GolfWRX_Spotted which loft head is that photographed? 17, 19, or 21?
  12. Im aware. Bonded can be bent for lie and face angle.
  13. Between the 3 offerings: blade, split blade, and cavity, I would definitely say the split blade is the best looking and most intriguing to me. Beauties, @LionGolfer I would need to take some chrome off too. Bit tonight much. Only knock.
  14. ......I'll be damned .....that is the second time I shat myself today while viewing this site! I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing!
  15. First time in a long time I've been day dreaming about a golf club allllllllllllllll day! 17° Head, going to play it at either 42 1/2" or 41 3/4", obviously start with the longer first. Installing a Ventus Velocore Red 9X. Dial in the face angle and lie, and should be bombs away! ...... I hope!
  16. Ahhh, that's where the confusion was. Ok. Makes sense now. Sorry. Thank YOU!
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