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  1. mattjud

    M5 vs SIM?

    I had the M5 and really like it. Hit it high and straight. Have G410 now but remembering how I hit the M5.. is the SIM a lot better than the M5? Reasons?
  2. I got it fixed.. but think I ruined my oban ct115 shaft banging the butt trying to get it to stick.. the iron shaft came up thru the grip... oh well/
  3. My 7 iron came off and I’m trying to epoxy it back but won’t go all the way down.. any suggestions? Guess air gets in between?/ thanks
  4. Look up roaring fork club I’m aspen Colorado. You will love the logo
  5. Brand new camo bag and I can’t put my clubs in it because the dividers are twisted. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. I’ve hated the Titleist driver going back to 907. They’ve been terrible to me. Can’t wait to get it out on the course.
  7. I got fit for the G410 too.. I’m a little concerned about the sound and feel. Inside it feels sorta tingy
  8. I’m a ping guy.. but I tried a TS3 off the used rack at PGASS today with ATMOS blue 6s today and was getting about 3 mph more ball speed than my G410 with diamana Df. 6s. Anyone else seeing the ts3 increase in ball speed? I bought it of course...
  9. I want to switch out dgs 105 s to modus 105 stiff. The modus don’t have tip weights in them. If I pull the dgs and install the modus, will I have any issues with them going in with no tip weights or really anything in tip.?/ thanks in advance in p790’s btw
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