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  1. Shipping USPS priority mail to the Lower 48 states only. Up for sale are right handed, MP-15 heads. Used on and off since 2017. Specs - (can easily be adjusted by any competent club builder for a couple bucks a club) 3 iron (standard lie) 4-PW (1 flat) Decent shape with soft feel if you are looking to build up a set to tinker with. You will need .355 shafts for these heads. Price - $99 shipped.
  2. I'd join the club. Equipment comes and goes, experiences last a life time. I'd only do the Simulator in cold weather climates. I live in WI, so that would be handy for the 6 months we don't play.
  3. Yes. And the texture seems to have changed. I have the original ones and a newer one and to me they feel different. The digi-camo one feel slippery.
  4. Glad I found this thread. Been playing sporadic this year and went to give minimalist a shot after reading the thread. It was hard at first to commit because I felt like I was leaving options on the course "off the table", by not having a full set. What I found was the exact opposite. Instead of trying to be precise, I simply felt a shot and visualized it and tried to execute. I never thought twice about hitting a 6, it was a soft 5 or hard 7. Thanks for this as it was the most fun I had playing all year!
  5. Slow play and public golf go hand in hand. This is why die-hards go off early on weekends so they don't get stuck playing a 5 - 6 hour rounds. It's part of the territory. Public golfers are like country club golfers, they paid their money and think they can do whatever the hell they want.
  6. I thought this was the "Classic Golf and Golfers" thread.
  7. When this happens to me it's the size of the photo. I don't upload photos from my iPhone, I actually do it from my mac book (take phone photos and air drop them to myself) and preview them before I submit a BST. Here I noticed that exceptionally large file sizes would flip them. Resize by % always fixes it for me.
  8. Was watching the golf channel last night and saw a banner come across that said YouTubeTV is dropping its line of NBC channels, which includes the golf channel. I was wanting to get rid of YouTubeTV because the price has continually gone up to the point that it is starting to mildly annoy me. It started at $40, then went to $50, now it's $65. I hate jumping to get a deal, but now I'm going to be forced to. I've had Sling in the past (Orange + Sports), but to get the golf channel with them you have to do Orange, Blue + sports. That's $61 so not too bad, but you don't get locals. So I'd have to go back to a HD antenna and watch live golf on the weekends on NBC and CBS. Awful. We've had DirectTV and Uverse in the past and I looked and it's around $90 for packages that include the golf channel. I could get Peacock for $10 a month with no ads. Hulu didn't seem like a good deal, I think it was more than YouTubeTV. So how is everyone else watching the golf channel?
  9. What is special about his Ping i210's? Ping doesn't have "Tour Issue" equipment, they just build to specs and customize in their WRX department as far as I was aware.
  10. For me, toe hits come from coming over the top. Since you are coming in steep, you have to try to shallow out the path and that involves raising up and early extension.
  11. I came across this as well when looking in the European Players WITB for the Ryder Cup. It was the first thing that caught my eye because it was a huge deal when he bagged i59's. He's back to the i210's. https://www.golfwrx.com/661263/ryder-cup-witbs-european-team/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Center_Sub&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=sub
  12. Yes I've been there. When I was a single playing the county courses in Milwaukee, I would have rather just stayed home and not played. When I got my wife into the game and we got to the point we could take golf trips (Scottsdale AZ, Naples FL), getting paired is just part of the deal. I don't like it, but it's a necessary evil. Some of the guys have been ok, some not so much. Talking about strip clubs in AZ with your wife there isn't the best conversation piece.... F'n morons.... Guys would roll their eyes when we shook hands on 1 because they were getting paired with a woman and then when she pounded it by them, we were all good. Guys can be d-bags. Hell, I've had ladies we were paired with said guys would go into the shop and ask to be re-grouped when they find out they are playing with them. These ladies were single digit caps..... But yes I get what you are saying, I've been there. Now we belong to a club and we don't get paired, which is nice. I enjoy playing with the Mrs. and would prefer to not have the "small talk" bs.
  13. I'm a firm believer that how they look to you at address and how they feel when you hit them makes a difference in your results. I'd ask you what looks good to your eye and then go from there.
  14. This is the truth. 1 Brat, 1 hotdog and 2 Pepsi's was $37 Michelob Ultras were $12 a pop
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