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  1. I’ve owned a coupe of sets and have played some set of CG16s since they were new. Great irons, but my 1yr old doesn’t give me as much time to play and I have found one length to work for me because of limited playing time. $250 CONUS (OBO) Satin Cleveland CG16 3i - PW Regular flex shafts Standard L/L/L 3i and 4i have original grips 5i-PW have GP CP2 Wraps Standard
  2. I’m kind of special. I was created during a short phase of time between the Teryllium and the Teryllium Two (most experts estimate this was one to two weeks of production). My nicknames have been Teryllium 1.5 and Teryllium X. My two owners have had me in solitary confinement for the majority of my existence and through a lot of research have found I may be the only Del Mar Two 1.5/X. - 34.5” length - Salty Grip (mid sized) - Original headcover not included (will include a random headcover for shipping) - “F” on hosel: original owner had a finish update when new in
  3. LOL>...that was suppose to be BIL...brother in law...doing to many things at once today
  4. I know this has been posted like a thousand times, so I'm sorry, but I haven't purchased used clubs in a long time. He is just going to buy standard equipment (he is 5'10"). He needs everything and I know I can get wedges and putter super cheap at my local Play It Again. I think I found him a bag, maybe. Woods: Driver and 4 or 5 wood Hybrid: ??? is it even needed Irons: ?????? (need game improvement within the last 10 years Wedges: ?????? (if I don't buy locally) Putter:??? (just needs any putter)
  5. Leaving Thursday. I noticed that Dick's is having a ball sale today on everything, so I may give the XV a shot.
  6. I've ran out and can't wait for used ones to ship before I leave town this week. Suggestions? Z Star or TP5?
  7. I love no show socks, but these are my playing golf socks. They do help keep out sand (not like ever see sand: :russian_roulette: )
  8. Love the Grindworks wedges. Did you get the blanks and have them ground to your spec? The 86 Series comes in A-F grind options. After some extensive research, I knew the A grind would be perfect for my full shot 50* and C grind in the 56* could be opened up while being used for full shots. Ordered from Fairway Golf USA as heads only and picked my shafts/grips/length. Check this link out... https://www.fairwaygolfusa.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=1212&products_id=140446
  9. Bag is ‘probably’ set for the year. Only change might be swapping out 4h for 4i. Had my first round with this setup today and was very happy. Good luck in 2019 guys and girls! Bag- Ogio Ozone (older model) Balls- TM TP5 Taylormade M1 10.5 (Atmos Red 5R) Cobra F9 3/4 (Atmos TS Blue 7R) Cobra F9 5/6 (Atmos TS Blue 7R) Cobra AMP Cell 4h or CG16 4i Cleveland CG16 5-PW (Traction 85s,actually 96g) Grindworks 50* and 56* Sunset Beach 60* Taylormade Chaska (33.5”)
  10. The Golf Pride CP2 standard with double tape has been perfect for me...you could also try the CP2 mid
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