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  1. I heard the coach at Southeastern (Forget his name) is a really good coach and does lessons. If I come up with the name I'll let you know.
  2. Florida Club has the best greens in the area right now, and overall course condition is awesome. Played Hammock Creek yesterday, love the course, however greens were a little slow for my liking. I usually bounce around between Florida Club, Hammock Creek, Fox Club, St. Lucie Trail and St. James (live 2 mins from there and they have great greens!). IF anyone wants to link up, hit me up via PM!
  3. Going against the crowd here with some Wilson's Staff Model blades 8-PW (D7 forged 4-7)! Felt great to me, and got them at a really incredible price.
  4. No comments on the BBQ at the turn on ReD? LOL! I have a buddy that works for Mosaic so we play for a VERY reasonable rate, and we played Red on Saturday, which was an absolute washout unfortunately. It rained for about 15 holes, we still enjoyed being out there and getting drenched. We walk every time with a pull/push cart, my only complaint of theirs. C'mon really? This place makes so much money and they can't afford some nicer carts? The new greens are awesome!! They're super firm, and super fast. Can't imagine how fast they would be like on a dry weather day.
  5. You went from a 25 handicap to playing like an 8-9 handicap on a 7200 yard course. I'm so confused. Therefore, for that reason, I'm out.
  6. GP MCC or ZGrip works for me...and Yes..3 gloves per round, at the very least!!
  7. Thanks for my Utah buddy who bought the last iron set! I'm going to keep trying to help my friend out by selling some stuff here. I appreciate everyone's PM's asking about what happened. Please see my last BST post for details!! Nike Air Zoom Victory Pro 11 Brand New - $70 shipped SOLD! Nike React Vapor 2 Size 11 Brand New - $60 shipped SOLD! And the most beautiful golf shoe I've ever laid my eyes on! The AirMax 270G. These came out last week and sold within 15 minutes. $270 shipped.
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