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  1. thanks everyone for your feedback and answers in this thread. I love the look of the rose proto but just couldn’t get along with it. Having the wrong grip got me off to a bad start. It’s a beauty of a club but I am going to be going with a set of 2018 Apex MBs whenever I pull the trigger. Sticking with my MP-68s for now. if anyone wants to give the 4 iron a whirl I will send it for a low price. Just message me
  2. Well I finally got the 4 iron in and it’s a bit of a mixed review. I like it some but also hit some not great shots with it and those didn’t like the feel lol. I am wondering if the grip might be throwing me off. I usually play with CP2 standard with 2 wraps up top and 1 at the bottom, but this has a midsize CP2 Pro which is quite a bit bigger. For both hands especially the lower hand. I am going to get it regripped and see how it compares then
  3. We got 12 inches of snow in Fort Collins over the weekend! It’s melted quickly but they still haven’t opened our course
  4. welcome to the club! What MP set did you go with? also you can into the club on the 5-year anniversary of the thread, that’s reason to celebrate!
  5. well done indeed! I am waiting for the Rose proto club I ordered to compare that against the callaway MB. I love the look of the rose and would prefer that, but the Apex MB would be great too.
  6. good point! I’m really looking forward to getting my demo iron in. The bummer is that it was supposed to be delivered yesterday and it never arrived, now we have 6 inches of snow hitting Fort Collins! haha, a true testament to how good the irons are Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I get along better with them if I pull the trigger on a set
  7. This thread is costing me money just reading it! So many awesome posts everyone, love it
  8. So I just got the Apex 7-iron in and I will say, I think I prefer the Apex MB as well. You really described it well, very solid but soft feel. Might not be a fair comparison though, the MP68s have dynamic gold s300 and the Apex have Tour modus 120
  9. I don’t know why I never tried the Apex Mb, looking forward to getting the demo iron in. In your opinion, the MP 68 feels better or the Apex?
  10. thank you for the response, I have a 4 iron rose proto on the way, 4 iron MP 4, MP67 and MP 18 and an Apex MB 6 iron all on the way. Looking forward to some good testing . Most are with the modus 120 shaft that is very helpful, thank you! the Apex MB reminds me of the MP68 which is my all time favorite set, so that’s a huge plus as well. Any thoughts on the comparison between the two it’s interesting I played the MP69 for a very short time, but I think I remover liking the 68 better. I might get another set with how cheap they are. Can never have too
  11. haha, that’s kind of what I am thinking :). I have a 4 iron that’s coming soon, so I will be able to see how it performs on the course Thanks for the feedback, looking forward to giving it a whirl. What clubs do you usually play? How dare you, it’s always the arrow and never the Indian, this is golfwrx sir! cool, thank you much appreciated!
  12. thanks for the reply, yeah I was shocked that the sentiment was more negative in this thread, because I had read generic positives, but good to hear from actual users
  13. Thanks for the replies, I will definitely see if I can find somewhere to hit them. The prices make more sense with Rose leaving Honma, I totally forgot about that!
  14. Been a while, great to see the thread going strong. I am thinking about getting either the Callaway Apex MB 2018 or the Rose Proto Honma Irons. Possibly looking at Mizuno MP 20 as well. Thoughts or experiences from others?
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