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  1. [quote name='FairwayFred' timestamp='1375587190' post='7600104'] The Scratch Store will open Monday August 12th! Look for more info in the next week. [/quote] Ari: Will DW still be in TN?
  2. [quote name='ChristianMc' timestamp='1312715585' post='3458659'] Hello all, Could you help me with this quick question? Did Jack ever use the VIP model (see pic below) that he apparently developed with David Graham in 1976? The details of the model can be found in the 1977 Kaplan entry and 1978 (with the 'Response' shaft). I read occasionally that Jack used the classic '67 VIP from that year to around 1975. Then in 1980 he used the prototype of the Murifield and then the Muirfields proper after that. Does this mean he was using the VIPs I refer to in 1977, 78 and 79 (not his most productive
  3. How do the TT DG PRO shafts compare to the Monaco Shafts and to the Tour Concept shafts? Will there be a SL version in the future? What will be street price for a set? It is my understanding that the shafts will be available from PC's first and others like GolfWorks starting October. Is that correct? With a set length make up of 36.5 to 41", does that mean there is a dedicated shaft for each club 1 iron through PW?
  4. [quote name='easyyy' timestamp='1372478379' post='7346194'] Ok here we go. One winner randomly drawn in 2 weeks. Only reply once to this thread. To enter reply to this thread in a [u]short[/u] (1 to 3 phrases max) testimonial about your favorite golf website "GolfWRX.com"... [color=#B22222][size=6]How has GolfWRX made the game of golf better for you?[/size][/color] Here are pics of the actual head you can possibly win. In a few weeks we will randomize the posts and draw a winner. If we have to heli-drop this thing to a small village in Nepal we will. GolfWRX will pay for shipping. We
  5. My favorite memory of the Master's is Nicklaus' final round and win in 1986. Please enter me in to the contest for the 2013 Callaway Masters bag. Thanks!
  6. Please count me in. Taylormade is at the lead for the greatest and newest equipment manufacturer. It is amazing how TM keeps bringing out amazing product without fail. I want to be part of this wonderful and great opportunity and experience. TM is truly #1.
  7. [size="2"][color="black"]Hi TM!:[/color][/size] [size="2"][color="black"]I think you have a major hit here on your hands with the new RocketBladez and RocketBladez Tour irons.[/color][/size] [size="2"][color="black"]On your web site, [url="http://www.taylormadegolf.com/"]www.taylormadegolf.com[/url], you highlight the Speed Pocket in this new line of irons and shows the benefits of this new design. The Speed Pocket improves distance, distance-feel, and control. Faster ball speed and a higher stronger ball flight resulting in a steep quick-stopping descent angle are promoted. I noticed tha
  8. I used to love Mizuno irons. I do not like the more modern designs and modern lofts. I am pretty much Scratch Golf irons now.
  9. [quote name='Scratchtastic' timestamp='1337197927' post='4926530'] Some works in progress close to completion...... [attachment=1166728:DSC_0151.jpg] [attachment=1166734:DSC_0160.jpg] [attachment=1166726:DSC_0154.jpg] [/quote] I think the first set was mine and I am extremely pleased.
  10. Please explain to me how the dynamic loft is not changed on the Razr Fit when face angle is changed. It is my understanding that there are three face angle settings: l. neutral = 0 degrees, 2. open = 2.5 degrees? and 3. closed = 1.5 degrees?. Also, from your website, it states: "OptiFit Tour Hosel offers a higher level of adjustability with three sub-positions within the Square, Open, and Closed face angles totaling nine unique face angles to choose from." How are there nine different face angles? Thanks.
  11. [quote name='ajgoodal.704' timestamp='1328387755' post='4213403'] Hey all. I've been a member on WRX for a few years now and have really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and perspectives on equipment and club-making. So, I decided that when my Titleist AP2 710s got re-shafted recently with Nippon Modus 3s I would contribute to this excellent body of golf knowledge with my first full review. I've been toying with the idea of putting Modus 3s in my clubs for awhile, but because there is not much information out there on them, I was a little hesitant. Anyways, I found an excellent deal on
  12. How would all of you 681'ers describe the ball flight of these irons?
  13. What is he playing/endorsing?I know Fuzzy Zoeller is no longer with Powerbilt as near year end 2011 for golf clubs. I no longer see him listed with Srixon for golf balls. Does anyone know what he is playing and/or endorsing these days?
  14. [quote name='Noonan' timestamp='1333991470' post='4685506'] [quote name='wolfpack' timestamp='1333909143' post='4677776'] On a personal note, i hope they fold for squashing the Hogan brand. I wish that Roger would design a line of forged irons and wedges under the Hogan moniker for the better player. The new copper wedges are awesome. [/quote] Callaway no longer owns the Hogan brand or name. They sold it to Perry Ellis this February. See: http://markets.on.nytimes.com/research/stocks/news/press_release.asp?docTag=201202160835BIZWIRE_USPRX____BW5816&feedID=600&press_symb
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