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  1. Wondering where I can find a list of the custom iron shaft options...
  2. Hello - I have for sale my Kinetixx Velocity Shaft - KVMT60 in Sky Blue! Shaft is 44" long so will make a 45" driver shaft once installed. Has a Lamkin Crossline 360 grip. Flex is a D20 = Regular. Also comes with two adapters. One for a Mizuno ST series and one for a Srixon Z and ZX series. Asking $175.00 shipped! Thank you for considering and stay safe
  3. Hello has anyone compared the zelos 7 to the 750ns?
  4. Shame - Wish they made a roomier bag or the all white z-star stand bag with the Woode. Would even take the Z45 bags...
  5. I ordered my ZX5s with SW Recoils. I have a 585 with the PGI shaft 7 iron and a 585 PW with a Accra shaft. Use these two irons for lessons and to practice with. Was on the range with my ZX5's and was also hitting the 585 7 iron and I called my fitter and had him order me a full set of the PGI's. They just feel so much better than the Recoils. I also played the TGI's but found them boardy and stiff to flex. The KBS Max should feel smoother on paper but I didnt feel that in my ZX4s or SIM irons. IMHO the PGI's are the best in the KBS range or any iron graphite shaft. And since they come in a wide range of weights, I think it will work for many in the market for graphite iron shafts. Stay safe!
  6. Thank you and stay safe!
  7. Hello @Masse1369 which RadSpeed and what shaft? Thank you
  8. Hello - I have the following shafts for sale.Will only ship in the lower 48 USA states. Thank you for considering and happy new year!Brand - AldilaRange - Rogue Black for HybridSeries - 95 MSIWeight - 85 gTorque - 3.1*Flex - RegularAdaptor - PING G410 or G425 = FactoryClub - 4/22* HybridLength - 39.75" once installed in a 4 Hybrid = Standard lengthGrip - GP TV 360Builder - Usher GolfAsking $75.00 ShippedSOLDBrand - AccraRange - i-wedgeSeries - 90Weight - 90gTorque - 2.3*Flex - WedgeClub - Gap/Sand/Lob WedgeLength - 33.75" = Standard length for a Gap, Sand or Lob Wedge once installedGrip - GP TV +4Pulled by - Putter AroundAsking $55.00 shipped
  9. Hello both STZ's SOLD. Only have the ZX4 irons left. Open to offer. Thank you and happy holidays.
  10. Hello anyone try the black C6 in a iron or hybrid?
  11. Hello - I am selling my set of Srixon ZX4's with KBS Max 65 graphite shafts. Set comes 5 - AW. Standard length and loft. Lie is 1* Up. Grips are GP TV 360. These are still in the wrapper! If you were to order them they are $1260.00 and will take 2 months to deliver. Asking $980.00 shipped in the USA. I am also selling my ST-Z FW heads. Its a 3 15* FW and a 5 18* FW. Both are still in the wrapper. They come with matching headcovers and wrench. Asking $220.00 for each shipped via USPS in the USA or $400.00 for both, shipped.SOLD Please feel free to PM if you have any questions.
  12. Find your nearest authorized Fujikura dealer HERE In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Not my closest but purchase all my Fuji shafts from Usher Golf in Savannah GA Why are you excited to hit the Speeder NX shaft? Play Fujikura in all my woods. Currently have the Speeder V, VI for my driver and VI for my 3 FW. Wish to try a little lower launch What flex and weight Speeder NX shaft do you want to win? Regular 50 Thank you Fujikura & WRX!
  13. Also considering the PX Cypher shafts…
  14. @drscott266 hello which Tensei did you use? Comparing this shaft to the Tensei Red.
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