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  1. Maybe post a picture of the entire shaft laid out against the ruler.
  2. It's not about ground effects of the sole (except maybe in extreme misfits) but about getting the face level with the ground. The grooves are a pretty good reference for the face alignment. Some irons have a rounded shape. Not sure how you would align the face without using the grooves in that case.
  3. I've always been bothered by using the amount of tilt of the marks on the label to guess at the amount of bending required to get vertical marks and the correct lie angle. It's pretty simple when considering a loft of zero. The marks directly reflect the lie angle. It would stand to reason that with a lofted club, the line would be elongated and show a reduced angle if the ball rolled up the face. I'm not sure that's the case. There are high speed images of iron shots that show the ball deforming against the face like a spring and rebounding with spin. I'm not sure how that woul
  4. I kind of like the tee marks on the driver face. Shows how well you're striking it for the round. I do start with a clean face on the first tee. Provides instant feedback when one goes a little squirrely.
  5. Well there is that. I can't figure how he thought that would be a positive for him.
  6. I like watching Brooks play, but someone needs to teach him some cliche talking points. It's his comments when he's not playing that hurts him.
  7. I think Brooks' image problems more about the designer tennis shoes and the fashionista attitude. Maybe it's the fashion model attitude.
  8. This sounds like the definition of bias.
  9. New players must not have a mentor who knows the ropes, like Crash, to help them with their cliches. X could have used a bit of media training before launching out on twitter.
  10. The only thing yesterday's incident showed is that the lack of spectators and spotters of dubious talent leads to a lack of information for the players. The spotter said that ball didn't bounce and everyone involved went with that. He must not have seen the ball at all but said he did. Strange thing to try to hang someone over.
  11. Patrick is a rock. All this shade on his victory shows how much stronger he is than the other competitors. By a mile.
  12. I think it's all a plot to crater the golf channel and put all golf content behind a pay wall.
  13. cxx

    Feherty is toast.

    The Golf Channel had the production quality of a public access station, aka wayne's world, in the early days. I couldn't figure how Kessler ever got a chance to sleep. He was on all the time, from the crack of dawn to midnight. It had much more of a home grown feel back then. Feherty was a great addition, especially early in the show's run. He still had a view into the tour from his playing days and did great interviews.
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