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  1. Wish we could see a photo. Thinking of a mixed set of ZX4/5's...
  2. Just cant conceive Srixon's QA allowing this type of flaw to leave the facility. There has to be more to this...
  3. Yes I read a UHX type set. Was wondering if this was true and anyone had additional info. Thank you and stay safe.
  4. Hello - Has anyone heard of a new set of irons from Srixon, labeled the ZX4's?They are a spinoff of the Cleveland UHX Irons.Thanks for your input and stay safe.
  5. Excellent reply! Need facts and when something is so small/thin your eye cant be the judge. Knowing Srixon and the quality of their products I dont believe they would skimp of the ball and ignore any QA procedures. I'm not buying into the eyeball test...
  6. I think they should contact Srixon and see why the balls are so far off. Hard to believe that this is SOP for Srixon. Being such a large company with deep pockets and knowing how in the Far East your name and reputation carries so much weight that this is the norm. Just dont see it part of their corporate culture.
  7. Would like to see a SIM iron, not a Max or an OS, just SIM. Have the feel and specs of the Max but the profile of the M5 irons.
  8. Hello - Completely understand. Please keep us posted. Stay safe.
  9. Thank you - I would assume a name change, but was just wondering if something new was coming soon. Do you happen to have an ETA? Thanks again and stay safe.
  10. Hello - I have read about the new Cobra drivers that are due out and the new Tour irons, but was wondering if there is a new SZ Iron range also due out. Playing less so need forgiveness and length. Anyone have insight? Thank you and stay safe.
  11. Hello. Not on a budget. Looking for which works best. Ordered the demo X Iron. Will test it soon.
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