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  1. Hello - I found the SW's played stiffer or am I the only one? Stay safe.
  2. Hello - I know its an old topic, but thinking of these for my irons. I had the ES and then the ES Smacwrap and found the SW plays stiffer. Then I checked on the UST site and the SS bracket did shift on the SW's. Has anyone else experience the SW playing stiffer? Thank you and stay safe
  3. Hello - You found the z585s longer than the ZX5's? From the looks I think the z585s are more forgiving, but assumed with the new face adjustments the ZX5s would be longer.
  4. Hello - I also am looking to reduce my spin and be at those numbers. Have a SIM Max with a Evo Vl and tried other shafts, but spin is still in the 3000-3200. My F9 with the Atmos Blue was in the 2400-2500. Looking for those numbers. Will demo the same combo and see. Thank you for the feedback.
  5. Thank you My launch is from 14 - 15* Will give the TSi3 a test
  6. Hello I was fitted by Ping for my G400 Max and I came out with a 9* head. Wish to purchase a 425LST and was wondering if I should go to a 10.5* or keep the 9* and move it up one notch? Any thoughts?
  7. Yes my spin numbers are maxing out at 3100 - 3300 with my TM SIM Max at 9* and have a Fuji Evo Vl. Tried the Tensei Blue Raw and that brought it down to 2700-2800, but wish to get it down to 2400-2500. Just ordered a Atmos Patriot 5 as the Atmos Blue had me in that range. But I wonder if its the head or the shaft? Will keep tinkering... Stay safe.
  8. Hello - I tend to put alot of spin on the ball and see the new TSi4 tailors to lower the spin rates. But will it work for a 90mph SS? Or do you need to crank it up in order to get the optimal performance from this driver? Any thoughts from those who have demoed this driver? Thank you and stay safe.
  9. Thank you - Need lower spin so its the BRX for me. Stay safe.
  10. Is there a difference from the BX and the BRX for slower swing speeds? I place enough spin so I wish to shy away from the BXS and BRXS. Stay safe!
  11. LOL - Ok I will assume its the same. But just knowing its smoother has me sold. Thank you and stay safe.
  12. Thank you JDS! And did you have any feedback on spin? Stay safe
  13. So the CK Orange and Orange AV Raw are one and the same just a new look? No change to feel or playing characteristics? Looking for a smooth feeling Mid Launch/Low Spin and think the CK Orange is the way to go, but if the AV Raw feels better, then wish to go that route. Thank you and stay safe.
  14. Thank you - Definitely want smooooottthhh, mid launch, low spin...
  15. If they spin the same I prefer a softer feel so I assume its the DF for me... Thank you and stay safe.
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