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  1. Has anyone on here seen a big difference in performance in regards to bounce angles on irons? I've always liked Mizuno irons and I think one big reason is because I don't take big divots. I'm currently looking to buy a set of Callaway X Forged Irons and I found out that they have pretty high bounce. For comparison, the bounce of the Callawy PW is 10 degrees and the bounce of the MP64 PW is 6 degrees. Will these higher bounce angles have an effect on the playability of the irons? Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. Has anyone hit these shafts and is able to give a good comparison? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for all the great responses. I expected a lot of Cobra irons but its been great hearing about the others. It certainly opened my eyes to a lot of irons. Keep 'em coming!
  4. Tell me your pick for most under-rated or overlooked irons. I guess irons that really perform for you but seem to be over looked by everyone. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the info, I wondered if I was the only one to run into this. When I tested the Apex, they had the stock shafts, which are much lighter weight and higher launching and never even thought about spin until I got the Apex with C Tapers.
  6. Has anyone ever run into this when getting fitted or trying different shafts? I had a set of Apex iron last year with my favorite shaft, c taper stiff, and they just didn't perform like my old AP2's with the same shaft and I think it was the lack of spin from the Apex irons.
  7. I guess I'm in the minority here. I hit both and the Epic SZ was better in every way (for me). Feel and distance both. Of course, this was not outside, it was at my local Golf Galaxy. I really wanted to like the F7+, appearance wise its better, but the numbers just weren't there. The SZ had the HZRDUS shaft, both 10.5 stiff flex.
  8. Yes, I've read the threads but they are all discussions of what people are expecting from these irons. I'd like to hear from people who have actually hit these irons.
  9. Besides pros, has anyone on here hit them? Possibly at the PGA show? And if so, what do you think?
  10. To anyone who's hit the Epic and Sub Zero, any ideas about club head speed and the Sub Zero? I'd like to know some opinions from those who have hit it before I try them. I mean, is there a minimum club head speed needed to get the most out of the Sub Zero?
  11. Srixon 765 irons, very pleased so far but it is winter
  12. Seriously, nobody knows what he plays? Titleist I think, but specifics?
  13. I hit them along with the driver. Very nice but, at least in my opinion, almost exactly like the AP2's
  14. Anybody know what clubs he plays? I need to know so I can shoot 59...on the front
  15. Anybody know what clubs John Daly is playing today? I know he's playing the vertical groove driver (?) but what about his irons?
  16. I probably missed it somewhere but is there a suggested club head speed for the Epic SZ? Mine is barely 100 but I'm always fighting a high spin rate. Very interested to hear your opinions on the drivers.
  17. Yes, I too play the M2. I found it to be pretty good until I put a Miyazaki in it, then it became the best driver for me.
  18. Really? I thought I read nothing but great reviews about the M2 last year.
  19. Ok, calling all you clairvoyants or people in the know What will be the best driver for 2017? I mean when we read reviews from Golfwrx, GolfDigest Hotlist, Golf Magazine, etc., what driver will get the highest marks?
  20. Richard, thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot from someone like yourself and your great posts and your experience playing this great game. I, too, love the Field Club, more than FC and more than Oakmont, even. The article about my course is quite a few years old, but right now my course in excellent shape considering its March. Its public golf, I'm never going to hold any big tournaments at my place but I do have 2 high school teams that play their home matches here and I think its a fun track, about 6500 from the back tees. Looking forward to hearing from any and all interested in playing.
  21. Thank you guys. Yes, my course is Buffalo Golf Course in Sarver. My website is www.buffalogolfpa.com. I'd like to extend and invitation to you guys to play my course. I don't know what day would be good but I'll put together some tee times and we can have lunch and a few beers, at a discounted rate I might add. Anyone interested please PM me a day that works for you and hopefully we can set something up and have a great day of golf.
  22. OK, I've been reading this topic and found it to be very interesting since I live about 15 minutes from Oakmont CC. I am the owner of Buffalo Golf Course in Sarver and want to invite all of you to come and play my course during the week of the open. I'd like to have a Golfwrx outing if possible. Does this sound like something you guys would be interested in?
  23. Can someone please post a list of the shafts that have no upcharge for these drivers?
  24. The only reason why the XR would be 15 yards shorter than the XR16 is because the XR wasn't optimized in terms of Fitting. Optimize them both and the differences are so negligible as to make no difference. No technology can improve by 15 yards in a year. Not without the previous model not being optimally fit in the first place. Well, I guess I'll have to disagree with you as I was fitted for all 3 drivers and the XR16 was hands down a better performing driver in every area. It's not like I'm buying 3 of them off the rack and just going out and hacking it around the course. To each their own though, and every driver works differently for every individual. I'm not knocking the M1, the F6, or any other drivers on the market. All I do know is that after seeing everything on the range, on the computers, etc., the true test was passed today on the course. Ended up hitting 11 of 12 fairways where I pulled driver and I absolutely smoked 3 of them much further than I am used to. I sold my GBB to my friend by the 12th hole (no exaggeration) via text (we will see if he actually pays). Regardless, the XR16 with the ADDI shaft is staying in my bag for now. I don't want to come across as obtuse, but the fact still remains that all it really boils down to these days is that, in this case, for you personally, the XR16 just happened to be the Driver that was able to get closest to your optimal numbers. The reason why we see so many posts from people saying this Driver is longer, or that Driver is longer or another Driver is better is purely because that particular Driver they're cooing about, just happens to be the one that gets closest to their optimal numbers, it's not that its better at all. M1, M2, Callaway this that or the other Cobra LTD whatsit, Nike Vapor thingy, Ping G Spot or whatever it is, they're all about finding the one that best gets closest to your optimal numbers, not which one is actually better at all. The XR16 fits you best, and that's great for you, but in reality it's no better than anything else out there. Well said, but the G spot is debatable, at least regarding women.
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