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  1. I've hit the C tapers, only into a net, can't remember what irons they were in, it was last year but remember them feeling smooth. And, they are a little lighter than DG, maybe 10 grams?
  2. I'm sick, obsessed, spoiled! I'm thinking about the following irons, so any and all opinions I'd like to hear. Titleist CB-MB combo set, probably 4-7 CB, 8-PW MB Srixon z745 Cobra Fly Z pro Mizuno MP64 I love forged blades, started playing golf with blades and have played my best rounds with them (MP33). Current hcp is 2, and don't want to get into the blade vs player cavity debate. Played all last year with one set, AP2 with pxi 6.0. Like these shafts, but looking for something different. Like the feel of KBS Tour V shafts, but have just hit them into a net in Callaway Apex Pro. Didn't really like the heads, too much like AP2. Looking for that forged feel, minimal offset (my miss is left), thin sole and not too high bounce. Any thoughts from those who have hit/played any of these? I've hit all 4 and they all feel great, all had DG s300, but I've found I like a little bit lighter shaft.
  3. Although I've only hit the Srixons into a net, I have hit the S55's on the course and I must say its a great time to be a golf equipment "ho"! Both feel awesome. Really, how could you go wrong with either of these?
  4. [quote name='goale45' timestamp='1423363947' post='10908981'] [quote name='swaldron' timestamp='1423363174' post='10908901'] Has anyone hit these 2 shafts? I've played the Dynalite Gold XP shaft and wondered how it compares to the KBS Tour V shaft. Thanks. [/quote] hi I in fact tried both shafts today - I found the Tour V a little harsher than the Dynalite as well as a little lower launch I settled on the xp 115 shaft - which felt great could really feel the kick and gained 6 yards compared to my KBS tour stiff soft stepped - hope it helps [/quote] Thanks. I was wondering about distance. I know they are both mid bend points, but was wondering if the KBS Tour V was longer. I'm still thinking about trying them. I found the Dynalites to be a little too high for me but I like the weight.
  5. Has anyone hit these 2 shafts? I've played the Dynalite Gold XP shaft and wondered how it compares to the KBS Tour V shaft. Thanks.
  6. I have a 915 D2 with Rogue silver 60 stiff and it is tons better than my 913 D2 with Diamana D+
  7. Wishful thinking obviously but how about Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy all going into Sunday in contention. That would make for some great TV.
  8. Thanks for all the info. It sure seems like the MP-4 is getting the most accolades. I've always wondered if these manufacturers release new products due a timeline or if new products are released because they are actually better than their predecessors. It sure seems like the MP-4 is an improvement over the MP-69 from the responses. I won't get into the blade vs player cavity debate, but I certainly love blades, grew up playing them and loved the MP-33. Still looking to go back to blades.
  9. What makes the MP-4 better than say the MP-68 or the MP-69?
  10. Title says it all. Looking for opinions on best Mizuno blades introduced after MP-33.
  11. I was lucky enough to qualify for the PA Amateur one year as alternate. One of the best experiences I've ever had. Played lousy, didn't get a chance to play a practice round unfortunately, found out the night before the first round and started driving the 5 hours to the tournament site. It is amazing how good some guys are though. Played with a guy, who's now a pretty good friend of mine, who won the PA amateur before, he also didn't play a practice round, never played the course before and shot 69 WITH a triple bogey. Sometimes when I get in a groove and start playing well for a few rounds in a row, I think back to that tourney and know my game has to get better to be competitive at that level. Have also played in the PA Mid-Am a couple times.
  12. I'm looking to reshaft a set of irons with Dynamic Gold XP shafts. Since these are hard to find, albeit impossible, I'm going to buy a set with these shafts from ebay and put the shafts in my irons. So...my question is: the companies that offered this shaft, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Nike and Wilson, did they use taper tip .355 shafts? I know in the past, TaylorMade used a lot of parallel tip .370 shafts in their irons. I need taper tip .355 shafts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Ahina 60 stiff in 8.5 ZL Encore is the best driver I've hit in 3 years. Wondering if anything can replace it.
  14. I went to the Tuesday and Wednesday practice rounds in 2013. It was my first visit and worth it. I flew into Charlotte, rented a car and drove the 1 1/2 hours to Columbia where my hotel was. This left me about an hour drive to Augusta. I live in Pittsburgh and this was very economical all things considered. The tickets were expensive, I bought them on ebay but did a lot of research before to make sure I was paying the going rate. The hotel in Columbia was reasonably priced and the flight was cheap. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't buy tickets off the street.
  15. Just curious if everyone here turned down the ferrules every time they did a re-shaft. Also, can you just use grip solvent to clean them up after turning them down or do you use something else?
  16. So I tried these shafts in a set of 710 Titleist CB irons. They felt pretty good, a little light, but the trajectory was just way too high. I mean, sky high, to the point that I had to hit an extra club into greens. Went back to my old irons on the back (714 ap2 with pxi 6.0, same lofts) and hit my normal distances. Anyone else dislike or like these shafts?
  17. So I hit the Srixon z745 irons at Golf Galaxy and loved them. I really want to try (possibly buy) the z945 irons. Ideally I want a combo set, assuming the z945 irons are as good as the z745's. How can I do this since I live in the US? Is it possible to hit a demo z945 somewhere? Anywhere? I called Srixon and was told the z945 isn't offered in the US.
  18. I have an 8.5 and 9.5 and for me the best shaft is the Ahina 60 stiff. I will say that the closest driver for me WAS the Bio Cell + but now its the Titleist 915 D2 with Rogue 60 stiff. Very, very close to the performance of my ZL Encore. But, as with any clubs, this is my personal opinion.
  19. Should have mentioned, ZLE 9.5 with Ahina shaft, but I also have a ZLE 8.5 with stock shaft, both reigning champs. Bio Cell + has stock red tie, G30 has Ping Tour 80 gram, D2 had D+ 72 Mitsubishi shaft, slight fade setting, D3 had AD-DI6 shaft, slight fade setting, both Titleist are 9.5. All shafts are stiff flex. Any thoughts, opinions out there?
  20. Okay, it seems like I've hit everything, almost everything at least. SLDR, Bio Cell, Bio Cell+, Bio Cell Pro, 913D2, 913D3, G30, ever RBZ w/Ahina and RBZ tour. Nothing, for me has unseated the ZL Encore. The Bio Cell+ is close, so is the G30, but the ZLE is still king. Can the two new top contenders defeat it? I'm talking 915, both D2 and D3, or the FLYZ+? Anyone agree, disagree? Anyone have any other drivers to add to the list? BTW, Hcp is 2, clubhead speed with driver is 105, fairly quick tempo. I think there are a lot of factors when it comes to a club fitting a person's swing. My goal usually is to reduce spin with my driver, I don't hit it real long but for some reason produce too much spin, usually, but I still like some foregiveness.
  21. I really want a combo set of 745 4-7 and 945 8-PW. I called Srixon but the 945 is only available in Japan. I'm not spending a grand on each set, if I could find the 945 on ebay, to put together a combo set though. Of course, I could sell the numerous sets of irons I have now, but what fun would that be?
  22. [quote name='Happyday_J' timestamp='1416563445' post='10482043'] Serious question here......... anybody else only use [b]1[/b] driver? lol [/quote] ONE DRIVER???!!! I tried to use one driver, I really did. I used the ZL Encore most of the year, but the G30 and Bio Cell + are so damn good I couldn't resist. Now, of course, I'm looking at new drivers for next year, when the ZL Encore was the best driver I've hit in 2 years. I'm so sick!
  23. I hit the 745's and loved them. Great feeling and forgiving. In the past I've played MP-33's, MP-64's and the 745's feel great. Just my opinion tho. And I usually don't like DG s300 shafts but thats what the 745's had. I can't say which feels better, but they all feel great. I still have both sets of Mizuno's too.
  24. Cobra ZL Encore with Ahina shaft. Close second was Ping G30 with 80 gram tour shaft and also Cobra Bio Cell +
  25. I can't freakin wait to hit the BioCell Pro. Like the Plus alot but just have to try the Pro. I ordered an orange since I have a black Bio Cell and a black BioCell +
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