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  1. I am also not in the financial state to buy one state from them either. I got my TL from one of the game pages on FB. I do not walk. I work at a golf course so i get a cart for free but i did recently got a push cart to start walking a little bit more
  2. I like the T Lamb. I have used that the most. Very solid and i like the feel off the putter. I just put the spider x in the bag
  3. Added a Taylormade Ghost Daytona 12 tour putter to my putter collection today
  4. 3 wood has a UST Pro Force V2 stiff flex Hybrid has a mitsubishi tensi white stiff flex
  5. Here are the shafts in my woods Drive has a mitsubishi tensi blue stiff flex
  6. Here are some more putters. Tyson Lamb Bridgeport, Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 and a My Spider X
  7. Here is my whats in the bag for 2020 Driver- Taylormade SIM Max Driver 10.5 3 wood- Taylormade M6 Hybrid- Taylormade SIM Max Irons- Taylormade P790 4-PW Wedges- 52 and 56 milled grind and 60 high toe Putter- Taylormade Daytona Prototype I switch putter between taylormade, Tyson Lamb and Scotty Cameron
  8. This Tyson Lamb Bridgeport is my current gamer
  9. just added this putter to my collection
  10. Can’t wait to add some TM tour putter to my collection
  11. Wow this thread has done awesome putters in it
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