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  1. Confirmed with TT, they do make the s300 TI but aren’t for sale. I asked 3 times where I could buy some.. no dice.
  2. I thought so too, just can’t remember where I bought them.. maybe on here.
  3. Wonder how they got the labels on there?
  4. So I bought a set a while back and I can remember from where.. I took the grip off and it says DGSSL300.. does this mean I just have a set of super lights with the tour issue emblem on them? I weighed several of them and they weigh 120 and 122. Any info is appreciated
  5. Just did my fitting. If you’re thinking about it , do it. Totally worth it. I got to do wedges same day too because a guy canceled.. I would recommend doing both. It’s like Disney world for gear heads.
  6. mattjud

    M5 vs SIM?

    I had the M5 and really like it. Hit it high and straight. Have G410 now but remembering how I hit the M5.. is the SIM a lot better than the M5? Reasons?
  7. I got it fixed.. but think I ruined my oban ct115 shaft banging the butt trying to get it to stick.. the iron shaft came up thru the grip... oh well/
  8. My 7 iron came off and I’m trying to epoxy it back but won’t go all the way down.. any suggestions? Guess air gets in between?/ thanks
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