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  1. A lot of positive opinions for the Cobra F6. Is the F6 that much better than the Fly Z+ and what about the F6 compared to the F6+ ? I've demoed the Cobra LTD and was very, very impressed. Very straight and easy to hit and but it seemed long and low spin according to the crappy simulator at Golf Galaxy.
  2. Is it that good? Considering all the benefits of the gravity core and fine tuning weights (I'm referring to the Double Black Diamond driver), why is it that virtually all the Callaway staff players and some non Callaway staff players are playing the XR 16 driver? Is there anyone out there that has compared the two and also how does it compare to the M1? (Which seems hugely popular)
  3. Thanks for the quick responses. What about Miyazaki?
  4. My clubhead speed is about 100 but I typically have spin rates that are a little too high, can't remember the exact numbers. I usually play stiff, have a relatively quick tempo and transition at the top. Plus, I just like lighter weight shafts but I don't want something that is lightweight but geared toward slower swing speeds that need the extra spin. My hcp is 1.
  5. As I get older, the pursuit of clubhead speed is getting more important. I'm looking for a lightweight, low spinning driver shaft. By lightweight, I mean 65 grams or less. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok, I know everyone's different, different angle of attack, different swing path, different release of the hands, blah, blah, blah. If your swingspeed with your driver is close to 100 mph, let's say 90-110 mph, what driver is the longest for you? And, what is is its length? Shaft, flex and loft would be great too.
  7. Cobra Fly Z Pro, very playable
  8. Both are good, Apex Pro feel a little better, make sure you try them in your favorite shaft. I loved the pxi shaft in my Srixon ZTX2 irons and got the same shaft in the Titleist 714 mb and they feel awful IMO. I wish I could have hit them with the pxi shaft before I bought so make sure you hit the shaft you like in each club if possible.
  9. Any idea what she used to win yesterday?
  10. Well, after hitting many drivers, its come down to the Titleist 915 D2 8.5 w/Dimana D+ white 70 and the PING G30 LS 9 w/ PING tour 80 shaft. Both clubs in stiff, both, for me that is, kill the ball and are simple, easy to hit. It seems like some on here don't like the shape or sound of the 915 but for me, this is a great combo. 105 swingspeed BTW
  11. Anyone ever bought something from Rakuten? They advertise pretty low prices on the Srixon z945 irons.
  12. Like everyone before me, I too tried a lot of clubs this winter at Golf Galaxy. I was really set on the Srixon z745 irons until I hit the Cobras. Immediately ordered a set. I hit the Titleist CB 6 iron with the C Taper shaft and it felt pretty good, I played AP2 with pxi 6.0 last year, and thought what the heck, ordered the Cobras with C Taper. I only have one round in with them, but they are really smooth. BTW, the Titleist were really, really nice, but the Cobras felt the best and according to their launch monitor, I not only hit the Cobra more consistent but longer.
  13. MP-4, Callaway Razr X MB, Apex MB, Titleist 712 MB, Titleist 714 MB, TM?
  14. [quote name='Clintness' timestamp='1426467987' post='11150199'] I believe a similar thread came up not too long ago, many blamed the size/feel difference if I remember correctly. [/quote] So the Razr X MB feels better, but is it smaller or bigger?
  15. Why haven't any of the guys on tour switched from the Razr X MB to the Apex MB?
  16. Give me your suggestions for the best blades for this year. They can be new for 2015 or blades you plan on playing this year.
  17. [quote name='naths' timestamp='1425898351' post='11106831'] Srixon Z945s....played with a set last week, unbelievably easy to hit for a blade!!...on a par with forgiveness with the 745s.....was fun to have a round with a set, but as with any blade you have to be a very very good ball striker, i'm sticking with my Z545s though.... [/quote] Are you in Europe? I've been wanting to try these and there's no where in the US that has them.
  18. My vote is for the Cobra Fly Z Pro. Always loved Mizuno but these feel really good and are pretty forgiving.
  19. I like everything I've read about the double black diamond but I think its too much club for me. Haven't hit the G30 LS Tec yet but plan to.
  20. Ok, what driver have you hit or bought that has you excited for 2015. I've hit the G30, the Cobra Fly Z + and Titleist 915 drivers and like them all so far. Haven't hit the R15, BB Alpha 815 or Nike yet, but plan to. Your thoughts, experiences?
  21. Any time I got fitted for Pings, the recommendation was for clubs 1/4 inch short. I opted for a flatter lie and standard length. When I got Titleist irons, I opted for 2 degrees flat and standard length. Titleist standard length is 1/4 longer than Ping. Titleist 5 iron length is 38", Ping 5 iron length is 37 3/4. I'm 5'6" tall. This all made sense to me as I always miss left. Until, I met a friend of a friend of mine and this guy is big, 6'4" and is a professional long drive competitor who made it to the RE Max finals a couple years ago. He's sponsored by Callaway and just got his new clubs. When we started talking about equipment, he told me he plays all his clubs 1" shorter than Callaway standard length. 1" shorter! The obvious idea that popped into my head was that he is more likely to hit the sweet spot with a shorter club and he generates enough club head speed that he doesn't really lose any distance. But, I also thought that if I played clubs 1/4 inch short or 1/2 inch short of Titleist standard, maybe my ball striking would improve and I wouldn't lose distance. Certainly something to think about.
  22. [quote name='DTXgolfer12' timestamp='1423776158' post='10940891'] i'll ask him when i meet him in a few weeks. Playing in his charity tourney down here in dallas at the end of march [/quote] That's cool! The times I've seen him, he seems very appreciative of the fans.
  23. Anybody know what Big John is playing these days?
  24. [quote name='Nessism' timestamp='1423414405' post='10911313'] Just go demo some clubs and shafts. As a 2 handicapper who's sensitive about feel it's impossible for anyone to suggest what clubs you should be playing. You're too good for that kind of nonsense. The only opinion that's worth listening to is your own. [/quote] I wouldn't say I'm too good, I'm mentally weak on the golf course, but thanks for the compliment. Just looking for input from people who have hit any or all. My problem is, I've hit all and like all.
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