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  1. I'm planning on doing a comparison here in the next few days between all the PING irons. Will post SkyTrak screenshot of averages and answer any questions. I'll start a new thread for it in the equipment forum.
  2. For sure. I'm probably going to go G425 LST 10.5 with a Hulk 6.5 hopefully. Still need to see our rep and check the upcharge shaft availability
  3. Rogue 130 MSI Tensei AV Orange Updated Alta Updated Tour
  4. I'm not sure. Haven't seen our rep yet to get the full details. Hopefully soon though. Wouldn't imagine a ton of difference considering the driver and hybrid lofts haven't moved at all.
  5. G425 Drivers: 9* LST, 10* LST, 9* MAX, 10.5* MAX, 12* MAX, 10.5 SFT G425 Fairways: 3 LST, 3 MAX, 5 MAX, 7 MAX, 9 MAX, 3 SFT, 5 SFT, 7 SFT G425 Hybrids: 17*, 19*, 22*, 26*, 30*, 34* G425 Crossovers: 2, 3, 4 Also some really solid stock shaft options from what I've seen.
  6. I hope it’s more like the original HZRDUS black and not the smoke black. Can’t wait to hear more.
  7. +3.9 index Blueprint 3-W -- KBS Tour S+ w/ cushin insert
  8. Iron 1: Blueprint Iron 2: iBlade Iron 3: i210 Iron 4: i500 Iron 5: G410 Iron 6: G710
  9. I can post the dispersion circles later this evening. Testing indoors it is a bit harder to hit it "straight" so the left to right might be off but the front to back numbers should be good.
  10. It's actually a different torx bit, smaller than the one for the woods. Trust me I tried...
  11. I'm gaming the Blueprints but have my iBlades still in the backup bag. I may go through and do a club-for-club test this coming week. Weather gonna be awful Wednesday so I'll have time...
  12. G710s feel better and sound better than the G700s by MILES. Definitely not soft by any means but not the hard/harsh feel and sound from the G700s. As for the "loft jacking" camp yeah, the lofts are stronger as the heads get more game improvement. I'm not the guy the G710s are aimed at but if jacking the loft while keeping the spin decent and the descent angle helps someone with lower swing speed or inconsistent strike who really cares what the loft is?
  13. iBlade and i210 pretty similar and noticeably harder than Blueprint. Certainly not hard but the Blueprint take the cake in terms of feel. Also I noticed they were noticeably thinner than even the iBlade at address.
  14. I did some testing of all the current PING irons this past week. All 7 irons at standard lofts, KBS Tour S, same length, same Bridgestone Tour B XS balls, same SkyTrak setting tested indoors on a premium mat. Hit 5 balls with each iron, switched to the next head, rotated through 3 cycles (15 shots with each setup). Interesting to see that the height and descent angles didn't change all that much as the lofts and ball speeds got stronger. Might do the current Titleist lineup next to see how they stack up against each other and the PING range. Open to criticism and questions from the peanut ga
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