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  1. Price drop! $280 shipped for the irons & $110 shipped for driver!
  2. nobody looking for ping i5/g5 set?? i'm listing it for less than ebay! $300 shipped!
  3. ping g5/i5 combo iron 5-pw. Ping g5 10.5 driverSome of my equipment up for sale. 1) Ping g5 & i5 combo irons. 5-pw. 5-7 G5 & 8-pw i5. black dot. Ping TT stiff shaft w/ Cushin inserts. brand new winn xi7 midsize grips. all matching serial #'s. $280 shipped. 2) Ping g5 driver 10.5 deg loft. Graffalloy prolaunch blue 65s shaft. there are no scratches on top, just on the sole. headcover included. $110 shipped
  4. What's with all the negative comments on ping drivers? Have any of you even hit the g10 driver yet? if your answer is no then please save it for when you've actually hit it. What's with people today? fanboy's of golf manufacturers? wtf? i feel like i'm 12 again when i used to root for nintendo over sega. I surely hope you're not grown men because i'm only 22 and even I feel this is so immature and childish.
  5. Cleaning out the clutterHave a few items up for grabs in an attempt to clear some space in my closet. Everything will be shipped UPS. Paypal w/ confirmed address preferred. thanks! Nike Ignite t60 5 wood, Regular Fujikura Shaft. Used about 3x at practice range. Practically new. No scuff marks on face or top. $70 shipped. Taylor Made Tour Satin 56 Degree Wedge, 12 deg bounce. Tour Preferred TT wedge flex. Couple of scrapes on the sole and couple of scratches on the face but does not affect impact area. I believe most these marks can be buffed since some of the marks are from the plastic
  6. Hi, I'm new on this board. I started playing golf about a month and a half ago and have been shooting 100-105 through 18. My friend who has been playing for quite awhile thinks that I have a pretty natural swing and is surprised by my quick progress. At this point I'd really like to start taking a few lessons to help me with my pre-shot routine and how to better attack the course and I was wondering if Golftec lessons are any good? I'm a little skeptic since they are indoors and you hit into a white screen as opposed to lessons at driving range where you can get a real good feel of your sho
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