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  1. Hello - Seems that the TM fitter during the demo day clicked on the wrong shaft. Now I have an extra shaft and placing it for sale. Its a KBS TD 50 Cat 2 for a TaylorMade SIM2, but will fit all M series and SIM series drivers. Specs are: TaylorMade factory built KBS TD Black Weight = 50g Cat 2 = Regular Flex Length = 44.25" will be 45" once installed Grip = Lamkin 360 Crossline Black/Red +2 wraps Only tried it once on the range since it was on the club Asking $185.00 + $15.00 for shipping Will only ship in the lower 48 sta
  2. My apologizes but can you please elaborate? Thank you
  3. How does the Tour B range rank in spin? Lowest to highest…
  4. Any new feedback on these irons? Mainly looking at the E's. Torn between the E's and the G425s...
  5. Yes I built a practice iron with the TGI and dropped to the 60. Does play rather stiff to flex.
  6. Thank you to both! Answered alot of my questions. Stay safe!
  7. Are these forgiving? What would you compare them to? SIM2 Max? G425? 710s? ZX5? Thank you and stay safe.
  8. Anything new on these shafts? See them standard on the TE C/E721's.
  9. Hello - Anyone have additional feedback on this shaft? Also considering it for the g710s. Stay safe!
  10. Thank you - been leaning towards the 710's. Going to see how the stack up to the ZX4's. Stay safe!
  11. Excellent feedback. Looking for distance and one hop. Dont worried about the durability. Thank you and stay safe
  12. Hello - Has anyone put the ZXV's up against the Tour BX and/or RX? Thank you and stay safe!
  13. I’m on the fence between the 425 and the 710. Either one would be in power spec. Just trying to see what is the major difference between the two
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