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  1. Better to be a member than the golf professional at the club.
  2. Nobody knows your characteristics or numbers. You’re going to get numerous anecdotal recommendations, one of which might fit you.
  3. Not the arrow. Even the most staunch SST advocate wouldn’t say the effect of PUREing a shaft is that important to make contact impossible.
  4. Nobody outside the small subset of GolfWRX cares or would even know what to do with a pull out. OEM’s are beholden to shareholders and boards. If it’s not a revenue source, it won’t happen.
  5. You know all boutique club fitters can place stock orders with the OEM’s right? The custom build price tags are the ones that freak people out.
  6. Tiger’s clubs are not “short.” His readily available spec sheet from Nike (google Tiger Woods spec sheet) show that his “6” iron at the time was actually 37 5/16”, which would be more or less the 37.25” “standard” of Japanese clubs he grew up with. However, diving even deeper, given how weak his lofts are (32.5* “6” iron), it could actually be argued that his actual specs are over length. Similarly to Vijay Singh, who notoriously played a 4-PW setup that was 3-9 heads bent very weak.
  7. Flex is not the be all end all, and not all flexes are created equal. Do you know what the stiff shaft you struggled with before was? Not sure the issue with those numbers. Lower launch, lower spin. Apex height is roughly a push if you discount the 84' high one on a softer swing. Side to side is 24' vs 53' if you discount the one left of the line on yours. Front to back is 4 yards versus 10 yards. Rock and roll, plus I'm pretty sure their guarantee would make the flex concern a non issue if they don't perform. Why don't you contact your fitter and ask to try again if you're in doubt?
  8. > @Myherobobhope said: > > @swgolf12 said: > > Did you get a chance to hit a TS1? The New Titleist coming out should help increase spin, which it seems like you need. > > I think the ts1 might be the ticket... I’m shocked they couldn’t get you into something comparable, though... > > Sounds like an impact problem if your smash was at 1.42... did they charge you for a fitting? If so, I’d go back and get a better fitter... or at least a more honest one. > How is a fitter dishonest for admitting they can't better a client's existing driver? It's a conta
  9. I’m glad you mentioned them! I actually was reading some stuff about them last night! They are on my short list. Also I was looking at Club Champion in Orlando as well...however a “franchise” club fitter like Club Champion and GolfTEC make me question expertise. I could be wrong though. Club Champion isn’t franchised. Some GolfTEC’s are, but hard to decipher which ones.
  10. If you hit them and saw the data against your gamers, what is there to doubt? Most clubfitters aren’t going to do things arbitrarily if they know what they are doing. Leave it to the guy or gal who does it for a living versus people you’ve never met behind a keyboard.
  11. They are listed as an authorized retailer on every vendor’s website.
  12. The stock Atmos Orange is nowhere close to a Speeder TR.
  13. You’re dramatically overvaluing stock shafts. The vendors are holding them to MAP pricing, regardless of how the club is “rung up” on the OEM side. A retailer of their scale is on head only programs, without a doubt. The labor cost alone of pulling countless shafts, plus the time to either dispose of them or sell them to recoup any cost (which would be negligible returns, likely a loss) would be prohibitive. Additionally, in your example the actual retail price of the driver would be $750. You paid $150 for someone’s time. No different than parts and service on a car. One transaction, but two
  14. Those numbers don’t make much sense. I doubt you suddenly gained 10 MPH of clubhead speed, let alone achieved 19* launch angle with 1500 RPM. Something was off on the data.
  15. Those are two distinctly different shafts. Tour is heavier and different profile. Not to mention Tour V’s are stock in a ton of OEM’s.
  16. Iron shafts do not “flip upward” nor have “slop” as some other poster mentioned. Go watch high speed video of an iron hitting a golf ball, the head torques downward upon contact. Tipping a shaft simply makes a shaft stiffer, by increasing overall rigidity. Tipping by itself does not lower ball flight, and in some cases, could unintentionally raise ball flight if a player senses the shaft being stiffer and did something such as flip through impact because of it.
  17. Mid 40* land angle at 96 ball speed? Please at least try to give relevant advice.
  18. Started by Victor Afable, previously of Oban. Great shafts
  19. No clue what CC pays for "head only". It also doesn't really matter. That's their business. We're using GG as the bogeyman here, but the reality is that they're going up against MAP pricing. Let's also not pretend that "pulling a shaft" is more than the tiniest labor cost at all. It's turning a screw a few revolutions. It would not bother me if they added the cost of a new adaptor to the aftermarket shaft price (and gave me the "pulled" shaft). How many of their clients do you think want a pulled stock shaft? 5% 10%? GolfWRX members represent the far end of the bell curve, but are so ant
  20. Summ1t - between insurance, rent, vendors, and paying yourself a salary...I’d imagine you’re clearing 20-30 points for your margin on the fees for your services. Your take home on the margin of a $1,200 set of irons (roughly standard MAP on a premium set of irons) at the same 20-30 points is putting significantly more food on your table.
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