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  1. Thanks! I'll check it out. Hadn't been on my radar so much appreciated.
  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions. Broad Run hadn't been on my radar but I'll definitely check it out. Sounds like JVille is probably out.
  3. Yeah, we usually try to stay centrally within the city (close to bars/restaurants) and head out each day. We could travel up to an hour on Saturday, but try to keep Sunday closer because of the earlier tee time and the pressure to make flights.
  4. Our 14th annual Ryder Cup style gathering is going to be in Philly this September. We have a few players who only play a few times a year, so in terms of course selection, we like to try and keep forced carries to a minimum and generally prefer more open layouts that help us keep the pace of play up. We like to try and play a nicer course on Saturday afternoon (especially if they have a PM discount) and then need an early AM tee time at a course close to the airport to make sure folks get back home. In doing some initial research on here and elsewhere it looks like some combination of Glen
  5. Here's where we are: Friday - We Ko Pa Saguaro Saturday - Southern Dunes Sunday - Longbow Any photo galleries or course review sites you'd recommend for preparation purposes?
  6. Thanks all, appreciate the insight. I think Wekopa Saguaro is probably out of our price range, but some of us may try to play there on arrival on Friday. We're locked for Southern Dunes on Saturday and looking forward to it. After looking at pricing it seems like TPC Champions, Camelback Padre, Talking Stick North, Raven, and Longbow might be our best options for Sunday AM.
  7. Bringing our annual Ryder Cup style match play event to Scottsdale this year for its 13th incarnation April 27-29. I've done a lot of digging on the existing threads (which are awesome), but am hoping for a bit more info to help us make our final call on courses. There are 8 of us, staying in/near Old Town. Unlike many, we're not looking for the "best" courses in the area, but the best for 13-18 handicappers who aren't long off the tee (We try to limit forced carries and elevated greens). Ideally trying to keep the total for both rounds <$200 but could go a little higher for the perfect f
  8. Thanks for weighing in, much appreciated. Any thoughts on Timberlin's width/accessibility off the tee?
  9. Handicap: 14 Current Ball: Callaway SuperSoft, Titleist Velocity, Top Flite Gamer How will Q-STAR TOUR help your game: I like the feel of lower compression balls off the tee and with my irons, but long for more greenside control. I've been intrigued by the Q-Star since the initial announcement (urethane cover + soft compression + lower price point = you have my interest), and have been looking to give it a try. Do you agree to post a review and answer questions from the GolfWRX community: Absolutely. I love the passion behind the reviews and would love to contribute.
  10. Thanks so much for great photos and insight, much appreciated.
  11. Great suggestions, thanks so much. After some initial internet research (including these threads) I was looking closely at Timberlin for Saturday and Keney Park or Wintonbury Hills for Sunday AM on our way back up to BDL, but wasn't sure about the course difficulty/fairway width/blind shots/etc. Rockledge and Grassy Hill weren't on my radar so will have to check them out. Thanks!
  12. Planning our 12th annual Ryder Cup style buddies trip and for a variety of non-golf reasons are looking at Central CT. About Us: 8 mid-30's guys split into two teams, each with 2 pairings, playing a match play scramble. We play 18 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday, with a night of food and drink in between. Most of the players are in the 14-18 hcp range, one only plays a few times a year. What we're looking for: 2 courses within a 30 minute drive of Middletown, West Hartford, or New Haven that are fairly wide open off the tee with minimal blind shots or forced carries. We usually try to find t
  13. Curious if Black Creek or Council Fire are at all open to public play and if so what's the best route. Going to be in the area next week with the in-laws and would love to sneak away for a round.
  14. Hey guys, hope you can help me out. I'm doing an annual Ryder Cup style buddies outing in Frederick this year and I'm trying to narrow down the course options (so many to choose from). There are a few guys who don't play that often, so we usually try to keep the courses fairly open and avoid too many forced carries. Thinking Clustered Spires early AM on Sunday, but need a late morning/early afternoon option for Saturday. Among MD National, Worthington Manor, Musket Ridge, and Whiskey Creek any that sound particularly fitting? Any that I'm missing? I've played Worthington and Whiskey before, bu
  15. theD1

    Chambers Bay

    [quote name='blink3665' timestamp='1388088655' post='8351073'] Interesting. So far two people have posted that they have never had quick round. We are planning on being the second people out @ 8:11 (group in front of us are regulars and play quickly, or so we were told). We told them we wanted to play 36 and they set the second tee time for 12:55. Now I'm starting to wonder if we will make it! If it is a twosome, I know that my buddy and I play quickly. I'm not really concerned about the course condition. I'm used to playing the local munis. I'm sure that whatever they provide at CB
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