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  1. Did you try clubfinders.com? Also, I have this set with Nippon stiff shafts that I would be willing to sell, I never play with them. I bought from a friend of mine who used to be our local Nickent rep, he loaded up the heads with lead tape. At one time, I started to extract some of the shafts to use in another set but after doing a few clubs realized the shafts are .370 tip size. Anyway, if you have no luck finding the 8 iron and are interested in another set, let me know.
  2. [quote name='golfnuthb' timestamp='1389327240' post='8433025'] Theres ego and theres also playing what works for your swing type. Ive been playing golf for 18 years and have put together a bag that works well for me through trial and error. Im more of a picker so for me I like blades in the 7-pw and combo them with 4-6 cbs. I achieve very good turf interaction with the mp's and the cbs offer greater forgiveness off par 3 tees. Ive tried every type of iron imaginable and this type combo works best for me. I dont like wide soles or thick toplines. I have no confidence standing over a shot with that type iron. mental...maybe... but I dont hit em good. Lots of posters- higher cappers come on here and say they hit player cbs or blades better than GI irons. I believe em. It fits their swing type better. Lower bounce narrower soled irons work for their swing better because their pickers of the ball. Handicap doesnt matter. Its more about mating up the proper equipment for their swing type. Lots of other guys have reported better contact switching from blades to wider soled higher bounce irons even though theyre low caps because they got tired of digging trenches to china with the blades as diggers of the ball. No ego there, Just better ball striking on both sides of the fence for the 2 different swing types. It irritates me to no end when people come on here repeatedly telling someone they should play the more forgiving club based on "that handicap". Whats forgiving for one person is terrible for the other. Drivers are drivers. Find one thats shafted right and play it. Who cares what the flex is if you get the right flight and maximum distance out of it. I finally figured out the right shaft for me is R flex cut to 44.5 inches. My SS is 100 with driver. Stiff didnt work cut to 44.5 for me but R does. Go figure. I gave up on S300 Dg's years ago. Way too stiff. Standard weight R300 DG's are plenty stout for me but maybe not the next guy. Depends on the swing. Putting clubs in the bag because of how they look only is just flat out ludicrous. Once people get to really know their own swing ego should take a back seat and through trial and error the proper bag can be built based on what works period. Scores improve when the club type fits the swing type. Having said all that noone but me cares what I play. [/quote] I couldn't agree more. The type of swing, probably more than someone's handicap, should dictate what clubs to use. I have always been a sweeper and it is tough for me to play anything with high bounce.
  3. On a similar vein, read the "Why don't pros play the most forgiving clubs they are comfortable" post in the Equipment forum and read what Tom Wishon has to say about building clubs, especially his story about Payne Stewart. The technical stuff is interesting, but the emotional element is moving.
  4. When I started this original post, I was talking about our egos in what we choose to play, mainly talking about myself and based on what I've read on here over the years (I've been a member on here since 2006, just not many posts), is that there are alot of guys on here like me. But a couple points were made that really hit home with me: 1. What looks the best behind the ball instills confidence 2. Ego in terms of club selection 3. Reverse ego, that is playing the most forgiving clubs possible I think we are all looking for that extra edge as "club ho's" and want try new clubs hoping that the novelty of the different looking clubs we just aquired will give us that extra edge, possibly based on extra confidence from their appearance, to score better. I've learned from all my switching that turf interaction, especially when chipping but also on full shots, appearance and feel, as in weight and kick through the ball, really influence my club selection. As I stated originally, I learned to play with Wilson blades because thats all there was. I still lean towards clubs with lower offset because my swing fault is a outside in pull left. I've learned over the years to keep my ego in check when trying new clubs, but my ego still interferes when club selection is involved. One of my friends in my group plays blades with extra stiff shafts, has had them for years and won't change, but he consistently hits 1 or 2 clubs more into greens to control his trajectory and right or left movement. His handicap is 2 and shoots some good scores this way. He has NO ego when it comes to club selection. So I guess my point is that all of our games are unique and different, so only each one of us knows what works for us, based on playability and appearance. If we choose to ignore our game and play with clubs due to vanity (which I have been guilty of) or pick clubs for shots based on our average distances and ego (which I am also guilty of) then what really matters, those numbers on the score card, will suffer.
  5. Thanks for your post Tom Wishon. As usual, your knowledge of the game is second to none.
  6. [quote name='toober' timestamp='1389108840' post='8415169'] Yes.However, there is a big but coming. With my local Golf Galaxy closing I had the opportunity to do a "free" fitting. ( the guys really didn't care what I hit off the Mizuno fitting cart.) I hit everything from the mp4 to jpx-ez. All with s200 stiff shafts. My top three for dispersion were mp4, 825 pro and jpx-ez forged. My bottom three were mp59, h4 and jpx-ez. My longest hit was with the EZ. My average was around 168. All things being equal, if I would have been buying irons that day I would have done some more shaft fitting with the.............MP4's with jpx-825 4 iron. The mp4 was just soooo soft. While I could have chosen the 825 pro all the way (numbers being similar) my ego really likes the mp4. [/quote] I agree, I've had several sets of Mizunos, my favorite set of all time was MP33 blades. I think that combo sets are the way to go for the forgiveness and I think we all play shafts that are too low launching for us or too stiff for us, us being amateurs. I have a friend who is 6'6" tall, hits the ball sky high with everything, but the high ball flight doesn't hurt his scores as much as his lack of consistency.
  7. Its a hard choice between what we like and what realistically works. I like blades, even love them, grew up playing them because thats all there was, and have shot my lowest round ever with them, but week to week and day to day I realize how much more consistent I am with cavity backs.
  8. No, I wouldn't trade my clubs either, but it made me rethink my bag a little
  9. I think its ego, especially for us amateurs. Bottom line, we should play what we will hit the most fairways with and what we will hit the most greens with, which means forgiving clubs.
  10. Title says it. I just got back from Orlando, live in Pittsburgh, yuck. There with my kids, shipped my clubs Fedex and Fedex wouldn't deliver them becuse I wasn't home and it was an unsecure location, even though I rented a house in a gated community???? Anyway, I had to rent clubs, got stuck with what they had, Rocketbladz irons, R flex, RBZ Stage 2 driver, 10.5, R flex. My handicap is 2 and I'm obviously a snob since I didn't think I would be comfortable playing a club with that much offset and soft shafts, BUT the clubs felt great! And went pretty straight, considering I'm short, 5'6", and usually play clubs with flat lies and less offset since my miss is left. Sorry for the long post, but has anyone here ever done an experiment with GI clubs and softer shafts to see if their scores/handicap has gone down? I know there are many discussions about blades vs cavity backs and players clubs vs GI clubs but what about GI clubs with softer shafts too? Just wondering. BTW, if you work for Fedex, no offense, but my clubs are still in FLA. Driver clubhead speed is 105 also.
  11. Anyone here have any ideas for game improvement or semi-game improvement irons with low offset? Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get a set of these? Was going to buy a set off ebay over the winter, but wanted to get rid of some clubs first, now I can't find any for sale. Thanks. Hope this is the right place for this post. ZT-X 2 irons, the not the ZTX irons.
  13. Has anyone hit these both of these to compare them. I like the SL shafts but I'm thinking about trying the PXi, just don't want to spend the money til I hear more about them.
  14. Sorry, meant to put this in the Equipment forum.
  15. Has anyone here compared these two shafts? I'm thinking about switching to the PXi, but don't know if the cost is justified. I personally like the SL but have never hit the PXi.
  16. Anyone on here hit the PXi and Dynamic Gold SL to compare the two? Both are lightweight and both are supposed to have high bend points and low torque. I have played with the DGSL and liked it, never really liked Project X but liked the original Rifle, just wondering about the PXi before I actually spend a bundle on these shafts. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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